Richard Lugar Loses Primary

35 year incumbent Sen. Richard Lugar lost in his reelection bid, losing big to tea party favorite Richard Mourdock in the Indiana Republican primary.  Lugar  was respected by all in the Senate.  A true statesman.  Lost to a hot-head far right teabagger.  This may be seen as a victory for hot-headed far right teabaggers but it’s a loss to the moderate Republicans.  And a huge loss for those that hope for comity in the Senate.



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14 responses to “Richard Lugar Loses Primary

  1. I never considered this man a moderate Republican, I have heard him called “Dick Nixon’s favorite mayor.” That is enough to make me frown.

    • dnd

      By today’s right, Nixon would be considered far left. He started the EPA and diplomatic relations with China.

  2. let me run something by y’all. first, I am not a lawyer just a yellow dog democrat. Secondly, it seems to me, that if a state has the right to regulate and authorize the distribution of the evil weed, marijuana, then it seems to me that the same state has the authority to ban abortions. It kills me to say that but that is how it looks to me. Thoughts?

    • dnd

      I too am not a lawyer nor a Constitutional scholar, but I believe the 10th Amendment covers that. The 10th states: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

      Roe v. Wade prevents states to ban abortions. If it didn’t, some states would have done so a long time ago.

  3. thanks D someone else pointed out Roe v Wade. Here in Texas, the Perry group is looking to outlaw Planned Parenthood because of abortion. There have been judicial stays and tons of lawsuits in the last few weeks all with Planned Parenthood at the center. Texas has stated that they will shut down the women’s health programs if they are not allowed to exclude Planned Parenthood. This, in effect, will deny low income women their source for reproductive health. The war on women continues….

  4. Team photo, most of the people I work with here in Rochester, well at least for the next two weeks. I’ve decided I’m leaving Rochester and heading down to Louisville on June 7th.

  5. Lugar lost because he fell out of touch with the folks back home, a fatal mistake in elective politics!

  6. tempebev

    Hurray for Obama’s personal decision. Hope he doesn’t lose the election because of this. At least Romney can’t take credit for this one. What an a-hole about the automotive bailout and just in general.

  7. What the prez is doing with his decision on the same-sex marriage issue is forcing the repugs to discuss social issues, I think it’s a good strategy on the dems parts, it goes along with highlighting what the repugs are trying to do on “women’s” issues.

    • dnd

      Ok, the big news today is not that Richard Lugar was defeated, but that the President came out for same sex marriage.

      The real story here is that the President is taking a moral stand that might hurt him politically. This is the same President that took a stand on taking out Osama bin Laden, knowing full well if the mission had failed his political career would be over.

      Courage and conviction. Sounds like Republican talking points.

  8. dogs eye view

    Here’s Lugar’s statement on his loss, and the dangers that a Mourdock mindset poses. Worth a read.

  9. dogs eye view

    Very glad about Obama’s statement. I don’t believe for a minute that Biden “forced his hand” or the cutesy crap the MSM puts out, in search of conflict. I do think Obama was (overly) cautious because of potential reaction within traditional churches.

    But it’s time. Past time.

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