Hagel and Brennen

President Obama to nominate Chuck Hagel for SECDEF.  Two Purple Harts, still has shrapnel in his chest (try explaining that when the magnetometers beep going through airport security) and a Republican.  The chickenhawks don’t want him.  That’s as good a reason as any for him to be SECDEF.  Probably a good idea to have a combat vet in that position.

President Obama to nominate John Brennen as Director of the CIA.  Probably a good idea to have a man who never smiles in that position.




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29 responses to “Hagel and Brennen

  1. Well D not being thrilled with this nomination doesn’t make one a “chicken hawk”. I’m not thrilled with some of Hagel’s statements regarding gays over the years but I’m willing to overlook that and give him the benefit of the doubt due to the fact I agree with him about we need to cut down on spending at the Pentagon, but I’m not doing a happy dance over this nomination.

  2. tempebev

    And so we begin the new bi-partisanship of the 2013 Congress. Haha

    • dnd

      Where’s William F. Buckley Jr. when we need him?

      BTW, I’m a member of the Birch John Society. Our mission is to preserve outhouses 😉

  3. tempebev

    d- I hope you are required to use high quality sand paper when working for the BJS.

  4. tempebev

    And now they can play their game with Jack Yew

  5. Jack Lew sounds competent, from what little I know of him.

    Someone on NYTimes thread suggested Sheila Bair, and she’d be an awesome pick.

    I hope business as usual changes for the banksters.

  6. tempebev

    Oops. I obviously made a typo — Y is so close to L on the keyboard! 🙂

  7. Good morning all.

    Foggy here. Taking down the Christmas tree and decorations in a few. Enjoyed every minute of having them up this year.

    How is your Sunday and week shaping up?

    PS: dnd: my mom is a huge Peyton Manning fan. (Anything from Indiana, I think. She’s a confirmed Letterman fan too.)

    I watched the last quarter of last night’s game. Wow. Exciting. Although was rooting for the Broncos.

  8. tempebev

    “John McCain of Arizona, said on CBS’s “Face the Nation” that “I honor Chuck Hagel’s service” and “he’s a friend,” but questioned “whether he really believes that the surge was the worst blunder since the Vietnam War.”

    Does he really wonder if Chuck H would be a lousy SOD or is he just being a pain in the a** ? Of course he is.

    I’m sad Peyton didn’t make it. Oh well, onward and upward to the Super Bowl. Maybe he’ll leave Denver for Phoenix – haha – when hell freezes over, which it did the past two nights. We had 20 F in our back yard last night. I realize that’s not cold for some of you, but it definitely is for us.

    • If the prez said left, McCain would say right, if the prez said white, McCain would say black. McCain will go down as the biggest sore looser in the history of American politics.

    • dnd

      Don’t start packing. It’s 14 F high today. Which is quite a warmup from yesterday. Winter is only a month old and I’m ready for it to be over.

      Brian’s right. McCain has lost it and is now the head conductor on the right’s crazy train.

  9. Great press conference by President Obama. I don’t see how Fox and others get much material to twist. He’s spoken as simply as possible. Consider the audience, hmmm.

  10. Barack Obama vs. The NRA, it’s going to be an interesting fight.

  11. It just tickles me what a pivotal figure this president is becoming. The left is back and it’s because of this president!

  12. tempebev

    The next few months are going to be filled with the “my way” no “my way” actions of Congress. Everything, including the gun debate is going to be a fight. It will be interesting to watch how the Repugs display their love for guns and wealth by their votes. Will the people ever be first on their agenda or will lining their pockets always win? Will the elections in 2014 reflect the actions of the House and Senate? Gad, what a soap opera!

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