The New Face of the Republican Party

On the final night of the Republican National Convention the “surprise” guest turned out to be Clint Eastwood.  He looked like a cranky old white man who has difficulty keeping track of his train of thought.  His mussed-up hair looks like he just got up from a nap.  His speech, at best, was cringe-worthy and at worst disrespectful and off-color.

Recall that all speeches at the convention were vetted by the Romney campaign.  Chances are Eastwood’s was written by a campaign staffer.

The unintended consequence of the campaign bringing out Eastwood is that everybody is talking about his crazy speech and nobody is talking about Romney’s mediocre acceptance speech.



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15 responses to “The New Face of the Republican Party

  1. He made a full of himself which frankly was distressing to me as I’ve always liked his work on screen both as actor and director.

  2. I’m wondering if Eastwood prepared one set of remarks for his GOP handlers, and then decided to wing(nut) it. We will hear, one of these days.

    Biggest takeaway from the convention: these people are major league fantasists, and dueling with an empty chair is about their speed.

    I don’t know what to think about the Eastwood appearance. It was a shambles, watching it in real time, but I wonder if it will seem like old codgerly George Carlin (without the timing and discipline and comedy) after a few more views.

    Good that Clint can probably self-finance any upcoming productions. Hope he has not lost his touch at directing. He made some good movies, and is wickedly appreciative of jazz and the offbeat.

  3. tempebev

    Issac and especially Clint have stolen the spotlight from Mitt.

    • dnd

      When Eastwood was talking to the chair and inferring that President Obama was telling Romney to go f*** himself, the first thing I thought of was: “Wasn’t that what Cheney told Pat Leahy on the Senate floor?” And then I thought that Eastwood had punked the GOP. And perhaps he did. We’ll have to wait and see.

      I’m thinking the Democrats should invite Obama supporter Betty White to speak at the Democratic National Convention.

  4. I’d be cool with Betty as the key note speaker or perhaps talk about medicare!

    • dnd

      President Obama to speak at the University of Colorado, Boulder today at 1pm MDT. He’ll be speaking at the Norlin quad, a large grassy area west of the Norlin Library, notorious for an annual 4/20 smoke-out.

  5. How’s Colorado looking for some electoral votes and Congress/Senate?

    I’d say Tim Kaine’s at least even in Virginia; he’ll get a deluge of negative ads, though. But Virginia’s purple, and women won’t soon forget the state GOP’s transvaginal ultrasound plans.

    My sister, living and working in a conservative area of Richmond, reports the Republicans are in mighty trouble with the women she knows. I’ll try to get more specifics.

    Transvaginally yours,

    • dnd

      Sra Dog,
      No Senate seats in CO up this time. I don’t expect any change in the House, but you never know. It’s too far out to predict the presidential race. It’s really difficult to poll here because it’s a purple state, with serious red pockets and serious blue pockets. Everybody’s sick of all the campaign ads on TV.

      • dnd

        So now it appears that Paul Ryan lied to Hugh Hewitt, saying that his personal best on running marathons was two hours, fifty something minutes. Turns out that he only has run one marathon and his time was over four hours.

        Now I’ve never run a marathon (10k’s were more to my ability), but every person I know that has run marathons knows exactly their time for every race they’ve run.

        It says something to Ryan’s character that he has no problem with lying, and as such, how will we know when he’s telling us the truth?

  6. Paul Krugman has an excellent column on Mr. Ryan and his ticket.

    Rosie Ruiz Republicans. Top emailed article on the NYTimes right now.

  7. PS: re “everybody’s sick of campaign ads” – I am hoping that’s the silver lining.

    Obama has a tested and better on the ground operation; hoping it will make the difference against Citizens United (dirty) money and bring a Democratic congress along on coat tails.

    We just got a local Obama office this weekend. Got a message they are open for volunteering and canvassing every. single. day. Encouraging.

  8. tempebev

    Perhaps Sarah P.coached Paul R.on how to answer questions. Or, they were both vetted with the same scrutiny by the same vetters.

  9. I hope everyone is as psyched as I am for the start of the convention, I think we’re in outstandingly good shape!

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