March Madness!

At 11:59pm on the first of March the sequester will commence.  The far right, which is the new Republican base, is giddy.  Their feeling is that any cuts to government spending, even if it’s harmful to individuals and the overall economy, is a good cut.  Plus they feel that they won one on the President’s earlier claim when he said the sequester would not happen.  Those that will be directly impacted are not happy.   The most curious thing is that the majority in Congress publicly say it’s a bad idea and are blaming the other side, yet they stand aside and let it happen.  Smells political.



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22 responses to “March Madness!

  1. tempebev

    I think the words of the day are: HYPOCRITICAL and VERY POLITICAL!

  2. Good morning all. How are you doing this weekend?

    I think the political poobahs and major media are shielded from the sequester’s effects by their wealth and mutually-enforced “prominence.”

    Balloon Juice commenters were wondering if the sequester and its actual effects might be a “Terry Schiavo” moment, where the voters wake up to see that it’s bad policy, that the GOP is pushing it, and that national broadcast and cable media has badly misinformed them as to who is doing what.

    (Lost track of how many “both sides” in last night’s CBS Evening News. Which we watch because it’s more honest than NBC.)

    If you have a lot less dollars floating around a local economy, looking to purchase goods and services, how is that not going to hurt? And when consumers don’t know what might be coming next and batten down, when unemployment is still so high?

    This does not need to happen, but most of the political shit that’s gone down since January 2009 falls into that category.

    I am hoping that this, and the voting rights “controversy”, might help prove that some of those “safe”, gerrymandered GOP congressional seats aren’t so safe after all, in 2014.

  3. tempebev

    Nice post, Dog. It’s hard to understand why the United States is viewed as desirable by some. At least the founding fathers got together long enough to write a constitution. What is really troublesome is that the pubic seems to be lackadaisical about this latest round of “non-compromise” by both parties and houses. It is becoming routine and assumed that it will get fixed before it really becomes “bad.” I, too, hope that the GOP house occupants are in danger of losing their seat i 2014.

    • dnd

      Just when you think the Sunday shows are McCain/Graham free, they both show up on Face the Nation. Bob Schrieffer, you’ve let me down!

      • dnd

        I saw my first bee of the season today. Not much to munch on, but I regard this as a good sign that spring is on the way.

  4. Meanwhile, DC area is awaiting the “snowquester” (we can’t just have “snow” here). Maybe six inches plus. (dnd and Brian are laughing.)

    We’ve hardly had any this winter, and some early daffodils and crocuses are up.

  5. Morning all, just saying howdy, we live with charting system with 3 hospitals plus 3 ambulatory surgery centers on Friday, I’m working 12 hour shifts, so won’t be around much over the next few weeks.

  6. tempebev

    Seems like the “sequester” hasn’t caused any big riots or anything yet. Will the cuts and hardship actually start affecting people in the coming months? Wall Street booms, everything seem hunky-dory right now. I don’t understand the dire warning that this was the last thing on earth we wanted to have happen. Did the GOP really get what they wanted all along?

    Has Rand Paul shut up yet?

    • dnd

      I think the problem is that the cuts are disproportionately heavy on defense and discretionary spending. It kicks in at different times for different things. So it’s gonna hit the fan later on. My guess is that when the threat of defense spending starts to threaten house member’s districts, there will be a change of heart 😉

  7. tempebev

    Thanks D, you make everything simple to understand. I would assume that the stock market surge won’t continue as the past couple of days.

    Last I looked, Rand was still flapping his jaw while at the same time saying he knew he wouldn’t win. What a dork 🙂

  8. Snowquester, my ass. Looked beautiful coming down, and driveable throughout, at least in Northern Virginia. The frosting of snow rapidly melting and squirrels, robins and other birds scrambling around the backyard now.

  9. I’d like to see the defense industry take a major haircut. It’s the only jobs program Republicans will support, and it’s diverting funds from more worthwhile projects (infrastructure replacement and modernization).

    The “all terrorism, all the time” mode is rotting us from within. Dial it back.

    You would think that getting serious about combatting climate change’s anticipated effects could bring some good jobs and more R&D too.

  10. tempebev

    And once again, the Senate Repugs act like they’re in pre-school, stopping their feet to show they can be a bully whenever they want. When they finally get tired of stamping their footsies, they give in. What a bunch of _____________ (you fill in the blank)!

    • dnd

      Snowquester here today. Sunny tomorrow (I hope).

      Don’t forget to set your clocks ahead tomorrow. I know I will (forget).

  11. Great, like I can afford to loose an hour of sleep! 🙂

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