Papa Francesco!

When Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio ascended to the papacy, it brought in a lot of firsts.  First Jesuit to be Pope.  First Pope from Latin America.  First Pope from the Western Hemisphere.  First Pope to take the name Francis.

It also launched a great deal of speculation.  Will he be a doctrinaire, a progressive, a reformer?  Will he address the church’s women issues?  Celibacy? Contraception? Homosexuality (note: Jesus says  nothing in the New Testament about homosexuality.  Some claim it’s in Matthew:16, but that principally talks about divorce).

What we know is that as a Jesuit he’s taken a vow of poverty and leads a simple life.  He’s a populist who has a huge concern for the poor.  He took his name from St. Francis of Assisi, a noted reformer.

But the real question is:  why are so many non-Catholics so interested in the Pope?



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25 responses to “Papa Francesco!

  1. just another old white guy who hates queers and females, nothing new here.

  2. tempebev

    His looks reminded us of Pius 12. So far nothing I’ve seen will take me back. Hope Brian’s analysis is wrong, but I feel he’s on the right track. Don’t see the church moving into the 21st century.

  3. 21st century, Bev? Hey, I’d settle for the 18th or even early 19th. Strange we can have a pope who travels by helicopter and rails against contraception, but there you are.

    Pope Francis is from the New World, shares a name with a famous talking mule (thank you Balloon Juice), and has one lung. Oh, and a Jesuit (as dnd mentioned).

    I hope he’s a pleasant surprise, but left the Catholic Church long before.

    Something about the picture makes me think Andy Kaufmann impersonating a pope on SNL.

  4. tempebev

    Dog, I guess you and I are on the same “left the Catholic Church long ago” boat. So far, from what I’ve read, he’s not going to do much for the modern views. Hopefully people in poverty gain from him.

    If only more politicians would admit that there are gays in their family. Three cheers for Sen. Portman.

    • dnd

      It’s gonna be interesting to watch Portman, who is basically center-right. If the Republican party continues the shift to the CPAC type wingnuts, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him shift to independent, or — gasp — Democrat, like Charlie Christ did.

    • dnd

      There is an interesting study in leadership styles between Pope Francis and Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo!.

      Pope Francis has shown signs of humility and concern for the flock. A real populist who feels empathy for those in need. After the vote was taken, he told the College of Cardinals that he’d talk to them later, as the people outside had been waiting for a long time in the rain to hear him speak. He asked the crowd to pray for him before he spoke. He paid his own hotel bill after the election and carried his own bags to the papal apartment. He eschewed the papal limo to ride in the bus with the cardinals. On the night of the election he told the Vatican staff to go home and be with their families.

      Marissa Mayer got a lot of press with her first big public edict to ban telecommuting. Regardless if this was a good idea or not (I think not, both politically and from a business sense), it got many up in arms that stay-at-home moms would now have to find day care and show up at the office full time. All this while Mayer had a nursery built next to her office to look after her newborn. Edicts don’t come from leaders who empower others, and usually brew up some bad employee moral. She also showed herself to be an elitist, mandating that all new hires have degrees from prestigious universities. Note to Mayer: many of the greatest innovators don’t have a degree from a prestigious university, some don’t have degrees at all. She also revealed herself that she doesn’t like to delegate and is a control freak, mandating that all new hires are approved by her.

      Interesting contrast…

  5. Bev how long does it take to get to Tempe from Tucson? Strong possibility I’m going to be at UofA Medical Center in in Tucson for 6 months.

  6. tempebev

    Brian, Tucson is about 1 1/2 SE of Phx on 1-10. Very drivable both ways in one day. If you have access to a map, Casa Grande is in the middle about 45 min in each direction. EProf lives in CG. We were always going to meet in my area but never did. Good luck on the UA appt. You’ll like the hosp. UA and ASU in Tempe are arch rivals. Not sure about the social life in Tucson, but I’m sure you’ll enjoy visiting PHx. Keep in touch.

  7. Dog's Eye View

    Interesting contrast between Francis and Mayer. You’re right about the elitism on parade by Mayer. Suspect that impresses investors more than those in the field.

    RE the pope: glad to see him dialing back. Benedict/Ratzinger seems to have been about the perks. Actually, the whole curia looked ridiculous in their scarlet, white and purple finest, when you knew what they’d enabled. Guess you might as well look well-dressed when you’re holding back most other humans.

    Tucson is quite popular with the UK’s Guardian. They’re taken with the city (and its weather is 180 to the emerald island kingdom). They included it in roundup of six cool US cities (oddly, Detroit is also on the list).

    Plus, per a friend who lives there, Tucson has a great artisan French bakery. Something with a frog in the logo.

  8. I didn’t get my little beagle avatar. Ah, there she’s back.

    NOW: half a wave to Rob Portman. And not a very enthusiastic one. Most tired of public servants who only support legislation when it benefits them and theirs.

    Empathy and courage deficit, most of them. Which is why they microfocus on the budget deficit. It’s a smokescreen.

    • dnd

      Tuscon is cool. But it is really hot in the summer 😉

      I hope Pope Francis appoints a woman (or more) the the College of Cardinals. I vote for Sister Simone Campbell. She cares for the poor as the Pope does.

    • dnd

      Sra Dog,
      I think I may have uncovered the mystery of the disappearing beagle. It depends on which computer you log into the blog from. Don’t ask me why, it’s just an observation.

  9. And the gas that goes with it!

  10. Some great college basketball this afternoon. Watching Atlantic 10 championship. Go VCU Rams! (Although Saint Louis is looking sharp. Got two very good teams on the boards.)

    Happy Saint Patrick’s Day. Drinking a Blue Moon. Should probably find some green dye to get with the program.

    What are you all doing this weekend?

  11. re the vanishing beagle: good point re computer change.

    In this case, it seems an Apple update might have vanished a lot of cookies. I had to log in anew to the NYTimes site; Amazon has no clue who I am, nor does the Washington Post.

    And the laptop is really slow. Wondering what went on, or if I’ve got a computer virus (rare with Macs).

  12. tempebev

    Tempe and the Phx area is hotter than Tucson. Tucson is a little higher (abt 1,000 ft.) in elevation that the Phx area. It is still hot but they have bragging rights in the middle of the summer.

  13. I won’t know for about two more weeks where I’ll be going after Louisville, right now U of A seems the most likely but that could change.

  14. anon paranoid

    Hi all…
    Just though that I would update everyone with what’s going on with me.

    First off I want to let everyone know that I no longer have a blog. I just got too frustrated with the Republican Fascist Nazi’s and what they have done and continue to do too our Country. So no more blog.

    I continue to check in here almost every day though don’t leave comments as much.

    I have been trying to sell one of my vehicles that I no longer need or can really afford since retiring. Now when I have someone that may buy it I find that I had a wheel lock up and had the brake hoses replaced thinking that because of there are they may be clogged and not allowing the fluid back into the master cylinder. That seemed to take care of the issue for about two days then the wheel relocked.

    So now it appears that it is the caliper on the passenger side is sticking and I have to replace it. So much for getting my asking price so I may end up having to keep it for another year. Oh well.

    Next my computer, the main one I use sort of died on me last week. All of a sudden while online I lost my mouse. It turned out that the USB ports have gone bad. It’s a Dell D510 and has two USB’s in the front and five in the back. All the ports went out except one which was located next to the Nic port on the back.

    I was able to run the Dell Diag’s and they found no problem which left me confused as to why they all went bad except the one the keyboard was on. Wouldn’t you just know it though that right after that the only working USB port with my keyboard on it then died. Now I can not even log on since I don’t have a working port for my keyboard. My need to get another computer motherboard to replace it.

    Finally I have too see the doctor this afternoon. It appears that the hernia I had has gotten severely worse. I have a bulge about one inch high and two inches wide. Now when I cough it feels or kinda sounds like a gurgling coming from the hernia area and I also had a pull up which I was able to get to re-drop back like normal. Still pulls up though and I suspect that I will have to have surgery asap.

    It seems that I reached the point where if I don’t take care of this now it could end up killing me so I no longer have a choice if I don’t want to end up dying with a strangled bowl.

    And one last thing before I go. I also took in another kitty that would walk through my yard. I named her Sheba, she is all black with a little white patch on her upper chest and a small white area on her belly. She is about a year and a half old, very sweet and also very possessive and goes after the older kitties if they get too close to me. Vet Doctor and staff think she is very sweet. She is definitely a lover.

    Well I’ll take my leave now and let you know what happens after I see the doctor today.

    PS: Brian…What’s your thoughts on my computer issue and also if anyone can give me any info on what may happen as far as hospital time for my hernia or anything I need to know about it please let me know.

    Thanks all and have a great day.

    Anon Paranoid.

  15. Anon how old is the PC? You might be better off getting a new machine than replacing the mobo if the machine is more than 2 or 3 years old. Regarding your hernia repair, most people are able to go home the same day after a laproscopic umbilical hernia repair. Congrats on the new kitty!

  16. tempebev

    Anon – good wishes for you are send your way regarding the outcome of the visit with the doctor. Take care of that bulge. We don’t want to lose you. We’re glad you visit often and love to see your updates. Please keep in touch with what happens.

  17. anon paranoid

    Thanks all.

    The doc put through a referral to see the hernia guy\gal whom ever that may be, forgot whom he said. Told me I should get the referral letter in a couple of days and that would tell me what to do next.

    Brian… Not sure I can afford another computer or MB at this time. I do have an older mb for my AMD cpu that I should put together. I bought it while I was still working and can use my same cards. Though I did get a new Radon 9600 Pro video card for the tv tuner. Forget what the processor speed is at the moment, but it is good enough for what I do until I can afford a new pc.

    Will let everyone know what happens. Have a great day. Anon

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