Why is Thanksgiving Disappearing? ~ Bev

Thanksgiving, which is America’s holiday, is disappearing fast. Black Friday is consuming taking over by opening at midnight, 9 PM, 8 PM, 6PM etc. Santa is now in the malls two weeks before Thanksgiving. The almighty dollar of capitalism is taking over. Holiday are not for honoring, being thankful, or remembering anymore. They are days for sales at your favorite furniture or mattress store and everywhere else.

I realize that the corporations have to make a buck, but can’t we leave one special day in November alone?



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  1. You left our comments in the link above the picture, however you did not carry them over to here.

    Have a great evening.

  2. Yes to what a p said, d you need to remove the extra page. As for me I’ll take another piece of pumpkin pie

  3. Good point, Bev. I don’t personally know any Thanksgiving night shoppers, but it would seem the way to handle the problem would be to make it uncool behavior. Tie it to greed: mostly by the retailers, but also by the consumers.

    Perhaps talking to those who shop too early: do they realize that hardworking Wal-Mart and Target employees, most already underpaid, and many working retail as a second or third job to get by, do not even get to share a meal with their families on a federal holiday?

    And some letters to the editor, especially in smaller markets. Yes, business has to make a profit, but at what cost to family time onThanksgiving, one of the two especially American holidays?

    It seems there might be a niche of shoppers who really get into early shopping, almost like Star War or Twilight fans in line early for the latest release. And TV cameras are out there, desperate for any story.

    Make it selfish.

    • dnd

      A lot of people have to work on Thanksgiving. Cops. Firefighters, for those deep-fried turkey disasters. Convenience store clerks. Gas station clerks. Some grocery stores. Restaurants. But black Friday retailers? I don’t get it.

      Sra Dog makes a good point that there’s a bunch of bargain shoppers that get a thrill of being the first. But can’t they be the first in line when stores open on Friday? Do they think the store employees who are forced to work on Thanksgiving are as juiced as they are? Do they have such dysfunctional families that they can’t wait to leave the house after the dinner dishes are done?

      As for myself, I plan to eat too much, fall asleep in front of the TV watching football (because I ate too much). But mostly I’m going to count all the things for which I’m thankful. Not working at a store with a bunch of crazed shoppers will be on the list 😉

  4. tempebev

    Again Arizona makes the news. We ‘re now the new Florida because of our method or lack of, counting ballots. Then Wimpy McGruff still has to try and show what an important loser he is by continuing to attack the prez. He has learned nothing about why O was re-elected.

  5. tempebev

    McGrumpy Sore Loser has to have the last word though. I think Mittens sorta screwed this chances of Obama asking him to play a part in his administration with that article. All republicans are sore losers. They just can’t get over O winning a second term. I still think they continue to be racists.

    PS, Thanks Brian.

  6. tempebev

    No more Twinkies – No more Ding Dongs. How will we survive?

    • dnd

      Ok, let’s have a brief survey: When was the last time you ate Wonder Bread? Twinkies? Ding Dongs?

      Hostess is blaming unions. BS. There’s the issues with the LBO from their last bankruptcy and a dwindling demand for their products.

      There’s a Hostess bakery in Denver off of I-25 and 58th and I feel bad for the 160 people who will lose their jobs. A local TV station interviewed a driver and he said they’d all seen this coming. They also showed a line of people outside of the bakery outlet store looking to stock up on Twinkies. Didn’t look like the types that frequent farmer’s markets 😉

  7. tempebev

    I’m so sad. Another bubble has popped. Papa John seemed so nice and giving. What really blows my mind is that Peyton Manning and he are buddies. I think he will have to be removed from my favorite quarterback list. Maybe Eli too.

    Official: Barber beat McSally!!! Yahoo!

  8. Their pizza sucks, no big loss!

  9. Saw “Flight” today. Denzel Washington and Don Cheadle. What’s not to like?

    Did you guys see “The Dust Bowl”? One can forget all the troubles on FDR’s plate. Great timing for Ken Burns (but he’s always ahead of or creates the curve).

  10. Greetings from NYC!

    Hey Bev, didn’t know you’re a follower of Rick’s, he’s been an online buddy of mind for quite a few years now.

  11. tempebev

    Great article on Papa John – Brian had a great reference to Mad Magazine about him also. Maybe PJ will become the next Hostess for a different reason. The comments in the article don’t indicate that PJ has great pizza.

    Brian, I’m not sure who Rick is. Not aware I’m following him. Please tell me how he is. Thx.

  12. Sorry that was D who posted the link to Rick’s column.

    • dnd

      Rick Unger is a common sense liberal that writes for Forbes (imagine that!). He sometimes shows up on FOX and his common sense approach makes the right wing-nuts look like crazy people.

  13. In news on the GWOT (Greedy Waste of Thanksgiving):

    Old Navy is open all day Turkey Day. They’ll sell you cheaply made and priced attire from 8:00 am to midnight. The scantest of fabrics. The barest of time off for their employees.

    Take that, giblets.

    What you all doing today? Who is travelling? Who is cooking?

    We’re heading for Richmond tomorrow. Might be fun to watch “Lincoln” down there. Got to make a surprise birthday cake for my sister, too.

  14. Aha. Some of New England has blue laws. Their stores closed Thanksgiving Day.

    NYTimes reports a backlash is developing against shopping on Turkey Day, but provides no evidence in today’s story.


    “… But in Maine, Massachusetts and Rhode Island, the stores will sit dark until the wee hours of Friday. Even Walmart will not open in Maine until just after midnight Friday or in Massachusetts or Rhode Island until 1 a.m.

    New England’s blue laws were put down by early settlers to enforce proper behavior on Sundays. (The origin of the term is unclear. Some have said the laws were printed on blue paper, while others have said the word “blue” was meant to disparage those like the “blue noses” who imposed rigid moral codes on others.)

    … Nationwide, a protest is developing against Thanksgiving Day sales. Workers at some stores have threatened to strike, saying the holiday openings were disrupting their family time. Online petitions have drawn hundreds of thousands of signatures protesting the move. The stores say that many of their workers have volunteered to work on the holiday, when they will get extra pay, and that consumers wanted to shop early. It is not yet clear what effect the protests might have.

    At the same time, this corner of New England is serving as something of a bulwark against the forces of commercialism.”

  15. Marjorie and I are going to see Lincoln this afternoon and afterwards start cooking for tomorrow.

  16. tempebev

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. We’re going to son/partner’s house. They cook, we eat. I’m making a pineapple/sweet potato dish. Hope to see the out-of-state part of the family on vid-calls. No plans for shopping on BF. Plan on having lunch on Sat at a small business. Christmas shopping basically amounts to gift cars, cash or a big sloppy kiss 🙂

  17. Bev, that’s a great idea about lunching at a small business for Small Business Saturday.

    Not too much I have to buy, so lunch out sounds like a great idea.

    Happy Turkey Day to all.

  18. tempebev

    Sorry Brian, no adoption. You get the sloppy kiss.

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