Curiosity Has Landed!

After a  eight and a half month, 352 million trip, the Mars rover know as Curiosity makes a  pinpoint landing on Mars.  This could be a landmark mission in space exploration for the search for evidence of extra-terrestrial life.

To those that assert that the government can’t do anything right, this can’t make them happy…



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8 responses to “Curiosity Has Landed!

  1. tempebev

    Finally something all Americans can be proud of.

  2. Love the name. Curiosity is essential.

    And you’ve got a glimpse of Mohawk Man in the background. Well done.

  3. tempebev

    Maybe elimination will run in the family.

    • dnd

      President in Colorado today and tomorrow. Today Denver (blue) and Grand Junction (red). Tomorrow Pueblo (blue) and Colorado Springs (red).

      Interesting strategy, one which I don’t completely understand.

  4. tempebev

    I support the Sisters even thought I’m not Catholic anymore! The old boys club is out of date with reality.

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