Dog Days of Summer 2012 Have Arrived! ~ Bev

It seems we have arrived at the official beginning of summer – white pants and shoes are now allowed until Labor Day. The temperatures are warm to hot depending on where you live. Here, in Tempe, it’s going to be 108° this week.

Politics are ticking away with both sides bickering, fighting and lying about the opposition’s messages. Money flows from the many PACs.

Trials and accusations abound. Lawsuits are filed. Decisions from the Supreme
Court keep some on pins and needles. Vacations are planned. Summer TV shows are programed. People go about their lives trying to survive the heat and lack of money. Bottled water is passed out on the street to the homeless.

Life’s a bitch, and then you die. Hopefully, not this summer. Have to see who wins the election!



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40 responses to “Dog Days of Summer 2012 Have Arrived! ~ Bev

  1. The car is packed and I’ve had my last dinner in Rochester. First thing in the morning I hit the road for Louisville.

  2. tempebev

    Have a good trip – be safe – enjoy your new job.

  3. I have arrived in Louisville, I let Ralphie do about half the driving!

  4. Good luck Brian and please be careful.
    Your life could be in danger now that your in so called God’s Country.

  5. I approve of this blog title and illustration. (Almost a beagle!)

    Bring on the dog days.

    I am trying to dial back a bit from watching political commentary. Too depressing. Gearing up to spend more time volunteering. Feel like a small creature swimming against a current of muddy water and debris.

    How is the beginning of summer (post Memorial Day) treating you?

  6. my daughter has a dog like that. inherited it from an old boy friend.

  7. tempebev

    I’m spending the dog days inside because it’s hot outside. We go from our AC house to our AC car to the AC store. Not too bad. Also had cataract surgery on both eyes last month. I can see!!!!

  8. 90 here in DC area too, but outside under the big shade trees my dad planted. Deck is warm but habitable. Occasional breeze and birdcalls. Don’t see or hear anyone else outside in the neighborhood, though.

    Swimming pool weather.

  9. tempebev

    OK, we agree that we stay inside when it’s hot. So what do you do for entertainment in the house? I read books, do jigsaw puzzles, try to do crosswords, play/work on the computer and watch TV. Oh yeah, eat!
    Your turn to answer.

    Good luck on the new job, Brian

  10. First day on the job pic!

  11. tempebev

    Wow, you clean up good, Brian. Very impressive.

  12. Haha, tnx Bev, I have my moments.

  13. Murderer Zimmerman’s wife has been arrested on perjury charges.

  14. tempebev

    Broke my personal vow to avoid politics for a while. Listening to the Holder hearings and John McCain calling Dems hypocritical made me gag. I love this line from a commenter on CNN. “The most hypocritical thing an elected official can do is call another elected official a hypocrite.”

    • dnd

      McCain is a sore loser. Period. His histrionic vitriol may have some value to the teabaggers, but that’s about it. Sad. He had an opportunity to go out as a statesman and he blew it.

      He’s probably really pissed that Ron Barber won.

  15. tempebev

    Well said, D. Yea for Ron Barber. Here’s hoping he can win again in Nov.

  16. I’m getting quite a collection of these:

  17. Haha, just noticed credentialed is misspelled on my badge, funny!

  18. Brian, does that misspelled word affect your accreditation?

  19. tempebev

    Even tho HR can’t spell, can you describe what your job is? Substitute doc? Nurse in training? Janitor? Suit or scrubs? You must have some duties you can share.

    • Ok, here goes, I am an Epic (that’s the name of the software I work with) Credentialed Trainer. In other words I am credentialed by Epic to teach and support their software. Epic is an EMR (electronic medical records) system Epic dominates the EMR biz in the area of hospitals with more than 150 beds and multi-institutional health systems. Norton Healthcare where I am working now has 5 hospitals and about 40 ambulatory outpatient centers.

      When a hospital or system implements an Epic system all the end users (hospital staff, MDs, nurses) have to be trained on the new system. The first half of my time with a project is dealing with training. Epic supplies standardized curriculum which before we start training has to be customized to take into account institution policy and state regulations, that’s what I’m currently doing and will be doing for 5 more weeks. After that process I will be teaching classes to the end users, I specialize in training peri-operative nurses and anesthesiologist.

      After training has been completed we do what’s called a “go-live” when the system is actually turned on and hospital staff documents within Epic, at that point I will spend a few weeks to a couple of months actually in the ORs provided shoulder to shoulder tech support to the people I trained.

      There are many other tasks involved in the entire process but that is the gist of it.

      Here is Norton I am the “Lead Optime/Anesthesia Credentialed Trainer” (Optime is the peri-operative RN documentation module, anesthesia is the anesthesia documentation module), I’m the head trainer for those two modules. My contract here with Norton is for 10 months, but more than likely I will be here for 14 – 24 months.

      I hope that answers your question.

  20. tempebev

    Thanks Brian. Very good explanation of what you do. I have been noticing that the doc offices are changing to EMR – especially since Medicare said there might be fines if they don’t. Does Epic have any affiliations out in my neck of the cactus?

  21. I know both Tucson Medical Center and UofA Medical Center both use Epic. More than likely if it’s a big hospital, teaching hospital or multi-facility system they are on Epic.

  22. dogs eye view

    I never tire of looking at this little creature cooling off.

    Beats Republican politicians any month of the year.

    Saw a baby deer today. Little white spots and all. His mom had parked him in a side yard; he was quite calm and interested in the passing scene.

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