Is Romney a Narcissist?

Narcissism has numerous personality traits.  Chief among them is a lack of empathy.  Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s empathy is under question from numerous events in his history.

* The hair cutting attack on the presumed gay classmate at prep school, and the inability to either remember the attack or express any remorse.

* Placing his dog in a crate strapped to the roof of the family car for a 10 hour road trip.  Romney explained that the dog loved it and probably preferred it to being in the car with his five boys.  Anybody who has owned a dog knows full well that dogs hate being alone.  Anyone who has been on a road trip with a car full of boys is that the best way to prevent them from fighting with each other is to put a dog in the car.

* Laughing about the time his dad closed down an auto plant in Michigan.

* Unable to deal with the shame of Bain in it’s mission to put profits ahead of jobs.

* Telling supporters “I’m not sure about these cookies. They don’t look like you made them,” and theorizing that they came from 7-Eleven.

There are many traits we look for in a president.  Empathy is high on that list.



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5 responses to “Is Romney a Narcissist?

  1. tempebev

    Definite possibility, although I suppose we all have a teeny bit in all of us. He just doesn’t seem to have the personality traits with which we identify. I suppose the fact that he has $$$$$ more than most of us changes his appearance a great deal also.

  2. At the risk of seeming to be bi-partisan isn’t everyone who runs for prez a tad bit narcissistic?

  3. Hello all. Will catch up with you later tonight. Happy start of the summer season (unofficial).

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