Heroism at Aurora Shooting

One thing that struck me following the horrific shooting in Aurora Colorado was the remarkable bravery and courage of the police who responded to the event.  This wasn’t the SWAT team; it was your everyday beat cop.  At the same time ambulances and firefighters were on the way, followed by FBI and ATF agents.  And then there was the bomb squad who found the suspect’s apartment booby trapped.

The coordination between all of these agencies, as well as three local counties, was remarkable.  Public servants we can all be proud of.



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8 responses to “Heroism at Aurora Shooting

  1. tempebev

    The world would be lost without first responders. Perhaps people don’t truly appreciate their worth until they need them. They’re worth their weight in gold.

    • dnd

      In response to what Bev and Brian said, the medical response was remarkable. An awful lot of on-call trauma surgeons, nurses and support personnel were called in the middle of the night to help.

      One other thing: it wasn’t just the first responders who were heroic. Many in the crowd were genuine heroes and their stories of bravery are now being told.

  2. Yeah, and I think about the Seal Beach, CA cops who found a hair salon full of seven bodies and one dead in the parking lot one bright, sunny day in “Mayberry by the Sea.”

    Seal Beach, where truancy, noise from humans and pets, and suspicious people in cars make up the bulk of the police log.

    On first hearing about the Aurora shooting, I never guessed “Muslim terrorist”, but I did hope — vehemently — that no former soldier was involved. Wondered if we had PTSD, especially since it’s near some military installations.

    Saddest of all: this will happen again. And again. And again.

  3. Teaching my first class tomorrow morning here at Norton, 7 anesthesia chiefs! So here’s the question, in a room full of seven anesthesia chiefs and myself who has the bigger ego? LOL

  4. Very sad news my friends, Dooty has passed on and is now with the Lord.



    My prayers go out to his family and loved ones.

    God Bless

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