Ann Drives a couple of Cadillacs

At an almost empty Ford Field in Detroit, Mitt Romney told the crowd that his wife drives a “couple” of Cadillacs.  In an effort to ingratiate himself  to an industry that he wanted to go bankrupt not so long ago, he told the suffering U.S.  economy that his wife drives not just one, but a couple of Caddys.



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11 responses to “Ann Drives a couple of Cadillacs

  1. (*sigh*) This is our state delegate, making the joke about “trans-v” (sic) ruining his lovelife.

    Surprised me, because he’s usually a more decent guy than that. Haven’t been following him much, but I was shocked to hear he was a sponsor of the original “invasive” legislation. I didn’t know he did the culture wars stuff, since this is a pretty moderate district. (Purple for sure, maybe trending blue, although lots of retired military.)

    And this is a really tacky quibble by me but, ya know, his beautiful son is adopted. Not sure any Albos missed being manufactured that night.

    Last, he’s put on some weight since I saw him last time! Wondering if he’s taking steroids for some condition. (Check out the blowsy cheek and throat area.)

  2. re Ann and the Cadillacs: didn’t bother me. Guessed right away that she’s got a few at whatever houses they own.

    I don’t have a problem when Romney says that kind of stuff. It’s actually honest.

    What I hate is when he takes his “nice guy” personality and spews outright lies about President Obama and about how much better the Republicans could run the country. And about “Obamacare” and running away from his (intelligent) moderate positions.

    There are some prizes not worth winning, and this year’s GOP nomination sure looks like one.

    I think PBO’s campaign should put out “Obama Cares” bumperstickers. I’d sport one!

    Last and OT: it just snowed a little bit in Northern Virginia. From a blue sky. Looks cold out there.

  3. TempeBev

    I am so crossing my fingers and toes that Romney loses in Michigan.

  4. Bev: Romney losing Michigan could be a suitable birthday present.

    I worry about unintended consequences, though. Suppose they did have a brokered convention, and put up Mitch Daniels or Chris Christie — yeah, they’re flawed, but maybe not to low information voters, particularly if applauded by corporate media at every turn.

  5. TempeBev

    Gosh, I’m sorry I missed MTP. Didn’t you love her voice and her special way of speaking? At least she is honest when asked if she’s ever had Botox 🙂

  6. TempeBev

    Dog, you raise good points. I would think the two candidates you mentioned might want to wait until 2016 rather than be teamed with the two front runners. They might be seen as another Dick C, telling the dumbo what to do.

    Off topic: Why hasn’t there been any uproar about insurance paying for vasectomies? That procedure is both medical and birth control at the same time.

    They cover Viagra because it causes boners to procreate. Maybe that’s why the Church doesn’t have a problem covering that Rx!

  7. Your thoughts on the Oscars? (If you care…)

    Saw “The Artist” this weekend. Liked the “silence”. The actor deserved his Oscar. Radiant charm. Uggie for Dog Oscar!

    Also saw “The Descendants.” Very good, but I wouldn’t think Oscar calibre for its nominations. (Although the 3 younger actors were, to a person, perfect for their roles.) Might be one of those stories that stays with you …. wonder if it would have been better if Paul Giamatti or someone without stunning looks had been the lead actor.

    George Clooney as a schlub? Kind of hard, although he did “too reserved” well.

    Mostly looked like “dysfunctional family in Paradise” (they never escaped their cliche), although well made.

  8. Bev my fingers are crossed too, I’d love to see Santorium win in Mich.

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