Round 2

The second presidential debate kicks off tonight at 7pm ET.



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39 responses to “Round 2

  1. dnd

    This is really funny:

    Click on “Get the Details”

  2. Nine Eastern, seven Mountain.

    I am so ready for this campaign season to be over. Once we win.

  3. Margaret and Helen; link on our sidebar.

    “I wonder which Mitt Romney will show up at the debate tonight? The one who talks out of the left side or the right side of his mouth?”

    RE Obama: I don’t know what silver bullet there is for debating against someone who is going to lie his ass off, because he knows a lot of the audience isn’t going to watch the eventual corrections. In fact, hearing Romney’s (false) assertions again will help reinforce them.

    And you are not allowed to be a scary black dude, even though a lot of folks on your own side want to see you fight for them. Time to bring the A++ game (while Republicans always get along on a “gentleman’s C” because they’re, well, manly).

    I’m pretty sure Obama is going to win this election, and that Democrats will keep the Senate. But too much nail biting, and too long a permanent campaign.

  4. dnd: your first link is the best! Well done, DNC.

  5. If the President comes out aggressive all you will here from the Reich is see the angry black man who showed up for the debate?

    That’s how they will spin it.

    And lets not forget the electronic voting machines that will be used to flip and steal votes for Bishop Romney\Paul Ryan.

    Have a great day.

  6. tempebev

    Ugh, polls in paper today say Romney surging ahead of Obama. I agree with AP about how it will be spun. Hopefully better sense will prevail.

    • dnd

      One thing to remember about reporting on polls is that reporters don’t have a clue about the science of polling, particularly the math. The biggest example is what the margin of error means. If the percentage is within the margin of error, it doesn’t matter who’s in front. If over time the percentages are trending toward one candidate, but the percentages are still within the margin of error, there is no trend.

      Republican pollsters and Democratic pollsters you see on TV likewise don’t know much about polling other than how to phrase the questions so that they will favor their candidate.

      The only pollsters that count are the campaigns internal pollsters, and they ain’t talkin’. The only clue you can get about their results is where and how they spend their money and changes in campaign strategies.

    • dnd

      I think it’s a huge mistake for the Romney campaign to have John Sununu as a surrogate. He’s clearly one taco short of a combination plate.

  7. I’m just hoping to be able to stay up for the entire thing, my alarm goes off at 0430!

  8. president in a fighting mood right from the start!

  9. tempebev

    Mitt’s telling lies again!

  10. tempebev

    Candy actually made mit sit down

  11. I think Romney just lost the debate.

  12. tempebev

    I’m going to watch and say f..K alot. Laer!

  13. Prez just nailed that George Bush question!

  14. Obama’s having a good night. Glad to see it.

  15. So what did you guys think? I’ll sleep better tonight. And look forward to Monday.

  16. I just wanted too say that President Obama clearly won and I’m leaving a couple of links of comments I made on TM below for your enjoyment.

    The second link should give the families of those who lost their loved ones in the Libya incident some solace and comfort for going after Bishop Romney over his remarks.

    I found the Presidents answer after Bishop Romney’s remark the best response that anyone could have given to someone who would use the deaths of our Ambassador and the other three Americans deaths for political points my highlight for the evening.

    Good night all and have a great morning.

  17. Thinking on George McGovern and his family. A life well-lived, devoted to public service. Gracious man.

    PS: dnd: the item about Mr. De Vries was very interesting. Good for him for speaking out.

  18. yes d, I get up at 0403, i have to be at work 2 0600. Agree with you dog on McGovern.

  19. tempebev

    Did you read about how Mitten’s son Tagg wanted to swing a punch at Obama after hearing him tell lies about his father? And what stopped him was knowing there were Secret Service around. What an asshole who comes from another one who lies and professes loving family values.

    • dnd

      Tagg is just like his dad, who wanted to fight in Vietnam but he too chickened out.

      I wonder what Tagg thought of his dad calling him a liar in the first debate?

  20. I’d say one Tagg wanting to hit Obama (and Josh staring him down, like Uri Geller) trumps two or three Gallup polls showing Romney up 2-3 points “nationwide.”

    Because if voters are flocking to Romney in Alabama and Oklahoma and Kansas — it just does not matter that much. Electoral college, dawgs.

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