Bronco Bamma and Mitt Romney

This is exactly how I feel.



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16 responses to “Bronco Bamma and Mitt Romney

  1. The prez is being very smart in taking a high road on the campaign trail since the storm. I think this storm and how the prez has handled it pretty much insures his re-election.

  2. D I think they may be a tad optimistic!

  3. Based on the polling from CO d you better be out there on Tuesday driving little old ladies to the polls!

    • dnd

      In Colorado, little old ladies vote early with mail-in ballots. I think what you’ll see in Colorado is a lot of Latinos voting on election day, except for the little old Latinas who voted early 😉

  4. tempebev

    Not sure Chris C will change his official endorsement of R to O, but he certainly did a good job of praising him, and indicating that he didn’t give a flip about politics at this time. That would wreck his plans for 2016. As far as I know, R hasn’t been asked or volunteered to visit the east coast devastation. Packing food supplies in Ohio that I read he actually brought there seems to be his only contribution to the recovery. The Jeep ad seems to be 4-wheeling over him.

    Any one seen the Old Men McCain and Kyl blasting Carmona over all the gushy things they actually said about him when he was up for Surg. Gen? The old men need to go watch old videos. At least Kyl has the good sense to retire.

    Although I sympathize and understand why the little girl is crying over Bronco Bama and Romney, she’s doesn’t do much me. Reminds me of Honey Boo Boo.

  5. dnd: could we get the dog or Romnesia back?

    This petulant toddler reminds me too much of Romney’s voters and Teatards. Just not an appealing face.

    We are ALL ready for this election to be over.

    Big Dog Clinton and the Dave Matthews Band appearing with President Obama tomorrow night in Manassas, VA. Yippee!

    • dnd

      Ladies, the little girl was listening to NPR in the car with her mom. Doesn’t sound like a far right family to me. My guess is that her mom was upset and that’s what got her to crying.

  6. tempebev

    Well, there’s two votes for axing the little girl!

  7. tempebev

    Well as long as she was listening to NPR, that’s OK. I thought she was being interviewed by Fox News.

  8. Hey gang, hope you all are feeling as good about Tuesday as I am. It seems to me Romney is taking a desperate tone.

  9. NPR makes me yell sometimes with their “both sides do it” silliness.

    I vote this child off the island. To home, for her favorite dessert and a bedtime story. A happy one. Rabbits and flowers or something.

    Brian: any sense of how long you might have been without power, had you and Ralphie not moved to Confederate Acres? Any stories from your NYC pals?

    Agree. Romney looks desperate. No sympathy for him after the things he has done, and not done. (Tax returns dude. You got away with it, and that might hurt us in future campaigns.) Also, he was so lackadaisical during the summer, taking a lot of time off, I wondered if he’d already been told he was not likely to win.

    Have been wondering if he’s been drinking the Fox World koolaid. Had thought he was savvier than that, but maybe not.

  10. My part of the city is on higher ground, no power problems.

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