Happy Cinco de Mayo

If it’s Cinco de Mayo it’s my favorite Lalo Guerrero parody.

It’s also the “supermoon” i.e., perigee where the moon is closest to the earth and very bright.

And it’s the official kickoff of President Obama’s presidential campaign.  Coincidence?



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11 responses to “Happy Cinco de Mayo

  1. Morning peeps, happy tequila day!

  2. Cinco de Mayo is actually a relatively minor holiday. Unless you live in Pubela, then most likely the day is just another day. The Cinco de Mayo is the celebration of the defeat of the French at the Battle of Puebla. The French regrouped and kicked the Mexicans ass and rolled on to Mexico City. A lot of people tend to confuse or think that Cinco de Mayo is the Day of Independence but that day is the September 16. Interestingly, the farther you travel from the Mexican border north, the more likely you are to see or be invited to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Maybe Cinco de Mayo is sorta like St Patrick’s Day.

    • dnd

      “Maybe Cinco de Mayo is sorta like St Patrick’s Day.”

      Right you are Doots. Years ago I met a young Irish lass at a St. Patrick’s Day party. She explained to me that they don’t celebrate St. Patrick’s day as we do, which is basically an excuse to get drunk. I responded with “Oh.” She then winked at me and said the Irish don’t need an excuse to get drunk.

      That said, there is a huge celebration of Mexican culture this weekend at Denver’s Civic Center.

  3. dogs eye view

    Interesting re Cinco de Mayo.

    Supermoon was a bust here in Northern Virginia. Saw, briefly, a sliver of a crescent, intensely golden-orange, and only clouds after that. Not even any illumination behind the clouds.

    Did you all fare better?

  4. overcast here too Mz Dog

  5. tempebev

    In AZ, the moon looked a little bigger and a little brighter than a regular full moon. Even with my cataracts, which are leaving this month, I could read the sign that said “SUPER

  6. tempebev

    MOON.” Amazing what they can do with the new technology. Finished Drift by R. Maddow. Very good. After watching a Frontline show about the recession and how it was handled, I am pretty convinced that the entire government sucks.

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