Andy Griffith 1926-2012




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  1. tempebev

    Another childhood/adulthood idol has passed. He’ll aways be known as Andy Taylor and Matlock. It’s sad when these wonderful actors pass away because the newer generation of “talent” doesn’t seem to have “wonderful memory-making” in their resume. If they do, I won’t be around to acknowledge it.

    RIP Andy Griffith – you were very much appreciated and loved.

  2. Another reminder of time’s endless march.

  3. What a good man. Seemed genuinely kind.

    • dnd

      A lot of people remember Griffith for The Andy Griffith Show or Matlock, but his 1957 movie A Face in the Crowd was eerily prescient of today’s political scene. I recommend it, but fair warning, it’s not the folksy, friendly Andy Griffith we all know and love.

  4. I appreciated that he made a pro-health care reform ad. Dispelling the death panels crap spewed by people not as reasonable and intelligent as Mr. Griffith was.

    First thought, though, was Colorado Bob and his affection for “A Face in the Crowd.”

  5. tempebev

    Happy 4th of July. Stay safe and try to stay cool.

  6. tempebev

    D – Thanks for the Chet video – beautiful music. Hope you’re wearing your respirator – be safe :>)

  7. Attention West Coasters and insomniacs: Andy Griffith’s “A Face in the Crowd” is on TCM (Turner Classic Movies) tonight. After midnight Eastern, regrettably.

    But will catch “Night of the Hunter.”

    Had been hoping “Face” would be on soon. Wish granted, but have to be up before 6 to take some friends to the airport …

  8. here is a little rock and roll by Brad Davis and his band in a club in ‘Austin call Saxon Pub.

  9. Sweltering here.

    Caught a little bit of “Face in the Crowd” last night. Patricia Neal was in it too. Has she ever been in a bad movie? Amazing actress. Choice roles.

  10. This looks good. Robert Reich in The Nation: Mitt Romney and the New Gilded Age.

    “We’ve entered a new Gilded Age, of which Mitt Romney is the perfect reflection. The original Gilded Age was a time of buoyant rich men with flashy white teeth, raging wealth and a measured disdain for anyone lacking those attributes, which was just about everyone else. Romney looks and acts the part perfectly ….

    We’ve had wealthy presidents before, but they have been traitors to their class—Teddy Roosevelt storming against the “malefactors of great wealth” and busting up the trusts, Franklin Roosevelt railing against the “economic royalists” and raising their taxes, John F. Kennedy appealing to the conscience of the nation to conquer poverty. Romney is the opposite: he wants to do everything he can to make the superwealthy even wealthier and the poor even poorer, and he justifies it all with a thinly veiled social Darwinism.

    Not incidentally, social Darwinism was also the reigning philosophy of the original Gilded Age, propounded in America more than a century ago by William Graham Sumner, a professor of political and social science at Yale, who twisted Charles Darwin’s insights into a theory to justify the brazen inequality of that era: survival of the fittest.”

    I believe Yale still has a “Sumner Hall.”

  11. My mom watched yesterday’s Andy Griffith marathon on TVLand. Lot of the early episodes. Hear they were good.

    Also hear that Turner Classic Movies will be spotlighting AGriffith on July 18.

    Sweltering here anew. Swear it was 85-90 at 2:00 am last night.

  12. Ernest Borgnine, Oscar-Winning Actor, Is Dead at 95, Spokesman Tells the A.P.

  13. tempebev

    Another one is gone. Sorry about those of you who are suffering with the heat spell. Now you have a clue what AZ feels like all summer thru September, except the the humidity isn’t quite as high. Take care and try and stay cool.

    • dnd

      After the hottest June on record, we finally got some cooler temps and rain. It’s funny that after days in the 90’s and 100’s, the 70’s feel chilly. Two months ago the 70’s felt like a heat wave.

  14. tempebev

    Time to bring back the picture of the dog getting cool!

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