Four More Years!

Section 1 of the Twentieth Amendment states:

The terms of the President and Vice President shall end at noon on the 20th day of January.

So on Sunday, 20 January 2013 at noon Eastern Time, President Obama will be sworn in for his second term.



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36 responses to “Four More Years!

  1. I wonder what kind of day Willard is having?

  2. tempebev

    Should it be “four” instead of “for”? Willard is filling the gas tank, buying stuff at Walmart and wondering where things went wrong.

  3. No question about it, liberalism is back! That’s the most liberal inaug speech I’ve seen in my life time!

    • dnd

      Not a particularly inspiring speech. But definitely an “in your face” speech. He made it clear to the opposition party that he does not suffer fools gladly.

  4. I found it extremely inspiring, it was Barack the liberal warrior, I’m very inspired. The mention of Stonewall brought tears to my eyes.

    • dnd

      Ok Brian, it was inspiring to you because it was such an “in your face” speech to the right. But there was no one-liner that will be remembered forever. Think of JFK’s “Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country.”

  5. A well delivered fuck you to the GOP always inspires me. If you look back over the sweep of history you’ll see it was the presidents who took a firm ideological stance that are considered great. Barack Obama isn’t looking to be another Clinton, he’s looking to be another Reagan.

  6. It was reported earlier Mitt didn’t watch the ceremony. Pathetic.

  7. tempebev

    RE: Willard.

    PS: Tagg is delusional or hasn’t had any contact with his Dad for 7 years.

  8. Our prez sure looks happy today! I bet Michelle has a few packs of Nicorette in her bag!

  9. tempebev

    Beyonce was awesome!

  10. amazing how Blanco’s poem was almost predictive of the president’s address.

  11. If all that one remembers from PBO’s second inaugural address is “We the people, we the people, Seneca Falls, Selma, Stonewall”, one got the message.

    It’s up to citizens to demand their government work effectively for all.

    His line about voting rights got a roar from the crowd.

    • dnd

      LOL Bev. That was priceless. I particularly liked:

      Mr. Paul also blasted Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for her testimony on Benghazi before the Senate today: “Her tactic of answering each and every question we asked her didn’t fool anyone.”

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