Drone on Drones

For the last few weeks the chattering class has been yacking about the ethics of using drones in warfare.  This came to a peek last Thursday when with the Senate confirmation hearing of John Brennan for CIA head, and the Justice Department’s finding that targeting American terrorists on foreign soil is legal and constitutional.

The question is:  why the big concern now?  The first U.S. drone strike occurred in 2001.  There was nary a peep back then.  And remember the cheers for the use “smart” bombs during Desert Storm that accurately targeted their mission?

Of course we have the slippery-slopers that fear the government may turn drones on citizens in the U.S.   And then there’s the hair-on-fire set that worry that hostile governments will launch drone strikes on the U.S.  To the former I’d remind them that local, state and federal law enforcement does a pretty good job against evildoers without the use of drones.  To the latter I’d suggest that if NORAD can track Santa, tracking drones that cross our borders would be easy.

Drones make so much more sense than manned aircraft for surveillance and attack missions.  They are cheaper, they can stay up longer and the pilot is not at risk of being shot down.  Do unmanned aircraft make the enemy more hostile to us?  Well, first, as they are the enemy they are already hostile to us.  And they get just as pissed when an manned bomber drops a load on them.  They are also not too keen on covert operations that take out their fighters.  Arguably drones inflict the least co-lateral damage of any operations.

So for all those that want to make this a controversy I say: get use to it.  The military is busy developing many unmanned warfighting technologies that will keep the bad guys on the run while protecting our warfighters.



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15 responses to “Drone on Drones

  1. tempebev

    Let’s have Santa Claus testify before Congress and remind them about NORAD’s ability to track things. While they discuss that involved subject, let’s proceed with ordering the many new tanks that Congress wants but the military doesn’t!

    I guess I have to conclude that overall, the general population is really stupid because they keep re-electing or electing new idiots. Of course, I’m an exception to the above statement.

  2. There is a risk here, the risk that war and killing will be come so “sanitized” that we will forget that actually people are being killed. Drones make it easy to become cavalier about killing, we need to be careful that doesn’t happen.

    • dnd

      It’s been easy for a long time to be cavalier about killing. The throttling mechanism has been how many of our guys are killed while doing the killing. War is not the answer, but technology advances have advanced killing machines since the days of bows and arrows.

  3. tempebev

    I swear, Lindsay Graham is a pain in the butt. I guess he’s in competition with McGrump to see who can be the biggest Republican Asshole.

    Bye, Bye, Pope Benedict. I’ll give him credit for knowing when to quit. Maybe a new pope will bring the church up-to-date with the rest of the world.

    • dnd

      I think the only reason the Sunday shows, etc. showcase Graham and McCain is because they are so outrageous they think it will improve ratings. That repeated air time probably just encourages them to be more outrageous.

      We should launch a campaign to notify the Sunday shows that we will boycott advertisers if they continue to showcase Graham and McCain.

  4. tempebev

    Show me where to sign!

    • dnd

      State of the Union tonight. Rep. Steve Stockman (R-TX) has invited Ted Nugent as his guest. What’s the over/under that the Nuge will yell out some racist comment at the President?

  5. I am thinking that having Ted Nugent as a GOP guest will backfire.

    Who wants to see some crazy ass white dude who acts up for a living?

    If you want that, aren’t you already watching “Swamp People” or any of the bottom-feeding “reality” shows, rather than the SOTU?

  6. There side has Ted, our side has Gabby, and they wonder why they are losing!

    • dnd

      Memo to Marco Rubio: Just because you keep looking at the camera doesn’t mean people won’t notice you reaching for a bottle of water.

  7. tempebev

    Just have to vent. Just watched the news conference about the fugitive in Big Bear. What is it about news reporters that don’t understand 1. “it’s an ongoing investigation”, 2. “it’s an ongoing investigation”, and 3. “it’s an ongoing investigation.” Identifying a charred body has to be determined 100% by a Medical Examiner.

    Displays of this type by the media just further suspicion if they don’t receive a specific answer to their questions and then discuss the non answers on their show. Doesn’t anyone read murder mysteries? This is another example where the media using “the pubic’s right to know” is not necessarily the first priority. Give the cops a chance to follow procedure and do their jobs.

    Done now, going to eat dinner.

  8. tempebev

    Wishing all of you a Happy Valentine’s Day 🙂

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