Julia Child at 100

Julia Child would have been 100 today.  When she wrote Mastering the Art of French Cooking she changed the way America looked at  cooking.  This was not the Escoffier Cook Book.  This was a beautifully written book for American audiences.  When her PBS show, The French Chef debuted in 1963, it was an immediate hit.  Ms Child was an earthy, ebullient woman that everyone loved.  Her great contribution was not extravagant sauces or technique, but rather her cuisine soignée, a simple meal made with care and fresh ingredients.

Bon Appetit!



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12 responses to “Julia Child at 100

  1. tempebev

    Julia was an institution. Unfortunately, I am a lousy cook, so she didn’t have any influence on me. Maybe I should have paid attention.

    More progress: first openly female gay officer promoted to general.

  2. Now this is a person I seriously miss, I loved watching Julia and she had a lot to do with me going to CIA when I got out HS.

    • dnd

      “she had a lot to do with me going to CIA when I got out HS.”
      Do you mean the Central Intelligence Agency, because Julia worked for the OSS, forerunner to the CIA, or Culinary Institute of America?

  3. Culinary Institute of course!

  4. Makes me smile to see a blogpost about Julia Child.

    Thank you. Great lady.

  5. Local PBS station ran 2 hours of Julia Child shows last night.

    In one, she was making bouillabaisse, and she had all this fish spread out before her on the cutting board. She identifies them all (“this cute little spot”, this porgie, this halibut), picks each up, whacks away at them with a chef’s knife. (We’re talking, “look out fingers”.)

    And then, in one smooth motion, reaches over for her reading glasses, hands that just held each fish and fillet for its close-up, plops the glasses on her nose, touches something else (maybe it was the paper recipe, which she couldn’t read well) …

    and I am just thinking “Julia! You’ve got fish guts all over your hands. And now they’re on your glasses, and on your nose, and on the recipe.”

    Got to love someone living and cooking out loud.

  6. tempebev

    Mittens, Mutt and Paul. Is it now the Ryan/Romney ticket?

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