Why Small Business Saturday is better than Black Friday or Cyber Monday

The Black Friday shopping frenzy started on Thanksgiving.  Cyber Monday to follow (though many Black Friday deals are being gobbled up on-line).  So why is Small Business Saturday better?  There are a number of reasons.

1. No lines.  No camping out.  No frenzied crowds motivating you to buy stuff you don’t need.

2. Service.  Think if you need help finding something you’re gonna find it in a big box store?   Ditto on-line.

3. Selection.  All the big box stores and big on-line retailers basically have the same stuff.  Small businesses can offer niche products you won’t find anywhere else.

4. Employment.  Small businesses employ more people per customer, and as we all learned during the presidential election small businesses are the job creators.

Any other ideas?



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11 responses to “Why Small Business Saturday is better than Black Friday or Cyber Monday

  1. tempebev

    Registered my AMEX card with AE for Small Business Saturday. For spending $25 at an approved small business, AMEX will give a $25 credit on the account. Have my sm. bus. all picked out. Ate turkey yesterday and stayed home on Friday and watched TV.

    Off subject, this is a warning to everyone who has an on-going medical condition. I have ocular myasthenia gravis. I was given Cipro by the dentist for an extraction. Found out after 2 weeks of Cipro that particular antibiotic is contraindicated for those with MG. Had a chat at my pharmacy and made sure that my auto-immune disease is listed in their data base. Please, please for your own health and safety, if you have a medical problem, check out any antibiotics etc, with the pharmacist before you pay for them. So far I am OK but a little concerned because of the med still in my system.

    Other than that, everyone have a wonderful weekend, be good on cyber Monday, and good luck on “password hacking Tuesday.”

  2. Well time to return to Louisville.

  3. tempebev

    Shouldn’t the title be Small Business Saturday instead of Friday?

  4. Didn’t patronize a single small business yesterday (unless you want to count a 7-11 franchise). This shows one a bit how difficult it can be in a suburb, especially if one is not out for the express purpose of rewarding small business.

    Scene: Mechanicsville, VA (rural-ish exurb of Richmond; went heavily for Romney; has mega-sized Walmart we avoided.)

    outing with my sister: first up:
    AC Moore (Ben Franklin type store): Nothing purchased, but roamed merchandise and looked at origin. China, most of it, but some decorations from Pakistan, and a textile from India.

    US-made goods at AC Moore: styrofoam, crafts adhesive (also FYI, Elmer’s Glue makes some in USA, imports some from China), off-brand candles. Only Canadian product sighted: candlewax and candles, again.

    Next up: Kohl’s, for sister to pay a bill. Not crowded; she bought two items of clothing as Xmas gift for her husband. We walked whole store, just looking at what they had. Clothing from Mauritius, Bangladesh; I didn’t watch as closely.

    Then: Starbuck’s, inside a Target store, for lattes and shopper-watching.

    Last: 7-11 for gasoline before returning to Northern Virginia.

    Not anti-small business, but it would be a little hard to find one in that community unless you expressly needed something and made that the purpose of your outing. (I’m not aware of any local coffee shops; my nephew did buy crickets at a small business pet store. Points for him.)

    We didn’t eat out, which would have been easiest, but plenty of food from Turkey Day and Roasted Salmon Friday.

    Sobering, that one would have to seek out a small business, especially in the exurbs.

    FWIW: my sister loves Mr. Lee, a young Chinese man with a drycleaning business nearby. His toddler roams the store as he works. And there is a good BBQ place in a tiny house. But Mechanicsville seems to be 95% chain retail, dining and service establishments.

  5. tempebev

    Dog – appreciate your narrative of Small Bus. Saturday. I agree that it is sometimes hard to find a small business, since even the “smaller” businesses are franchised parts of larger chains. Even when asking my buddies at the mall for suggestions of a small business, it was hard to even think of one. When looking at the AMEX approved places for the $25 credit, many were office type businesses that were closed on Sat. I did have a wonderful salmon lunch at a small non-chain business. I went away very happy. Even got a “thank you for participating in SMS” from AMEX this am.

  6. tempebev

    Brian, do you drive fast, or is it a short trip to NY? Don’t know much about that part of the US

  7. 685 miles each way Bev, on the way to NY I drove straight through, on the return trip I stopped overnight as I got on the road much later since I had brunch with some buds.

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