Thrill in the ‘Ville

Live blogging starts at 9 on 10.11.12!



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21 responses to “Thrill in the ‘Ville

  1. Good evening. Watching debate at local OFA office.

    Martha Raddatz is a terrific moderator. Have her do all of them!

  2. Here’s the Joe we all know and love!

  3. Good on bringing up “pledges to Grover Norquist.”

    Biden is terrific tonight.

  4. Excuse me, Mr. Ryan.

    Mitt Romney is actually a “car elevator” guy.

  5. And now the “one party control.”

    Jesus could not have fixed all the shit Bush-Cheney left for Obama in 720 days.

  6. tempebev

    Joe is blowing away Ryan. Team R & R have he same smiley smirk! Martha is great!

  7. Hearing that Wolf Blitzer is calling it a draw.

    Which means that Biden won.

    But we all won, with Martha Raddatz as moderator. Superb job.

    Sadly, we get Candy Crowley and Bob Schieffer for remaining 2 presidential debates. And yes, I know that Schieffer’s kind and folksy.

    But do you seriously think either of them will keep Romney and his Etch a Sketch debating tactics in line?

    (Although apparently an “Etch a Sketch” stands for “leadership” to some. Which makes my head ache.)

    • dnd

      Have to admit that I was distracted by baseball. Watching the replay on CNN now. Ryan is an odious little creep. Same smarmy smile as Romney. If he’s the intellectual leader of the Republican party, God help them.

      I score Biden a win on both style and substance. Martha was great.

  8. Don’t know what to make of the NYTimes web headline: “In Biden-Ryan Quarrel, Sharp Contrasts.”

    It was a debate, not a quarrel. And a spirited one, with real differences. (They got that part right.)

    The headline really buries the Euroweenies’ Nobel Peace Prize win.

  9. Philadelphia Inquirer today, endorsing Barack Obama.

    Are you seeing endorsements in the papers you read? Please share.

    (And who knew that Bev might live in a swing state?!)

    From the Philly endorsement:

    “Obama has created jobs. The 2009 Recovery Act is derided by Republicans for its $787 billion price tag, but they don’t want voters to remember the context. It’s not wrong to point out the program’s cost in a country with huge debts. But with the nation desperate for employment, economists say the stimulus created 2.5 million jobs and added up to 3.8 percent to the gross national product.

    The recovery is slow, but its speed has been hampered by obstinate Republicans in Congress dead set on opposing any program that might boost Obama’s reelection. They say they can’t be blamed for Obama’s lack of success earlier in his administration, when Democrats held the House and Senate. But Americans need to remember that Congress’ rules give great power to the minority party to thwart legislation.

    …What Obama has already been able to accomplish in the face of unrelenting partisan opposition suggests he could have a remarkably successful presidency if given a second term.”

    I am so glad the Philly brings up GOP obstruction, and their keeping GWBush under wraps.

    I’m sick of GOP (and some voters’) willful amnesia.

  10. Arlen Specter has passed away.

  11. tempebev

    Thanks Brian. I’m smiling!!

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