Five Years of Tax Returns?

Obama for America Campaign Manager Jim Messina sent a letter to the Romney campaign requesting five years of tax returns, 2007-2012 from Mitt Romney:

This is only three more years than Romney has committed to release.  And yes, since he filed for an extension of his 2011 returns, due in October, it’s unlikely we’ll see anything about 2012, even though Romney is required to pay quarterly estimates during 2012.

The Romney campaign responded to Messina: “thanks but no thanks.”

The conspiracy theory is that Harry Reid’s source on Romney’s taxes knows something and Reid told the campaign office that five years would be sufficient to sink Romney.



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8 responses to “Five Years of Tax Returns?

  1. tempebev

    When McCain vetted him for VP in 2008, he had to turn in his tax returns. He was not chosen for VP for a reason, since he obviously would have been a better choice than S. P. Since he is refusing to do the same now, we think he’s hiding something. I’m not the best at logical deductions, but this is kinda suspicious and not something that I would “trust him” with.

  2. Lawrence O’Donnell hit the nail on the head last night, Thursday the 16th., when he brought up the 2009 IRS Tax Amnesty Program that would let those hiding money in Swiss Banks pay the taxes they were avoiding by hiding the money from the IRS with no prosecutions for Tax Evasion.

    I believe that that would sink any chance of his winning the election. He knows that if it came out that he was a Tax Cheat and had committed Income Tax Evasion it would be over.

    That’s what I believe he is hiding and will not release those returns because the one thing the American People don’t like are rich people who feel entitled cheating on their taxes.

    Have a great day.

  3. Yeah, the “we’ll just take five years” is hardball. Team Obama knows there’s something brutal in those tax returns.

    Aside from the particulars of Romney, it would be terrible to let GOP candidates lower the bar to two years of returns, period.

    They set bad precedent, and then blow right through that floor, time and again.

  4. tempebev

    Great story about Ryan and mom extolling the virtues of his health plan at “The Villages” in Florida to crowds of thousands. Googled “The Villages” – it’s definitely a place for the well-to-do that wouldn’t be affected by Ryan’s Medicare plan. Their offspring probably wouldn’t either.

    Sorry about the younger generation who have been paying for Medicare since they began working. It won’t be there for you according to his plan.

  5. tempebev

    Another one passes on – Phyllis Diller

  6. tempebev

    Of course the big story is “legitimate rape” but it’s not worth discussing since he’s an a..hole and is already getting chastised by almost everyone except Huckabutt.

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