Live Blog – The Presidential Debate in Denver

In less that five hours the first presidential debate at the University of Denver will begin.  As will live blogging here at the Backchannel.



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52 responses to “Live Blog – The Presidential Debate in Denver

  1. dnd

    The local news is reporting on events outside of the Magness Arena where the debate will be held. There’s a “Debatefest” going on with bands and thousands of DU students and others partying before the debate.

  2. So we had our first really serious emergent case today at Brownsboro since we flipped the switch on the new charting system on Monday. Patient came into for an angioplasty, about an hour after her surgery she started crashing in PACU. Two bags of packed cells pushed into her in PACU, they couldn’t get into her fast enough, belly was swelling up from the bleed. Brought her back into the OR, open exploratory, big time femoral bleed. In the OR we gave her 7 more bags of packed cells, 2 bags of ffp, 1 bag of plasma. All in all she was in the OR for almost three hours, yes she survived and was taken to ICU directly from the OR. Everything from a charting standpoint went perfectly! All the blood products got ordered correctly by the circulator, the crna who was doing the charting (with guidance from me) documented a perfect anesthesia record, blood products, LDAs, meds, notes, all done as they should be, it was OUTSTANDING, one of the times when you really get to feel good about what you do for a living!

  3. Thanks D. Are we all tuned into CNN?

  4. All right Brian! 3 cheers. Let us know how this patient does. Rough day.

  5. So glad Jim Lehrer is the moderator. Wish he could moderate more than one. (Take that, Candy Crowley.) Martha Raddatz might be quite good. (The VP debate. She probably knows her real wonks from fake wonks.)

  6. She serves up too much conventional wisdom.

    I swear, I think she interviews other journalists to balance the Republicans she gets talking points from.

  7. At least no one will be wearing Naughty Monkey pumps.

  8. Romney looks more relaxed, but it was the usual usual for his reply.

    All I ask is that Barack and Michelle celebrate next anniversary in the White House.

    With Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Reid.

  9. tempebev

    Mitt is flip flopping already

  10. Oh I think bringing up coal was a bad idea from Romney.

  11. It’s math! that didn’t take long! 🙂

  12. tempebev

    hi – Mitt seems nervous – O seems more natural and confident

  13. Score for the prez, bringing it back to Bush plan versus Clinton plan.

  14. tempebev

    uh oh, getting moral

  15. tempebev

    I”ll miss Kermit and Miss Piggy

  16. “balanced” is the prez’s key word for the evening I think.

  17. tempebev

    Mitt is certainly sticking up for the wealthy

  18. tempebev

    Mitt acts like he’s in charge of the moderator, rules etc

  19. Romney is speaking too much to the right.

  20. tempebev

    hubby thinks O is being too nice – he’s allowing M to take charge of the debate.

  21. Obama is killing on Medicare, glad he’s embracing “Obamacare”

  22. tempebev

    thank goodness Jim L basically told Mitt to shut up

  23. prez just went in for the kill

  24. ewwwwwwwwwwwwww 10ther, brown nosing to the tea party.

  25. tempebev

    Prez may be killing him, but he needs to get a pair and start interupting Mitt
    If someone is sitting on the fence, they see Mitt being more forceful and agressive.

  26. tempebev

    We are NOT all children under the same GOD.

  27. Glad you caught that too bev!

  28. tempebev

    Mitt wins the last 2 minutes because he is looking at the camera (the people)

  29. The debate was a draw, therefore Romney did himself no good. I gotta be up early to be at work at 0600. Night gang!

  30. tempebev

    Rockies won = congrat D.

    • dnd

      Romney basically just embellished his stump speech talking points, including the lies. But he did so enthusiastically.
      I’m thinking Romney won on style and Obama won on substance. Which means Romney won, because most who watch the debates do so for entertainment.

      But there were no “zingers” and nobody said anything obviously really stupid, so net-net, nobody’s gonna remember this debate. Romney may benefit with a few high dollar contributors may find their checkbook.

  31. tempebev

    The article about the Mexican restaurant is a sad commentary on what has happened in this country when it comes to politics. Death threats because they didn’t want to be a stop? And they’re Mormon too? I think we’ll be very fortunate if someone doesn’t get shot or killed for “campaign politics.”

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