Happy New Year 2013

Here’s wishing for a health, happy and prosperous 2013.



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16 responses to “Happy New Year 2013

  1. All the best to one and all for the new year.

  2. tempebev

    Happy New Year to all my BC friends.

  3. I don’t make new years resolutions D, I’m perfect and have nothing that needs changing or fixing in my life!

    • dnd

      Well, the right-wing entertainment complex has gone apoplectic over the House voting not to go over the fiscal cliff. Go figure…

      Next thing you know they will claim Sec Clinton is faking a blood clot so she won’t have to testify about Bengazi.

  4. This was fun. Gail Collins’ political roundup quiz.


    I think most of you will score quite well, knowing the usual suspects and what they’ve been up to.

    I got the Biden question wrong.

  5. tempebev

    Hi everyone – back to the real world. Spent the last 4 days with the entire family – 5 grandkids and 8 adults celebrating Mr. Bev’s and my 70th birthdays. (I’m still 69 for a couple of months!). Everything turned out great and everyone got along. Everyone has gone back to to their homes in Los Alamos, NM, SLC, UT, and Phx. The house is clean and quiet. Time to relax and catch up with everything.

  6. Bev: Happy birthday. You can be 69, and 69 plus, for the rest of your life. So glad you got the family time. It probably made you younger. (And maybe more glad of the calm that followed.)

    Re the Biden questions: I was laughing that three of the responses would be correct. Love Joe Biden. Realized rather late what a treasure he is.

  7. tempebev

    Thanks Dog. The calm is very nice!

  8. tempebev

    D- I’m hoping for Peyton and Tom Brady, but going for Peyton. The newbie QB’s have to pay their NFL dues before the Super Bowl. The tried and true ones are nearing the end of their careers. Oh please, please send someone to AZ. It’s the garbage pit of the NFL right now.

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