Warmest March Ever!

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reported that we have experienced the warmest March on record.


Colorado recorded the driest March on record.  March is typically Colorado’s wettest (snowiest) month.  This March, nada.

I’m starting to think there may be something to this climate change thing.



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8 responses to “Warmest March Ever!

  1. This is pretty cool.
    Emperor penguins counted from space

    It’s been a very strange winter, hard to believe I spent an entire winter in Rochester and there wasn’t one major snow storm.

  2. tempebev

    Snarky comment: “It’s really been strange this year. Do ya think something is happening to the weather? Do ya think we can do anything about it?”

  3. Snarky comment back at ya “duh” yeah I think there is something going here!

  4. dogs eye view

    Richmond’s had a record number of inchworms this spring. Last visit, a few weeks ago, they were tiny green worms falling onto my hair and neck. You could hear them falling to the ground, in the yard and whenever you were outside. So many, they would fall off of you into the house and car. (Startling to find a tiny worm flexing itself on laundry I’d just pulled out of the dryer; realized it had fallen off me…)

    This morning, the woods had an eerie crackling sound, like the ground was alive. The worms are burrowing under, through the dried leaves. They’ll emerge as moths this fall.

    Reminds you of where horror writers get some of their ideas.

    (Not saying inchworm population increased by record temperatures, but we’ve never seen anything like this in at least 30 years of watching.)

  5. dogs eye view

    You say you’re fascinated with inchworms (aka cankerworms aka future Geometer moths)? No?


    But a fairer treatment of these tiny green “acrobats”, from the local botanical garden:

    “This blog post is less about inchworms and more about finding both wonder and comfort in the context of nature surrounding us. I’m concerned about what feels to be an ever growing disconnection between us and the world that sustains us, and carelessness about the language we use to describe what exists around us. Words are powerful and they leave distinct impressions, particularly on young minds.

    For me these thoughts began with a short walk in my neighborhood where I encountered these emerald green acrobats suspended from yards-long silk threads awaiting a breeze or a passerby to transport them to a new host on which to feed.

    …. when we have these sorts of opportunities, to take the time to learn more and understand that inchworms, or other elements in nature — in reasonable numbers and balance — have a purposeful and productive role in our ecosystem. In this specific case, they provide an early spring food resource for birds, amphibians and reptiles. Later in the season, in their adult form as moths, they are important pollinators of our native plants as well as food for the same species as mentioned above. Birds are more dependent on insects for food than most people think.

    It might also be worth pointing out that these Geometer moths are native insects -– nothing like the voracious and highly damaging Gypsy moth imported from Eurasia –- and they have a specific niche in our forests and gardens. While they feed on a broad spectrum of plants, like humans they particularly enjoy the gourmet-flavors of the members of the rose family (Rosaceae), which includes everything from rose bushes to the majority of our fruit trees and flowering ornamentals.”


    Thank goodness for blogs.

  6. Brian…

    Did you send me an email?

    Checked my email just now and there was one from you. It was an empty message with a pdf attachment. I will not open it since I have no idea if you sent it or not.

    Please let me know here if indeed you did send it to me. Elsewise your email has been comprimised and is sending out a virus.

    If anyone else here has received a supposed email from Brian with no message in the body and it has a pdf attachment do not open it without confirming that it did come from Brian.

    Just a heads up all. Have a great day.

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