Campaign Mode

The latest talking point from the right is that President Obama is still in campaign mode.  The election is over they say.  He should stay in Washington and work with us  they say.  Of course, when he tried that during his first term he found that the Republicans wouldn’t work with him.  Seems to be the same so far this term.  Witness the filibuster of Chuck Hagel’s appointment to Secretary of Defense.

The Constitution gives few powers to the Executive Branch.  The most power the President has is the bully pulpit.  This President has decided that the only way to deal with the obstructionist Congress is to go over their heads and use that bully pulpit to speak directly to the people.  It puts him in a very strong negotiating position.  No wonder the obstructionists are complaining.



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28 responses to “Campaign Mode

  1. tempebev

    Bully away, as much as you can. Shove it down their throats!

  2. LOL, ditto to what Bev said!

  3. tempebev

    Happy 3-day weekend to everyone. I guess since the Congress is on a 10 day break, nothing is happening.

    So, what’s happening in your life? I’m sharing a Feb. birthday with D as I remember. I think I’ve already met my Medicare deductible. I’m on a diet. We’re dog sitting our two golden retriever granddogs. Had steroid injections in my eyes this past week – yucky. It’s 70 degrees in Phx. Article in paper this am wonders if this will be McCain’s last term for Congress. Gad, I hope so! He and Sheriff Joe can ride off and look at the fence all day long.

    Come on, spill it- tell us what’s going on………

    • dnd

      Happy B-day Bev! Don’t spoil those granddogs!

      Almost 60 here today. Snow predicted for this week…

      Me, I’m looking forward to the Rox v. Dbacks first game of the pre-season this Saturday.

  4. Happy bday to both of you, it’s so nice being younger than anyone! 🙂

  5. tempebev

    See, I knew someone had something to say. Keep it up!

  6. Well I’m off to a work dinner. This project is starting to wind down and the powers that be are supposed to tell us of they have another project. I’m planning on staying in Louisville till 5/1, then moving on. Don’t know where I’ll be moving on till yet. Time will tell.

  7. So any clue if you will be moving to another state for another project?

    Love your peripatetic life.

  8. Also: Balloon Juice this morning is discussing a Politico whinefest from the DC press corps(e), which thinks the White House does not take them seriously enough.

    No surprise Obama is going over the professional media’s heads any time he can. They’re bought, to a great extent, and do not live in the same world the rest of us do.

    Courtiers being made irrelevant, and that’s sad, because the press would be invaluable (even patriotic), if they pursued actual journalism.

  9. Dog right now NC is being discusses but far too early to know, I won’t aggressively start looking till early March.

  10. I love hearing the repugs bitch about the prez taking his msg to the people, shows just how effective he’s being.

  11. tempebev

    Any bets on the Oscar winners?

  12. tempebev

    It’s just spring training 🙂

  13. Senate Confirms Hagel as Defense Secretary
    The Senate confirmed Chuck Hagel as secretary of defense on Tuesday after a bruising bout with Republicans, while President Obama’s choice to be Treasury secretary headed to the floor with bipartisan support, suggesting that the Republican blockade against the administration’s second-term nominees was beginning to ease.

    After escaping a filibuster from members of his own party, Mr. Hagel, a former Republican senator from Nebraska, prevailed in a 58-to-41 vote — the narrowest margin for any defense secretary on record.

  14. A year since George Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin.

    Trayvon’s loss still horrifies me. Can’t listen or read too much about it, because it’s still a fresh ache.

    Could have been anyone’s son, nephew or loved one who fell to an idiot emboldened by Florida’s Stand Your Ground laws.

  15. dnd

    Lindsay Graham is clutching his pearls over the sequester:

    “We’ll criticize everything he does,” Graham acknowledged. “We’ll say, ‘Mr. President, it is now up to you to find this $85 billion in savings and we’ll say it’s to make it easier for you.’ But every decision he’ll make, we’ll criticize.”

    So Graham isn’t interested the country, only partisan politics. Something to keep in mind when you see him on TV. Something for the Sunday shows to keep in mind before they book him.

  16. tempebev

    I think the new NBC/Wall street poll pointed out exactly what D said about LG only being interested in partisan politics and not helping the people. It’s the GOP mantra. Everyone set for the sky to fall on Friday? Or will there be a magic fairy that comes to save the budget? There was a suggestion in the letters to the ed this morning: Cut the pay of members of congress until this mess gets fixed.

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