Obama in Israel and the West Bank and Jordan

The President has been doing a little international traveling lately.  First touching down in Israel where he was warmly, and I mean warmly greeted by Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Peres .  Then on to the West Bank where he was likewise warmly greeted by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

Peres gave the Obama Israel’s highest honor – the Presidential Medal of Distinction.   When the President spoke to in Jerusalem to an audience of primarily young people, his statements about peace received rounds of thunderous applause.  Why is that so important?  Because they have first hand knowledge due to their compulsory military service.

All the poopy-pants Obama haters and chickenhawks are still saying Obama hates Israel.   But there is no doubt that this trip was a tremendous foreign policy success.




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20 responses to “Obama in Israel and the West Bank and Jordan

  1. Maddow Rips Fox: Obama Gets Israel’s Highest Award, Fox News Calls Obama ‘Enemy Of Israel’


  2. dnd: love the illustrating photo. You get major props for not subjecting us to one of Bibi.

    Petsitting for a Labradoodle — 10 months old — who’s approaching Great Dane size. Very nice pup who thinks he’s the size of his head, because he was, a few months ago. Quite the surprise to arrive this morning and his face is watching me from the window. Oh oh.

    He got out of his kennel overnight; it locked behind him, but he seems to have been an angel. Tore up some paper but not much else. He’s removed his halter too (sigh), but not destroyed that.

    Taking him on a good long walk and will be extra careful securing the kennel tonight.

    We’re expecting cold rain and slushy snow later today, but it’s just chilly out there now.


    How did your NCAA teams do? I’ve been rooting for the smallish teams, and both VCU and Butler are out. Who now to root for?


    I think this dog wants me to just hang out and surf the internet. OK.

    • dnd

      Sra Dog,
      Sounds like a smart pup. Who wants to spend the night in jail? I’m guessing he’d rather snuggle with you.

      I was rooting for Gonzaga, just because I like saying “Gonzaga” but Wichita State put and end to that. CSU lost to Louisville. So now I’m rooting for CU. It could happen! 😉

      Actually the Lady Buffs have a better team.

  3. Dog I didn’t know you got a labradoodle, nice! You need to post a pic for us all to see!

  4. Happy Passover week and Good Friday/Easter weekend week to all. Quite cold here, but will be brightened by nephews arriving tomorrow.

    Labradoodle belongs to neighbors; the dad has returned and I am rather missing Dax although he was a handful. Big strong puppy, and turns out to be smarter than I’d originally thought. (It’s puppy loopiness.) To quote an eight year old across the street: “That dog is two of the smartest dogs out there. Labrador and poodle. What’s wrong with it?”

    However, puppy escaped his crate twice on my watch, was perfect in his housetraining, and got to be a handful to return to his crate. Not falling for the old snack of cheese trick. Personally, I would have left him out, since he was not destructive or incontinent, but owners preferred the crate. Took him on a lot of walks since he’s a high energy pup.

    He needs to learn not to jump at people (exuberance), but he’s quite a charmer.

  5. anon paranoid

    Hope everyone had a Happy Easter or whatever holiday you celebrate.

    Have a great day.

  6. anon paranoid

    Well I guess tomorrow starts the first step in my medical issue with my hernia. I saw the doctor on Monday and I go in for pre-op testing before my scheduled surgery on Wednesday the tenth.

    Yes, I’m having my surgery on my 67th. birthday. Hope it goes well and I wake up after its over. Tomorrow I’ll have to have a chest xray of my lungs since the doctor said he did not like the way my upper right lung was sounding. Said it seemed to him that it was not the same as the left lung was.

    I also have too have a EKG since I have congenital heart murmur and angina since birth. I’m sure he wants to make sure that I can survive going under the knife. Also blood work which I guess is standard before surgery.

    My ex supervisor will be taking me to the hospital since it’s out patient surgery so I have to be at the hospital by 11:30am for a 1:30pm surgery. Hopefully I’ll be done and home by 5pm.

    Hope everyone had a great Easter and will let you know the outcome when I’m able to.

    On another note just want too let those who are interested that Craig and David will be tying the knot on Saturday the 6th. in Washington DC.

    Anyway have a great evening and weekend. Take care and…

    God Bless.

  7. Good luck Anon, you’ll be in my thoughts.

  8. anon paranoid

    Well it looks like my surgery may be put on hold. I had my pre-op tests and the EKG showed I was or have currently Ischemia. Or as the lady told me my heart was not beating but fluttering.

    The guy that puts you under said my doctor would have to okay the surgery and he’s the one who referred me to the doctor who will do the surgery. He will have to decide whether or not the surgery can be done or if I have to see a Cardiologist first before it can be done.

    So if no go Wednesday it could be a couple weeks or more before I can get my hernia repaired. Also the scale in the doctors office had me at 125lbs and the one at the hospitable put me at 122.5lbs. A year ago I believe that I weighed 154lbs so I lost a good chunk of weight over the last year. Whether this is because of the hernia or something else I don’t know.

    I still eat the same only difference is now I am no longer working. Nothing else has really changed so I can not account for the weight loss.

    Well that’s it. If and when I find out anything I’ll let you all know.

    Have a great evening and…

    God Bless.

  9. Dog's Eye View

    AP: good luck to you, friend. The weight loss is concerning. Sending best wishes to you.

  10. Dog's Eye View

    Also sending best wishes to Craig Crawford and David Blank on their wedding day. (Yeah, like they read this blog! But word might get back to them.)

    I think it’s especially romantic that David and Craig are getting married, because they have been committed to each other for so many years.

    So good wishes for many more happy years together.

    It’s beautiful, sunny cool wedding weather in DC today. Sparkling blue sky, and maybe a few cherry blossoms out too. Good day for nuptials, or anything else.

    • dnd


      While Crawford isn’t exactly beloved here, like you I’m wishing he and David well in their life together.

  11. Hang in there Anon, glad getting yourself taken care of.

  12. Dog's Eye View

    Elvis Costello is a happy man today.

    Andrew Sullivan? Not so much.

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