Obama Visits the University of Colorado

President Obama with CU student Madalyn Starkey


President Obama with The Sink's staff

President Obama visited the University of Colorado at Boulder Tuesday.  This was the first sitting president to visit CU since Ike.  Before giving a speech on campus, he stopped in at “The Sink,” a typical student dive bar just west of the campus.  The Sink has been a Boulder institution since 1923.   I’m not saying I went there during my college days, not saying I didn’t…

For more pics of the visit to The Sink, and a video of the infamous yogurt spill, see:




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15 responses to “Obama Visits the University of Colorado

  1. tempebev

    Looks like the UofC and O had a great time.

    I am really pissed about the woman who was ousted as a Boy Scout leader because she is a lesbian and that’s against the moral code of Boy Scouts. When my husband was still working, we refused to donate to the United Fund because they gave to BSA. I will not buy anything at a grocery store door from the Boy Scouts, simply saying “I don’t support the Boy Scouts.” However, my son-in-law went even further and gave a lengthy explanation to the adult who was then left with the chore of explaining to the kid why Boy Scouts were not a diverse organization and didn’t like certain people. I have no problem with the Girl Scouts, but as far as the BSA’s are concerned, they are as bad as any other person or organization/church that still discriminates and prevents everyone from have equal rights. Boy Scouts of America suck big time.

    • dnd

      That’s really interesting, given that some historians believe that Robert Baden-Powell, founder of the Boy Scouts, was a repressed gay.

  2. dogs eye view

    Hadn’t heard about that one, Bev. Will look for it on the intertubez.

    Love the pictures from the U of Co appearance.

    I don’t believe the young and those who voted for Obama in 2008 won’t this time. It’s not like the GOP has gotten any saner.

    Do worry about voter disenfranchisement, though. Although that might motivate voters and supporters to work harder and earlier and not take anything for granted.

    Windy and sunny in DC area.

  3. tempebev

    The info about BS leader is on http://www.change.org/

  4. tempebev

    d- if true, he should be outed posthumously and perhaps baptized by the Mormons. If true, what a hypocrite, like so many who are afraid to admit the truth.

  5. dogs eye view

    The Boy Scouts discriminating against sexual orientation is like segregating by race. I know they are a “Christian” organization, used to be no Jewish boys allowed; maybe that’s been relaxed. Can’t tell from quick cruise through their website. (They ain’t spotlighting their troubles in Bridgeport, Ohio, that’s for sure!)

    Anyhow: hope the BSA is watching what’s going on with the Susan G Komen Foundation very carefully. Komen donations are down at least 25%, and maybe more once 2012’s results are in.

    Donors and supporters are paying more attention to how a charity is run than before.

    Last, wouldn’t your (young) male children be really, really safe with a lesbian (in this case, also a committed parent)? Come on!!


  6. tempebev

    I had also thought about the Komen connection and if it would have any effect. I have my doubts about whether parents even know about this discrimination when they sign their young boys up as “Cubs” and then going on to regular scouts. I also have changed my view about what an honor it is to achieve “Eagle Scout” status. The “Eagles” have achieved a lacki of understanding what diversity really is.

  7. I be that girl in the top photo is a card.

  8. Happy birthday Willie Nelson. I know, but it seems like he should have been born on 4/20. poor planning on his parents part.

  9. oh yeah, Willie is 79 today.

  10. this last weekend was the Merlefest music festival named for Doc Watsons late son Merle. Doc is pushing 90 and still going after it.

    • dnd

      Does Brad do a version of Black Mountain Rag? Everybody says that Chet Atkins version is the best, but I like Doc Watson’s.

  11. I am sure he has played it but it is not part of his normal show. I like Doc’s also. Look up a cat on U tube named Tim May he is a hot rod

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