Jonathan Winters 1925 – 2013

It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World.

And with Jonathan Winter’s passing, a sad world too.



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16 responses to “Jonathan Winters 1925 – 2013

  1. Dog's Eye View

    Love Jonathan Winters. Truly funny guy.

  2. tempebev

    Jonathan Winters was an original – others will come along, but he was the best.

    • dnd

      Me thinks the weekly address by a Sandy Hook victim’s mother may be a pretty powerful follow up with the parents meeting with congress critters.

  3. Dog's Eye View

    Wow. A day offline, missed the Boston news until 7:30 p.

    Took a friend’s two wonderful grade school kids to Mount Vernon and then to see what cherry blossoms remained. We checked out the FDR memorial (one of the best you will ever see), walked all around the Tidal Basin and visited the “Tulip Library” with 93 varieties popping their heads up near the Mint. The new Martin Luther King memorial is the last on the way back to the FDR Memorial. The kids loved it all.

    What a treasure to visit our public art and monuments; enjoy and take for granted being out and about.

    How ironic to have someone targeting a gathering of runners and the Boston community. Like Newtown or that Aurora theatre: it was them, but could have been anyone.

  4. tempebev

    The world is seriously starting to suck.

  5. anon paranoid

    Good morning everyone…

    Horrible what happened in Boston. I know were not suppose to jump to conclusions as too who did this, however in my humble opinion it was more than likely a right wing christian military militia nut just like Oklahoma was.

    Well I have finished the tests from the cardiologist. This past Monday I had the heart cath and I’m still waiting for my primary to call me though I already have the results from the heart doctor. He gave the approval for my hernia repair while also giving me the results of what he saw.

    He told me I had a 60%, 40% and two 30% blockages. Nothing that required a balloon, stint or need to go in for repair. He wants to see me in about a month after my surgery. Just need to know now and hear from the surgeons office what days and times he will have available so I can make arrangements for my ride.

    Anyway that’s about all right now so please let everyone have a safe and happy week.

    God Bless

  6. Dog's Eye View

    Good news on the health front, anon p. Keep us posted.

    I’ve not been watching the news much. Saturation coverage does that to me; it makes me LESS curious.

    Although curious about what other important stuff is going unreported.

  7. Dog's Eye View

    What a morning to wake up to. Young Chechens are Boston marathon bombers. Emphasis on young.

  8. tempebev

    good luck anon!

  9. Morning peeps,
    Ralphie and I are heading down to Florida to spend a week doing the family things. Hope everyone is well and having a great Sunday. OH, btw after 20 months my dental work is finally finished, I now have a movie star’s smile!

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