The Affordable Care Act Is Constitutional

In a 5-4 decision Chief Justice John Roberts writing for the majority has found the Affordable Care Act is constitutional.

It’s gonna be interesting to see the ensuing spin from both sides.



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27 responses to “The Affordable Care Act Is Constitutional

  1. I am glad but I have to say I am dumbfounded.

  2. tempebev

    The spinning has begun on all networks. Ditto to Dooty.


    • dnd

      Remember when Boehner told to Republican caucus not to spike the ball when the Supreme Court rules on Obamacare? They’re not 😉

  4. tempebev

    I may be uninformed about constitutional law, but I don’t understand how the repugs think they can repeal the health law next month after the Supreme Court has made a ruling especially since the majority opinion was written by one of their own, Justice Roberts. Any ideas?

    • Bev never forget they are bat shit crazy and they are just throwing red meat to their mob of core supporters.

    • dnd

      Congress can repeal any law, though someone should tell Mittens that the president can not (his threat to repeal Obamacare on day one). The House can try, but 1) the Senate won’t go along and 2) President Obama will veto it.

      Brian is right, this is just red meat to the base. It, with the AG contempt of Congress, may backfire on the Republicans in November. Fiddling around while the economy burns.

  5. tempebev

    Thanks for the info. Repugs should become vegans.

  6. I gotta tell you, I’m still on cloud nine!

    • dnd

      That is sad news about Susanna Clark. My prayers to Guy.

      “You’ve got to sing like you don’t need the money. Love like you’ll never get hurt. You’ve got to dance like nobody’s watching. It’s gotta come from the heart if you want it to work.”

  7. So relieved. I am one of the uninsured Americans. I look forward to getting a real choice and affordable healthcare insurance. Like many people working for small businesses, or not inclined to go the big corporate route.

    June 28 was a historic day, and this is a second bite of the apple in getting to explain, anew, how the Affordable Care Act benefits Americans.

    I think John Roberts did this to protect his legacy, but so what. He did it. Good on him.

  8. tempebev

    Brian, I like the cartoon picture.

  9. something for the PUMA crowd.

  10. Nancy is doing a great job on MTP this morning!

    • dnd

      The reason the right hates Nancy is because she kicks ass and takes names.

      • dnd

        John Bohener on Face the Nation of the Affordable Care Act: “2,700 pages that no one has read.” If no one has read the bill, why do pols have such strong opinions about it?

        Norah O’Donnell, who’s subbing for Bob Scheiffer, is clearly much, much smarter that Speaker Boner.

  11. Gay marriage issue reaches Court

    Placing before the Supreme Court another huge cultural controversy, the House of Representatives’ Republican leaders on Friday afternoon asked the Justices to uphold the constitutionality of the 1996 federal law that limits all federal programs and benefits for marriage to legal unions of a man and a woman.

  12. here is a tribute to Susanna C;ark that Rodney Crowell has written.
    In August of 1972, Donivan Cowart and I were living out of my Chevy Nova and sleeping on top of picnic tables at Percy Priest lake. There we could turn a morning swim into that day’s bath and contemplate how, without knowing a soul in the music business, we might make it big in Nashville, Tennessee. Most afternoons we spent hanging around an exact replica of the Parthenon in Centennial Park where hippie girls danced to imagined southern rock bands and out of work circus performers (a husband and wife trapeze act) informed wannabe folk singers that, on the streets of this town, Susanna and Guy Clark were the reigning artistic royalty.
    At Bishops Pub, where sometimes four nights a week “Rodney & Donivan” hauled down five, maybe six, bucks by passing the hat after a half-hour set, I met Skinny Dennis Sanchez, a six-foot seven-inch, one-hundred-and-thirty pound upright bass player who had accompanied Guy a time or two back when he and Susanna were living in Long Beach, California. It was through him that I met Susanna and, consequently, Guy.
    To fully describe the beautifully simple and equally complex friendship we (Susanna and I) both nurtured and ignored for forty years, could fill a book. For those of you who may not know about Susanna the painter, poet and songwriter, google her. For the music fans who’ve paid attention to the so-called Texas singer-songwriter movement for the past four decades, let me list for you a few names for whom, I know for a fact, Susanna was either a source of direct inspiration if not their primary muse: Guy Clark, Townes Van Zandt, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Lyle Lovett, Steve Earle and Jerry Jeff Walker. And from outside the state of Texas count Johnny Cash, Keith Sykes, Emmylou Harris, Rosanne Cash, Carlene Carter, Jessi Coulter, Dickie Betts, David Olney, Bobby Bare, Marshall Chapman and Richard Leigh among her disciples and admirers.
    Around the time Townes died, Susanna withdrew from life, spending the last ten-plus years in seclusion. It would be impossible to measure the amount of pain and sorrow Guy endured during her long slow decline, but as of yesterday, I can attest that he’s more than holding his own. He is, in fact, wisely tending to his own health. It is also impossible to measure how deeply Susanna influenced me as an artist, and it is with gratitude that I acknowledge the debt I owe her and can never in this lifetime repay. In the six days since she passed, I’ve spent a lot of time examining the last ten years and now understand that coming to grips with the anger and frustration that her willful demise so deeply stirred in me was the cause of my becoming, if I may say so, a more tolerant and compassionate man. Ever the teacher, Susanna. As Guy jokingly said yesterday, “Susanna wasn’t always as smart as she thought she was.” No doubt that’s true. Even so, I’ve never seen in a room that didn’t light up with her entering and darken with her leaving. Such was the effect she had on mine and many other lives.

  13. dnd

    Beautiful tribute to Susanna Clark. Thanks Doots.

    And now I know who Skinny Dennis was in “L.A. Freeway.”

  14. Wonderful piece by Rodney Crowell. Thanks, Doots.

    Internet finally back up tonight. We got our power back yesterday. Lots of people still without in Maryland; don’t know how rest of Virginia is doing. Weather is cooling slightly; in high 90s today. Tonight’s balmy.

    This storm was fascinating. Knocked 911 service out for days. Cell phones not useable for much of the first day, depending on nearby cell towers.

    Callers are asking radio shows why our power lines are not underground. Power companies plead expense, but bears watching. This is not going to happen less in future.

    dnd: how goes your area? Are you endangered by the fires?


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