Obama and Biden Meet the People

Florida pizza shop owner and registered Republican Scott Van Duzer gives the President a bear hug.  Van Duzer voted for Obama four years ago and plans to do so again this year.

Meanwhile the Vice President discusses the issues with some bikers in Ohio.

The RNC shot back saying that Mitt Romney got a very firm handshake from a Pensacola country club president and that Paul Ryan spoke to a Toledo quilt club about his P90X exercise regime.



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31 responses to “Obama and Biden Meet the People

  1. dnd

    This is interesting. If you remove the vowels from RNC Chair Reince Priebus’ name you get:


  2. tempebev

    Interesting article about Bill Maher attacking Tom Brokaw regarding the “birthers”:

  3. tempebev

    Sounds like Mittens has stuck his foot in his mouth with his criticism of Obama and the new tragedy in Libya etc. He’s supported by Sarah Palin, but not other prominent Republicans. His foreign policy knowledge staggers the imagination.

  4. This is Romney’s “let’s suspend the campaign” moment.

    Unfit to govern. (Believe that’s a quote from Andrew Sullivan?)

    • dnd

      Romney really blew it. He had an opportunity to look presidential by simply saying: “I’m appalled by this tragedy and I support our President in bringing these people to justice.” Reagan did this when he was running against Carter.

      Instead he lied in an effort to politicize a national tragedy.

      Once again proof that he’s not fit to serve.

  5. Hey guys,
    Hope everyone is well, only about two weeks to go before we flip the switch on two of the system’s hospital so I’m really hard pressed right now time wise. Just wanted to do a drive by and say howdy.

  6. Thom Palmer

    Thats was Romney’s attempt to pretend to be Presidential. You see, to him, the entire exercise is childs play. Richie Rich is playing house, and is clearly not even keeled enough, nor is he informed or qualified to run the nation. On top of that, the entire Republican Party was banking on the American People to be clueless and stupid enough to put the blame for the slow recovery on Obama when they purposely put the squeeze on all of us through obstructionism. Voting Democrat across the board and re-taking the House of Representatives will surely put the recovery on the fast track. Republicans have successfully held the unemployment rate over 8%. I can’t wait til the September numbers come in and the unemployment rate is 7.8%. What will they say then? Their goose is cooked.

      • dnd

        President Obama to speak in Golden, CO in a few minutes. Golden is the home of Coors beer. The Coors brothers are pretty far right. Joe Coors Jr. is running for Congress. His brother Pete ran for the Senate in 2004 losing to Ken Salazar (the current Secretary of the Interior).

  7. Welcome aboard Thom, always good to another voice of reason.

  8. tempebev

    Hi Thom – we’re glad you joined us and hope you visit often.

  9. Latest numbers are looking pretty good for the prez!

  10. tempebev

    I’m waiting for 2 things. 1.To hear the explanation of how the middle East uprising wouldn’t have occurred if Mittens were president, and 2. For Mittens and Ryan to get on the same talking points page, especially when discussing getting rid of Obamacare (Ryan: get rid of ALL, Mittens: He’s not getting rid of everything.)

  11. Breaking News Alert
    The New York Times
    Friday, September 14, 2012 — 6:36 PM EDT

    Obama Erases Romney’s Edge on Economy

    President Obama has taken away Mitt Romney’s longstanding advantage as the candidate voters say is most likely to restore the economy and create jobs, according to the latest poll by The New York Times and CBS News, which found a modest sense of optimism among Americans that White House policies are working.

    But while the climate for Mr. Obama has improved since midsummer, and Mr. Romney has failed to shift sentiment decisively in his favor, the poll found that the presidential race is narrowly divided.

    With their conventions behind them and the general election fully engaged, the Democratic Party is viewed more favorably than the Republican Party. The poll also found more likely voters give an edge to Mr. Obama on foreign policy, Medicare and addressing the challenges of the middle class. The only major issue on which Mr. Romney held an advantage was handling the federal budget deficit.

    Read More:

  12. Bev don’t hold your bet on those two points. Ryan is doing exactly what that nit wit from Alaska did, he know Mitt is going to loose so he’s going rogue. Fun!

  13. Hillary looked terrible earlier today, recent events have taken their toll.

  14. Hello fellow welfare queens and dudes. Even if you’re in a high tax bracket.

    Amazing what we learn on the news.

    Happy last week of summer.

  15. Aint though dog, I want to know who I can call at the IRS to get all that money back!

  16. Mitt has stepped in it yet again.

    And James Earl Carter, IV, helped to serve him up.


    Although best news yesterday was the surprise of a baby panda born at the National Zoo.

    I hope the cub has a brighter future than Mr. Mitt does.

  17. tempebev

    A great comment from a member of the 47% – from a friend on FB:

    “Sitting in conference and starving. Since I’m part of the 47%, I’m expecting my sandwich handout any minute now.”

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