It’s hot out there!

Bev asks, dnd abides.

I think that’s Sra Dog’s dog.



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25 responses to “It’s hot out there!

  1. tempebev

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. Just seeing that sweet dog makes me feel better about everything! That picture should be recommended as a stress reliever. Bring on the crappy subjects such as our AZ antigay gov and her love of taking things to the SCOTUS, but then remember to look at the dog. It’s a calming moment. Thanks so much!

  2. tempebev

    And, I love that picture so much, I copied it and put it with my desktop pics. I also reduced it’s size and now carry a 2 x 3 copy in my wallet.

  3. Agree with Bev — love the dog.

    Although never tire of seeing Andy Griffith, either.

    Maybe we can find a permanent, prominent place for the pup with the fan this summer.

    DC area is better today. Taking some out of town guests to Mount Vernon (GW’s estate); will check back with you later.

  4. dnd

    I think that pooch should be the official mascot of the D-Backs.

  5. we are not as hot as it has been in the last few weeks 93 today.

  6. tempebev

    That dog would be a great mascot – don’t like the present DB one. That is one cool looking dog!

    Anyone impressed with Rom’s speech to the NAACP? Loved the boo’s.

  7. Hey peeps,
    Hope all is well with everyone, busy as hell this week, hope to catch up with you all this weekend.

  8. tempebev

    Brian glad you’re busy, but we’ve missed you.

  9. Here is an interesting story about a lost or stolen guitar 47 years ago. Allegedly it is the guitar that Bob Dylan used and change folk and rock history when he plugged in to an amp at the Newport Folk Festival in 1965.

  10. Ooh, I meant to read that, Doots. Thanks.

    Speaking of dogs, I am taking care of one of the sweetest and smallest you will ever meet. Name of Molly. She’s a Maltese-toy poodle mix, maybe 6 pounds under the hair, and a world of company.

    Housesitting for some neighbors who have given me a staycation, as it turns out, with multiple pets, an elegant and sparely decorated guest room, internet access, quietude. They are at Yellowstone and thinking they lucked out on the vacation plans.

    Lot of news lately, hmm?

    Also, for fellow Obots: hear from Balloon Juice that lines are around the block for free tickets given out for Obama campaign events. That makes me feel better about not getting over to Fairfax yesterday to collect my own. (Figured I will catch a later speech; Virginia’s a battleground state. Obama’s here Saturday.)

    I don’t know that you will hear that on the national news.

  11. tempebev

    Dog – sounds like you’re having a great staycation. Enjoy and stay cool!

  12. morning peeps, well because my boss is a total incompetent (this is no great secret, why she hasn’t been fired yet remains a mystery among many) I’ll be spending most of my Sunday glued to my computer, we start training the clinicians for the first two hospitals in less than two weeks and no where near as ready as we should be. On the upside I do get to bill for my work from home!

  13. tempebev

    Another person to reach the “Peter Principle.” They”re all over the place but no one above them has read the book.

  14. On why Brian’s work with medical record systems, and implementing the Affordable Care Act in full, is so important:

    Did any of you read about Rory Staunton and his death from sepsis, which neither his family doctor nor the ER caught in time?

    This was a kid who was going to do big things, and was already doing them. He was exceptional, and now he’s gone.

    Maureen Dowd has a non-snarky column about him this morning. (That in itself tells you …)

    Fully computerizing medical records is part of the Affordable Care Act.

    Rory’s infection fell through the cracks despite attentive parents, good medical insurance, and prompt — albeit insufficient — medical care by good doctors. The labwork was reviewed too late, although, in all honesty, he needed antibiotic treatment on his first pass through the ER. The infection was that virulent.

    (Comments to the initial NYTimes article were interesting. Several ER personnel and physicians wrote in that Rory’s symptoms were present in maybe 80% of pediatric patients, that many patients get sent home before the labwork is complete for sheer lack of hospital beds, and that it’s tragic and rare — but not altogether shocking — that the sepsis was missed.)

    Think about how the ACA can save more Americans.

    Think, also, about what a double-edged sword fully computerized medical records would be without ACA, when coupled with our current predatory health insurance “providers”, scanning always for any pre-existing condition or potential reason to deny, even after collecting years of premiums.

    That’s a nightmare scenario for those Americans without insurance, or without adequate coverage.

    This election is that important.

  15. tempebev

    D – I agree -especial Gov Jan. She is told regularly in the newspaper but she just doesn’t listen. I certainly hope the people will tell her in 2014. What an example of an empty head that only says what she is told. If what she says are ideas of her own, she’s in a completely different class. Dumba..!

  16. tempebev

    It’s so interesting to read the comments about the BSA reaffirming their beliefs. People are so adamant in their beliefs about gays, pedophiles, God. You can’t argue with or change someone who is firmly rooted in their belief system. I do not support the BSA by choice. They do not support some by their choice. Too bad for the kids, some of who will be our future leaders.

  17. tempebev

    OMG. When I think AZ can’t do anything else to bring embarrassment to itself, it happens again. If you haven’t heard, I’m sure you will. Sheriff Joe has found conclusive evidence that O’s birth certificate if fake. Also says that ALL birth certificates from Hawaii are questionable.

    A question, if a child is born to a US citizen, doesn’t that make him/her a citizen?

  18. Just when you think Sheriff Joe can’t get any more stupid!

  19. tempebev

    D – the local news sucks too. I emailed the attachment to one of our local news stations. Their reply was it wasn’t worth arguing with S. Joe and the birthers. Said it had been reported in the past and wasn’t worth the time it would take to repeat. The station’s motto is “we tell it like it is.” What a joke.

    • dnd

      Well perhaps a station in Tuscon would repeat it.

      Actually, I think what passes as “news” is just sensationalism. That’s why blowhards like S. Joe keeps getting camera time.

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