“The Stupid Party”


Lately, in response to the 2012 elections, Gov. Bobby Jindal has been telling his Republican brethren that they “have to stop being the stupid party.”  Now you will never see Jindal stumbling out of a MENSA meeting.  He’s never been thought of as a great thinker, and has been a staunch ideologue when it suits him.  But even he’s smart enough to realize that the fringe of his party are not helping.

Here’s the problem:  the right-wing fringe are what excites the base.  The thinking right  just don’t want to be a part of that.  What makes it more difficult is that the political press loves the fringe.  Richard Lugar and Olympia Snow are not politically sexy.  So they turn to the Rand Paul’s, the Jim West’s, the Joe Walsh’s, the Paul Ryan’s, etc.  The result is that the more mainstream Republican politicians  are adopting that stance publicly in an effort to remain in power.

The Republican pols want to maintain their “values” (i.e., ideological positions), but feel that all they need to do is repackage their message.  It’s pretty clear that their problems are much deeper than that.



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27 responses to ““The Stupid Party”

  1. tempebev

    My, the US of A is changing. The Boy Scouts are considering admitting gays and gay leaders. Bobbie Jindal is commenting on the intellectual level of his party. The Repugs and Dems are saying they are working together on immigration reform. What will be the next media newsbreaker? Guns outlawed? I think not 🙂

    • dnd

      After the 60 minutes interview all the buzz is if Hillary will run for president in 2016. My prediction is that she won’t. Why? Because President Obama will nominate her to the SCOTUS at the first opportunity.

  2. I don’t think she will run, not sure about Scotus, but it’s an interesting idea. I could live with that!

  3. tempebev

    I like the idea of Hillary as SCOTUS. Wouldn’t it be awesome if she somehow filled Scolia’s place?

  4. I’d like to see President Obama himself on SCOTUS, once he’s successfully retired from the Presidency. He’s quite young, actually.

  5. tempebev

    That would be VERY awesome!

  6. Senate Confirms John Kerry as Secretary of State
    WASHINGTON — The Senate on Tuesday confirmed Senator John Kerry as secretary of state, filling a key job in President Obama’s second-term national security team.
    The nomination was approved by a vote of 94 to 3.

  7. I know somebody who’s happy about the Kerry confirmation.

  8. tempebev

    Johnny McGrump and his theme of “sore loser drama” strikes again – wailing against Chuck H about the surge in the Iraq War. Give it up! You lost the election and you’re still losing. I never heard that your ba__s were lost as a prisoner of war, but if so, grow a pair and act like a man and a respected Senator.

    • dnd

      Spot on Bev. Spot on.
      McCain would be screaming for kids to get off his lawn.
      Hagel would invite them in for milk and cookies.

  9. Hear the Hagel confirmation hearings were quite a show. Didn’t watch, but watched the gun safety hearings the day before intensely. I smile every time I see the Gabby Giffords clip; she was just perfect and conveyed her determination.

    Revelation was that woman on the panel, who is even loopier than Wayne LaPierre. Gayle Trotter. Soon to grift on Fox, no doubt.

    Only part I couldn’t watch: Jeff Flake’s question session. He should not be in that seat. It should have been Senator G. Giffords there.

    I thought the sane did very well. James Johnson (Baltimore County police chief) handled every question directed at him deftly, and made a succinct point that most gun background checks (done electronically) take less time than his writing a traffic citation (also electronically).

    The Atlantic has a good summary of the Senate Judiciary hearing on the Newtown shootings.


    I was disappointed to see that neither the NYTimes nor Washington Post even mentioned Chief Johnson, although the freaks on the panel claimed their share of newsprint.

  10. Arizona should apologize to the nation for sending John McCain to the Senate.

    • dnd

      Political TV programs should apologize to the nation for putting John McCain (and his political boy-toy Lindsey Graham) on every show.

  11. Sect. Kerry, it has a nice sound to it!

  12. Apparently Craigford has been hacked, no I didn’t do it! haha

  13. tempebev

    AZ seems to be producing several embarrassments! I maybe the only normal person in the state. LOL

  14. Anybody care what happens with the Super Bowl today? I just hope RGIII is fit and happy for next season with the Redskins.

    Had planned on the Puppy Bowl but some friends just put together a last-minute SB party. Got to figure out something good to take along. Any suggestions?

    • dnd

      I’m hoping the 49’ers win. The Ravens knocked the Broncos out of the playoffs and put an end to Peyton Manning’s big comeback season, so I DO NOT LIKE THEM!

      Sra Dog, you can never go wrong with bringing beer to a SB party. No muss, no fuss and cleanup is easy 😉

  15. tempebev

    I’m rooting for the Ravens. Joe Falco is cuter than Colin K. And that’s the most important factor in being a fan 🙂

  16. Hello all. dnd: agree on beer, but had a bottle of red wine and box of brandy beans (chocolate candy) in the house; went w line of least resistance. They had some excellent food on hand, including some kind of beer and cheese soup.

    It’s chilly and bright in Virginia today. Buds on the trees; not out yet.

    Reading a book on the science of happiness. Author believes success follows happiness, rather than the reverse — which is conventional wisdom.

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