The Buffett Rule

The Senate has voted down the “Buffett Rule” bill on a 51-45 vote.  The Republicans claim the bill was a cheap election year gimmick, that it wouldn’t do anything to solve the deficit and that it would deter the “job creators” from hiring.

The first claim may be true, but today being the deadline to file income taxes, it may just work.  The second isn’t true.  It won’t solve the deficit, but it could do something, however small.  In any event, that’s in Congress’ hands, not the President’s.  The third is patently false.  The “Buffet Rule” bill would affect only a small fraction of the 1%ers.  These few don’t create a lot of jobs.

The “Buffet Rule” bill is all about fairness.  Apparently the Senate Republicans are against fairness, and for their big donors.



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  1. From previous thread:

    Did you send me an email?

    Checked my email just now and there was one from you. It was an empty message with a pdf attachment. I will not open it since I have no idea if you sent it or not.

    Please let me know here if indeed you did send it to me. Elsewise your email has been comprimised and is sending out a virus.

    If anyone else here has received a supposed email from Brian with no message in the body and it has a pdf attachment do not open it without confirming that it did come from Brian.

    Just a heads up all. Have a great day.

  2. What else would one expect from the Republican Fascist Nazi’s in the House and Senate.

    Fascism has come to America and its only a matter of time before the people realize that the Party Of Death known as the Republican Fascist Nazi Party starts rounding up those who oppose them like Hitler’s Nazi’s rounded up Gypsies, Blacks and Jews.

    Only here in the Homeland it will be Blacks, Hispanic’s and Muslims. Here’s a link about the ruling by Chief Nazi Judge John Roberts and his four Nazi associates.

    Have a great day.

  3. ok back on line newly rebuilt computer after the crash

  4. dogs eye view

    Welcome back, Doots! Sending you an email to re-establish contact.

    Saw a little of the space shuttle flyby today. Awesome. Absolutely awesome. Kicking myself for not leaving more time for traffic, which was predictably snarled (although who couldn’t be charmed by seeing the 747 and Discovery)?

    Thank you, government, people (aka taxpayers and scientific funders) and NASA.

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