Cheeseheads for Romney!

During his victory speech in Wisconsin, Mitt Romney said that President Obama was “out of touch.”  Uh-huh…

He went on to say that the President was anti-business and that was why the economy was so bad, as the economy was nothing but a basket of successful businesses.  Assuming he’s referring to the GDP as the measure of the economy, his definition is only partially correct, but that’s besides the point.  Since Obama became president:

* the GDP is growing

* the DOW has doubled since it’s low in 2008

* the rate of job loss has reversed and unemployment is dropping

* General Motors, which would have collapsed without Obama’s help, reported on the same day as the primary that U.S. sales in March were up 12%.

Doesn’t sound like the President is too anti-business to me.



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25 responses to “Cheeseheads for Romney!

  1. dogs eye view

    I’ve given up thinking about Romney for Lent.

  2. tempebev

    Too bad Easter is this weekend.

  3. opening day for baseball (actually one of three) in that honor I am posting a song by Steve Goodman who was the ultimate Chicago Cubs fan. It is called “The Dying Cub Fan’s Last Request”.

  4. tempebev

    I’m glad to hear about the IPFD and NHD. I’m off to a great start celebrating both!

  5. Happy Easter to all. May you day be filled with blessings.

  6. Breaking News Alert
    The New York Times
    Sunday, April 8, 2012 — 10:40 AM EDT

    Longtime Correspondent Mike Wallace Dead at 93, CBS News Reports

  7. here is a couple of tunes of a couple of pickers I like Robert Bowlin on guitar and Wil Maring on bass and singing.

  8. Well it looks like I made it to sixty six as today’s my b’day. Still waiting for my confirmation letter from Social Security as to my benefit amount and what day of the month I will start recieving my monthly checks.

    I called at the end of last month and was told that I had been approved to recieve my benefits and they would send me a letter sometime this month. As of now I still have not recieved it. They also told me how much and said that my first check which would be for April would not be gotten until early May.

    I guess that they want to be sure I live for the whole month before they issue that months check. Can anyone tell me if this is the normal procedure when getting one’s full benefits that start the month they turned sixty six if that was their experience when they started recieving them.

    Have a great day.

  9. tempebev

    Belated birthday wishes to you A. P. I’m sure you’re looking forward to your first check. As I remember, it takes a month after your BD to get the first one. You can check on these sites for the actual date you’ll receive your


  10. Thanks everyone and a special thanks goes out to TempeBev for the calendar. It looks like my first check will be in May and I suppose that I should get my benefit letter soon.

    Have a great day folks.

  11. dogs eye view

    I slept better last night knowing George Zimmerman was in custody.

    May he remain there, for all our sakes, through his trial.

  12. dogs eye view

    From our sidebar: Kevin Drum on Rachel Maddow’s new book.

    “Maddow’s argument is that we need to start rolling back these changes of the past two decades. When we go to war, we should raise taxes to pay for it. We should get rid of the secret military. The reserves should go back to being reserves. We should cut way back on the contractors and let troops peel their own potatoes. And above all, Congress should start throwing its weight around again. It’s fine to criticize presidents for accreting ever more power to themselves, but what do you expect when Congress just sits back and allows it to happen? Our real problem is congressional cowardice: they don’t want the responsibility of declaring war, but they also don’t want the responsibility of stopping it. So they punt, and war becomes ever more a purely executive function.”

  13. tempebev

    And off we go. This has all the earmarks of a very dirty campaign.

  14. dogs eye view

    Be safe, anyone in the path of tornadoes and wild weather. Doots, anon P wherever you are, Mad Mustard …

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