Margaret Thatcher 1925-2013

Britain’s first and only female Prime Minister has died.  Polarizing and hallowed by the radical right, Thatcher made a big stamp on political history.



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19 responses to “Margaret Thatcher 1925-2013

  1. The only positive thing I can think of to say about Thatcher is who played her in the movie!

  2. On foreign policy, Thatcher presided over the Falklands War with Argentina, provided critical support to the Chilean Dictator Augusto Pinochet, and famously labeled Nelson Mandela a “terrorist” while backing South Africa’s apartheid regime

    • dnd

      Thatcher did some good things and some bad things. I think her biggest impact was the birth of the rabid right. The fact that she was driven out by her own party speaks to this.

  3. Dog's Eye View

    FWIW, I cannot ever see the photo illustration. Just a blank and a ?

    Kevin Drum had a good column on Thatcher would recognize her conservative party, but Saint Reagan would get nowhere with his. US Conservatives are that far off the rail.

  4. Dog's Eye View

    Hello dnd. Still snow on the ground? Out on the deck in Virginia; 90s today but shady back here.

    re Photo: meant whatever you put up to illustrate Thatcher post. I’ll log out of Mac and reboot and see if that helps.

    Beagle avatar missing because am signed out of wordpress for whatever reason; will rescue the pup later.

    Last: I am very concerned about this bipartisan compromise on guns because I want NO loopholes in universal background checks. Right now Nancy Lanza or creepy Uncle Phil could sell a gun to Adam Lanza (were he and his victims still alive) and no background check. That’s not right.

    However, it’s a start for negotiations.

    I don’t see why there’s any public interest in allowing big ammo magazines either. That’s got to go.


  5. Dog's Eye View

    Have rebooted, and still not seeing the late Margaret Thatcher, Saint Reagan, or anything else you put up to illustrate the Iron Lady’s passing. Oh well.

    Where’s Bev?!

  6. Hey gang,
    Well Friday is my last day at Norton and then it looks like I’m going to have about 5 weeks off. More and more it looks like my next stop will be Tuscon for 5 months, should know more by the end of the week. Hope everyone is well.

  7. anon paranoid

    Well it looks like my hernia repair is on hold. I saw the cardiologist on Tuesday and they did an electrocardiogram (echo?). They told me I needed to have the Nuclear Stress Test to give them more information before approving my surgery.

    Today I went back and had the stress test and was told that after the doctor read them he would give me a call sometime tomorrow. So after that I left and headed home.

    I wasn’t in the door ten minutes when the phone rang. It was the nurse from the heart doctors office. He told me that the doctor had read them and to call me. It appears that there is a problem with my heart. An area on the upper left ventricle did not show any dye during the rest photos taken and the ones done after the treadmill exercise. They need to do a heart cath on me to see what the blockage or problem in the artery too not be getting enough oxygen.

    So Monday morning next week I will be going to the hospital for the outpatient procedure. I have to have my ride get me there by seven and I should be able to go home somewhere between 12 noon and 1pm. That’s if nothing else pops up.

    The scary thing is that I may end up being admitted for a number of reasons. There is heart attack during the test, a problem so bad that they have to do surgery then and there, admit and schedule surgery for the next day or two to make sure I can survive the surgery or all can go well, but I will have to have it taken care of before the hernia can be fixed.

    Well that’s it for now, its been a long day and I have a few other sites to look at. Will let you know how things go as I go forward.

    Take care and have a great week.

    God bless.

    • dnd

      Hoping for the best. You’ve got a helluva constitution so we all know that you’ll be kicking ass and taking names soon.

  8. Hang in there Anon, I’m hoping that things are the least complicated and you are home and resting Monday evening!

  9. Dog's Eye View

    Brian: best as you finish your Louisville assignment. What will you do with the five weeks off? Might you and Ralphie do a road trip? Great time to be free, with a job at the end.

    anon p: fingers crossed for you. Better to know about the heart irregularities going in, and hope there is room for improvement there. Perhaps they can even improve your heart’s function. Thinking of you.

  10. tempebev

    Bev is here. I’ve been feeling shitty for about 14 days – CT’s some elevated blood counts, headaches. Feel crappy. I’t nice to be missed. Don’t know anything about Margaret and didn’t see the movie.

    BTW, the picture is a question mark on my Mac, too!

  11. Dog's Eye View

    Bev: hope you’re off injured reserves too soon.

    You seeing a spring desert now?

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