The Chris Christie Bump

When New Jersey Governor Chris Christie gave the keynote address at the Republican convention he eviscerated President Obama, citing his inability to act and failure to lead.  In the wake hurricane Sandy, he’s changed his mind.  When the President toured the disaster areas in New Jersey,  Gov. Christie gave effusive praise to the President.  Christie, who is not exactly camera shy, made sure everyone knew what a great job the President was doing.

Some of the talking points used by the right in this election claim that the President won’t work across the isle, that he cannot lead, and that his actions are ineffective.  Christie shot them down one by one.

So for those that have bought the talking points and are leaning towards Romney, will Christie’s words change their minds?



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48 responses to “The Chris Christie Bump

  1. This election aint over to the fat governor has sung, and sung he has!

  2. tempebev

    Thanks for the new picture.

  3. tempebev

    aaahhhhhhh! Thanks Dude!

  4. Nov. 2: For Romney to Win, State Polls Must Be Statistically Biased


    President Obama is now better than a 4-in-5 favorite to win the Electoral College, according to the FiveThirtyEight forecast. His chances of winning it increased to 83.7 percent on Friday, his highest figure since the Denver debate and improved from 80.8 percent on Thursday.

  5. Thank you, thank you for losing the whingeing kid.

    Who knew, a week later, that we’d be happy to see a picture of Chris Christie? The flying spaghetti monster works in mysterious ways.

    • dnd

      What I find amazing is that former Chrysler CEO Lee Iaccoca endorsed Romney. Iaccoca, who under his watch would have lost Chrysler without a government bailout. Irony much?

  6. tempebev

    Maybe Lee was buddies with George Romney, and feels a friendly duty voting for his son. Who knows what goes on inside some people’s minds. For example, my gal friends watch “Dancing with the Stars.” I don’t. I prefer to watch “South Park.” We’re all a little off center at times.

    Irony seems to be the defining word for the Repub. party. They just don’t understand the meaning of the word, even when video clearly shows it. As Rhett said, “I don’t give a damn” or somewhat close to that.

  7. Early voted extended in several Fl counties, this is a good sign for our side!

  8. In Virginia we’re getting a pro-Romney ad accusing Obama of tearing the country apart; elect Romney and send Obama with his brutal tactics back to Chicago. (They don’t call him a black thug, but that’s the implication.) Let Mitt Romney heal the wounds. Don’t know if it’s a Romney or Karl Rove ad.

    Ad is fingers on a blackboard, and in heavy rotation, but then I realize it will very likely encourage Obama supporters to vote.

  9. tempebev

    No comparison between ML and appealing KP.

    Just think, on Wednesday, we won’t have anymore stupid phone calls and junk mail. Will we have anything to talk about anymore?

  10. tempebev

    Crossing my fingers and toes and being very careful how I eat and walk. I wish they’d do the same here, but NOOOOOOO!

  11. dnd: I am hopeful too that it’s not going to be that close. Just cannot imagine the Romney campaign outworking us. Plus we’ve got the best candidate.

    Spent a little time today with some favorite neighbors in the cul de sac. Parents are sincere evangelicals who vote Democratic. The dad’s a minister with a congregation of pretty much Republican “Christians.” They keep their politics quiet. One of the young teen daughters let slip she liked President Obama and was harrassed by a parishioner for being a “baby killer.” (He later apologized.)

    Just watched PBO’s final campaign appearance in Iowa. Stirring.

    Spent about 15-20 minutes at the door with a very appealing and thoughtful 25 year old tonight. He plans to vote, but hadn’t thought through who gets his support. Suggested a lot of good blogs that would have links; he’s got a lot of web surfing ahead of him, and I think he’ll do it. I think he will vote for us; asked him to call me after the fact and let me know what he decided.

    Otherwise: lots of seasoned voters, and they’re eager to get in their say and end this campaign season.

    (Lucky Virginians. They’ll see us at the doors again next year too. VA and NJ elect governors the year after each presidential election. Then the 2014 midterms.)

    GOTV tomorrow!

    How late do you think Floridians will be in line to vote? Could be hours after usual closing time.

  12. We had our first freeze (or almost freezing) last night. It had already warmed up before sunrise; good for all the federal workers who show up before polls open at 6, and then commute.

    I think today is going to be good for us. Cannot wait to have all this silliness behind us.

    I think Obama’s going to win Virginia, too. Tim Kaine will win the Senate, and do us beyond proud. Would not guess margin for PBO.

  13. Well off to cast my vote, then off to work, all we can do is sit tight now! See you all tonight, keep the faith

  14. Nov. 5: Late Poll Gains for Obama Leave Romney With Longer Odds

  15. Heavy turnout in suburban Fairfax County. Sunny crisp day.

  16. Nate Silver projects, Obama will have 313 electoral votes, Romney 225

  17. The tone on Fox is downright gloomy, it’s a good sign.

    • dnd

      The campaign commercials have ended! Those of us in battleground states are doing the happy dance.

      • dnd

        This is somewhat anecdotal, but a local news station interviewed 12 undecided voters. Some Republicans, some Democrats, some unaffiliated. Two voted for Romney, nine voted for Obama, and one wouldn’t say.

  18. I won’t stake my life on it but I think we got Florida

  19. Good evening. Just settling in with a glass of red wine and you guys. Waiting to see how goes Virginia.

    Elizabeth Warren projected winner in Massachusetts. Woo hoo.

    Come on Tim Kaine in Virginia.

    NEW HAMPSHIRE for President Obama. Woo hoo two.

  20. Ok, I won’t stake my life on Florida but I’m willing to put up a kidney that says we’re taking Florida!

    • dnd

      I really have to respect these people who have to stand in line for hours to vote. When I went to my polling place today, there wasn’t a line, weather in the high 60’s, clear blue sky. I’d vote early, but for some weird reason I really like going to the polling place. Plus I get a “I Voted” sticker 😉

  21. I took me about 12 minutes to vote, why those places where people wait on line for hours can’t get their shit together is way beyond me!

  22. Claire McCaskill and Sherod Brown hold their seats, not possible for the repugs to take the Senate!

  23. Tammy Baldwin elected in Wisconsin, first openly gay senator!

  24. My mother has been hoping and hoping Ryan loses his House seat. Icing on the cake.

  25. I still think we got a seriously good shot at VA

  26. tempebev

    Hurraaaaayyyyyy! Mitch McC;s non-chin must have dropped on the floor.
    Maybe the Repubs will wake up and reluctantly accept the fact that the PEOPLE count more than what they want. Yay for Eliz. Warren. Yay for Tammy Duckworth. Don’t know about AZ yet. Take care everyone – it’s a good night.

  27. Just woke up from a snooze. I miss anything?

    Happy evening. Happy us.

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