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  1. dnd

    Bringing forward a post from Brian on the last thread:

  2. Graph’s funny. Kind of looks like Florida is wearing a condom.

    Anyway, I’m a happy girl today. Lot of my neighbors are very subdued.

    Day to rest up and then apply our practice with voter contact to having Barack’s back. Lesson from 2008: he and Congress cannot do it alone. Change has to come up from voters and the issues (and facts) -oriented.

    Weird oldsters in tricorner hats got a lot of press. What about relentless and ambitious non-Tea Partiers who see four years to get us back on track?

    This is a new beginning to a second term, but a countdown too. Very aware of time passing.

    • dnd

      They said he couldn’t win because of the high unemployment rate.
      They said he couldn’t win because of Obamacare.
      They said he couldn’t win because of the debt.
      They said he couldn’t win because of his failed policies and failure to reach across the isle.
      They said he couldn’t win because there was no voter enthusiasm.
      They said he couldn’t win because the youth wouldn’t show up at the polls.
      They said he couldn’t win because he was a socialist Muslim Kenyan who wasn’t born in the U. S.
      They said he couldn’t win.

      The far right is having a rough day today.

  3. And the left is having a very good day!

  4. The Obama Realignment

    Barack Obama is going to be for us Dems what Reagan was for the GOP.

  5. Brian: your link about the Obama Realignment?

    How is Kentucky taking Election Day + 1?

  6. dnd

    It’s funny, I haven’t heard the right mention anything about Benghazi since the election…

  7. tempebev

    I think the Repug big whigs are busy spending time thinking about how they screwed up 2 elections in a row – first Palin and second Romney. They’ve have to get their ducks in a row and they’ve got 4 years to figure it out. Don’t think C. Christie will be their favorite. Is Hillary stepping down from SOS to rest up for 2016? I think she would beat Marco Rubio. D- you were right, all the pundits are trying to learn how to interpret the polls as Nate Silver did. Karl Rove is history, Rush still has a big mouth. I think they’re going to have to make some changes if they want anything in 2014.

    Yes, I’m on pain pills from having a tooth pulled – that’s why things probably don’t make sense.

  8. dnd

    Time already has a 2016 issue:


    I think the thing to watch is:
    1. Who will replace SOS Clinton when she steps down?
    2. Who will replace Reince Priebus at the RNC? Surely they will be giving him the boot after this election.

  9. Ok, time to start guessing on who’s going to take Hillary’s place, I’m rooting for John Kerry.

  10. Margaret and Helen have a good post up:

    Like a zoo, Fox News is not so scary once you realize the animals can’t get out of their cages


  11. One thing very different from 2008: in northern Virginia, 90% of those with political yard signs had pulled them down by yesterday. I’m retiring ours today (but they are coming out again for the inauguration).

    Is that happening in Colorado too?

    Bev: keep us posted on the Ron Barber/Martha McSally count. Cannot bear to think that Barber loses Gabby Giffords’ seat, and that Loughner changed Congress with a hail of bullets.

  12. God the speaker is one creepy man!

  13. equally creepy! Prez just threw down the gauntlet!

  14. tempebev

    Dog – last look shows 80+ vote difference between Barber and McSally. Our new Senator race is about leaning in favor of Kristin Sinema (d).

    It seems to me that all men who are in public service, military or other, need to sign a Grover Norquist type promise to keep their pants zipped. When they’re out of the public eye, go for the ho’s, have affairs, get divorced, or whatever. Have your jollies when you don’t screw up the nation while you’re screwing for enjoyment.

  15. Sounds like Ron Barber may prevail in the Gabby Giffords House race. They’re counting provisional ballots (about 7,800 remain).

    Interesting comment on WSJ article in link:

    “A huge amount of (Koch?) money came into this race for McSally in the final few weeks, close to a million. I assume the dough was used for TV ads and last minute mailers. But the earlier ballots wouldn’t have been influenced as much by that late arriving surge.”

    Most interesting.

  16. Any guesses on Secretary of State? And now, and sooner, CIA director?

    Must respectfully disagree about John Kerry for either — he’s got a safe Senate seat, and there’s too much unhappy GOPfatcat money floating around out there looking for a target. No leaving the Senate for him.

    I’m sad about the Petraeus situation. Poor judgment, yes, but hate to see his career end (or maybe stall from its orbit) like this. I hate that he loses his government career — after literally putting his life on the line for his country, as did McCrystal — and that Wall Street tycoons gone wrong have happier landings. (Jack Welch, we must recall, married the much younger journalist he got involved with. Never hear wingnuts bring up that episode.)

    And now to make a spinach pie, and then an apple one. Local OFA office victory lunch today.

    • dnd

      Sra Dog,

      I agree about Kerry. Unless he’s ready to retire, he should stay in the senate. Too much seniority to toss aside. If he does want to retire, going out as SOS is a good way to leave.

      I think they should bring Bill Richardson off the bench to be the next SOS.

      Spinach pie; ummmmmm.

  17. Morning peeps. Enjoy your lunch Dog!

  18. What a surprise, D likes Bill Richardson at State, I’m shocked. It should be Kerry and I’m willing to be it will be Kerry, Mass is back in Dem hands so we won’t loose the seat.

    • dnd

      Well, I think Kerry would be a good SOS. Ditto Richardson. If Kerry becomes SOS, Elizabeth Warren will become the senior senator from MA, and there’s a good chance Scott Brown would get Kerry’s seat. Reid wouldn’t be too happy with that. MA wouldn’t be too happy w/o having any power brokers in the Senate for the first time in a long, long time.

      I’m rooting for Chuck Hagel at defense.

  19. “there’s a good chance Scott Brown would get Kerry’s seat.”

    Extremely unlikely, go eat breakfast, you’re having hallucination and spinning scenarios to support your candidate.

    • dnd

      He’s still got millions from his failed race with Warren. And while she beat him by eight points, Obama beat Romney by 23 points, so given that MA residents were so unhappy with Romney, there was a big turnout that favored Warren.

      And remember Brown won in a special election…

  20. How do you know what he’s got in the bank?

  21. Show me one web page to back up your claim that Brown is sitting on millions, otherwise all you’re doing is spinning to support your choice.

  22. I stand corrected, I still think it’s going to be Kerry, and I think he’s the best choice.

    • dnd

      Kerry, who’s certainly qualified, would be easier to confirm, as the Republicans want his Senate seat. Not sure who’d replace him as chair of the Senate’s Foreign Relations Committee. None of the dems now on the committee have anywhere near Kerry’s expertise.

      Richardson is a craftier negotiator, and with Kerry’s power as chair of the Foreign Relations Committee, I see the two being a powerful tag-team in foreign affairs.

  23. It’s official, Obama won Florida! What the hell took em so long, disgraceful.

  24. It’s not going to be Richardson D, move on.

  25. tempebev

    Dog At 10 pm Fri night Barber is ahead by 300 votes.

  26. Went to an elementary school’s Veteran’s Day assembly this morning. A friend’s daughter wrote a prize-winning essay on patriotism and the Founding Fathers. Lots of active duty and retired military parents in the audience.

    Very moving, actually. Loved seeing the kaleidoscope of kids.

    Also impressive they would quiet down quickly when a hand was raised.

    Thinking on our own beloved veteran, Lee/Doots, this weekend. And of his marvelous family.

  27. tempebev

    Former Democratic state Sen. Kyrsten Sinema has been elected to represent a new Phoenix-area congressional district, emerging victorious after a bitterly fought race that featured millions of dollars in attack ads.
    Sinema had a narrow lead on election night that made the race too close to call. But she slowly improved that advantage as more ballots were tallied in recent days, and now has a nearly 6,000-vote edge that is too much for Republican Vernon Parker to overcome.
    Sinema becomes the first openly bisexual member of Congress. Her victory came in a year when three states approved gay marriage, and at least five openly gay Democrats were elected to House seats. A Wisconsin congresswoman also became the first openly gay person elected to the Senate.

  28. Is it just me or doesn’t any else really not care about this Patreaus story?

  29. Bev we’re here and we’re queer! 🙂

  30. tempebev

    I care about the Patreaus story. It has already turned into a hot political potato. The details will be leaked slowly to prolong it and get everyone’s panties in an uproar. It happened, and we’ll probably never know the reasons why it caused him to resign. My bet is on the other lady!

    AZ update. Ann Kirkpatrick has been declared winner in the congressional race. Waiting for confirmation on Barber.

    Brian – was at dinner with my boys and their friends last night and learned about the Stonewall Riot in Greenwich Village. Also about the story behind the rainbow flag. Very interesting.

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