IRS Scandal?

The “hair-on-fire” set is now condemning the administration for the actions of a small IRS group in Cincinnati for targeting conservative organizations.  Specifically the IRS was concerned that some of the Tea Party organizations applying to be classified as 501(c)(4) organizations seeking social welfare status, i.e. tax free, may not have qualified.

If these IRS workers were doing this for a political reason, they should be fired.  If on the other hand, they were just doing their job, they should be commended.  Since the  Tea Party groups have maintained their 501(c)(4) status, it appears that they were just doing their job, but we still don’t know the facts yet.  This has not stopped those who make their living at being outraged about anything and everything from being outraged.



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61 responses to “IRS Scandal?

  1. Faux News is easily outraged, look at how they are covering Benghazi.

  2. Dr. Joyce Brothers passed away, 85 years old. 😦

  3. tempebev

    It was definitely time for another scandal – wonder what would have happened if Mittens were prez?

    • dnd

      Well now everybody’s got their panties in a twist because the DOJ got subpoenas for phone records from AP reporters getting leaks on classified information about terrorist attacks. This in response to congress calling on prosecuting these leaks. So either the administration is weak on terrorism, or their too heavy handed.

      AG Holder has done a tremendous job of prosecuting those who leak classified information.

  4. I can now legally get married in Minn.

  5. Dog's Eye View

    tea party groups qualifying as social welfare orgs?

    that’s the real scandal shut down that exemption in full for everyone

    dog ee cummings signing off

    broken arm

    in solidarity with AP!

  6. tempebev

    Dog ee (very clever) – what happened – how did you break your arm? Are you in a cast? Hope it’s not too bad and that you will heal quickly. Take care of yourself and be careful. We need you back here with capitals!

  7. This is pretty good, never saw it before

    • dnd

      While not a big Led-head, that was pretty awesome. Especially when I recognized the old codgers in the stands.
      Full disclosure, my first major rock concert when I was a young teen: Led Zeppelin.

  8. Dog's Eye View

    twere the labradoodle broke my arm

    collect him for a walk Tuesday morning

    “wow. he’s gotten even bigger since i saw him last”

    we are semi-jogging thru woods

    he sees a squirrel and powers left

    all 85 pounds of him

    propels me at other end of leash into a tree

    jog 1 2 3 tree, no stopping possible

    hit right side of face and broke upper right arm cleanly

    called neighbor and then 911

    lucky cell phone was in left jeans pocket

    great care by emts and hospital

    look like a zombie in a sling, right down to 20 black sutures on face

    and eye and cheek purple and swollen shut; lots of abrasions

    all should heal well

    exciting times

    thank you for the kind wishes

  9. Dog's Eye View

    neighbor is irs attorney

    they are furious at having such a thankless job w minefields re evaluating political groups. no funds and now good people in govt service hung out to dry by obama and white house

    i agree there. love pbo but why not focus in on idiocy of tax exemption in first place, and irs badly underfunded.

    terrible issue and badly handled. this could have been deflected.

  10. tempebev

    Dog – best wishes on a speedy and full recovery – what an experience. Think of you often. Visit when you can but take it easy.

  11. Sucks Dog, hang in there and heal quick!

  12. Don McLean was the first concert I went, 1971, I was 13 o 14

  13. Dog's Eye View

    a little grey and wet for the preakness in baltimore

    will these horsies ever see sunshine and a dry track this season?

  14. anon paranoid

    Hey dog…

    So sorry too hear about your arm, hope it heals fast. Take care and …

    God Bless

  15. Hey AP,
    Hope you’re feeling better!

  16. According to CNN the prez’s numbers are holding up pretty well.

  17. anon paranoid

    Hey Brian…

    Well I’m slowly getting better. I’m not as sore or in as much pain as I was after the surgery, but it still hurts in my lower right abdomen.

    My right thigh muscle on the inside of the leg is still very painful and I still have a lump as well in my lower right abdomen. I have trouble still passing gas and it causes stomach pain when I get gas.

    Anyway that’s about it and I hope that it continues to heal at a rapid pace and I get back to normal soon. I still need to see the heart doctor at the end of this month and the surgeon and urologist in July and August.

    Right now I’m having trouble getting my medical bills paid by both Medicare and my secondary insurance. It turns out that Medicare had my file listing my secondary insurance as my primary insurance and Medicare as my secondary insurance which was incorrect.

    So far all my medical bills submitted to Medicare have been denied and of course my insurance will not pay anything unless they have the (EOB) from Medicare. I spoke with someone at Medicare on the 6th of May and again on the 16th of May after I received the denial of benefits statement from them. My records had still not been updated at that time and I will have to call them again tomorrow on the 20th. of May to see if they are now corrected.

    At that time I will then need to call all the providers who had submitted bills to Medicare and denied so they can resubmit them for payment. I sure hope this is straightened out as I do not want my credit rating affected negatively or have them turned over to bill collectors and affect my mortgage in any harmful way.

    Will let everyone know when I find anything out. Take care and …

    God Bless.

  18. tempebev

    AP – wishing you good thoughts on getting your insurance problems fixed. Hopefully it will go smoothly and cause you no more problems. That sucks as much as having gas.

  19. tempebev

    Love that Turtle Face is spouting thoughts that make no sense:
    From NBC news: “While critics like Sen. Mitch McConnell blasted the Obama administration for the IRS controversy, they also admitted they lacked evidence that the targeting was ordered by the White House.”

  20. tempebev

    It may have been several years ago when he proposed to his current wife. (I assume that’s working out.) Other than that, I haven’t got a clue 🙂

  21. anon paranoid

    Well it looks like I’m still in limbo with Medicare. I called this morning and imagine (not really) when I found out my file had not been updated as I was told it would be.

    The person I spoke with had to re enter the information and now it should be (we’ll see) June 5th. before I will have too call them again to see if it is corrected or not.

    Once I know that I will have to call all the providers again and tell them whether to resubmit the bills again or if they have to try again to correct my file.

    Terrible situation with all the tornadoes the last couple of days. I hope the death toll is going to be a lot lower than it looks like with all the destruction that took place.

    Take care all and …

    God Bless.

  22. Dog's Eye View

    ap: good luck to you. glad to hear you’re on the mend, albeit slowly. hope billing works out.

    let me know if anyone hears of mad mustard’s safety. think he’s a sooner.

    more likely that i will marry a palin than ever agree to live in oklahoma. you could not pay me.

    bless them, though, as they dig out. they then get to experiment w even better building/safety codes. expect we will see more of these superstorms.

    see ortho surgeon this afternoon. either hard cast or set date for surgery w rod or pins this week.

    doing very well. still look like a panda.

    have not seen labradoodle, but would like to. when he’s safely under control!

  23. Dog's Eye View

    can hear the cicadas out there this morning. sounds like a twilight zone soundtrack.

    this year i noticed more that did not successfully escape their shells. ants are feasting. also cats, and heard of an italian greyhound that eats them like potato chips and showed up w a very distended belly.

  24. tempebev

    AP – hopefully this time things will get fixed with Medicare. Keep bugging them until it gets done. This must be extremely frustrating.

    Dog – you really must have done a good job on your arm – rods & pins? Here’s hoping that whichever, a cast or the metal will help your arm heal fast and straight without too much pain. You and I will not be having a double wedding. Arizona may be very hot in the summer, but everyone here agrees that we’ll take the hot weather rather than the horrible tornados, hurricanes or humongous snow storms. Even with our lousy right-wing government, we’ll stay here.

    • dnd

      Every now and then we’ll get 70-80-90 mph winds here. Kinda frightening and causes some damage. But I can’t imagine 200 mph winds.

  25. tempebev

    Hope I didn’t kill anymore comments

  26. I thought I posted a link yesterday to the article about the Boy Scouts.

    • dnd

      Aspen is suppose to reopen for the Memorial Day weekend. They’ve had four feet of snow since they closed on April 14.

    • dnd

      What I don’t understand about the Boy Scouts now allowing gay scouts, why are they waiting until Jan 1st to implement. If it’s the right thing to do, it’s the right thing to do now.

      • dnd

        One of the things nobody’s reported about the 401(c)(4) “scandal” is that the IRS screens for a lot of things to streamline their operations. I was told by someone who knows about this never, never, never claim a deduction for my home office as that’s a red flag to get you audited. So with the flood of requests from far right organizations, it only makes sense that they screen for that and put them on top of the stack. Rather than this being a scandal, or mismanagement, it could possibly be efficient processing by a limited staff.

  27. Hope you all are having a terrific Memorial Day, I washed and waxed the truck, a serious act of male bonding!

    • dnd

      Happy Memorial Day.

      The Bolder Boulder 10k, third largest race in the U.S. was this morning. As part of the closing ceremonies in Folsom Field where they celebrate veterans it’s tradition to have a flyover of military jets. The sequester grounded the jets this year, so an organization out of Texas that flies refurbished WW II planes did the flyover. They will do the flyover at the Air Force Academy graduation this week too, as those jets were grounded too.

  28. Dog's Eye View

    Hello pals. Hope you had a lovely 4 day weekend.

    Doing well here. Arm does not appear to need surgery (yea!); they don’t put hard casts on upper arm breaks. I am in a brace that I can adjust; idea is to keep it tight enough to develop hydrostatic pressure, which holds the recovering bone in place. They will xray the bone weekly to make sure it’s setting well. Bone is about 10 degrees out of whack; dr thinks time will improve that and you can always do surgery as a last resort.

    Can feel the arm strengthening daily. Taking longer walks and am comfy. Still cannot get arm into a sleeve or much away from body, but that will come. Have a black eye and green tinge to right side of face, but all healing well there.

    Enough about that!

    Balloon Juice had a really interesting discussion this morning about msnbc programming.

    All this scandal-mongering has me catching up on movies. Bring on Quentin Tarantino!

    And it’s lovely and green here, with cicada musical accomp in mornings.

  29. good news Dog, glad to hear it.

  30. tempebev

    Hooray – Michele Bachmann is not running for re-election. So sad, but I will not cry 🙂

  31. I want to know what she’s running from? Without her running the ethics probe won’t continue

    • dnd

      Now that the FBI is involved there’s a good chance the ethics probe may continue. I hope so. I really think we need more Bachmann in the news 😉

  32. Dog's Eye View

    Yeah, I would like to see Ms. Bachmann prosecuted.

    She and rightwing always feel persecuted. Bring it on!

  33. Dog's Eye View

    Showing the IRS some love after witch hunt. Excellent Michael Hiltzik column from LA Times. On our topic.,0,1884244.column

    “Ordinary taxpayers should be skeptical of this sort of theater. The last time the IRS was hauled over the coals for its supposed wrongdoing — in 1998, when the ostensible issue was the mistreatment of innocent individual taxpayers by revenue agents — Congress’ true underlying motive was to hamstring its enforcement program against corporations and wealthy taxpayers. And that’s precisely how things turned out.

    What’s the underlying motive today? Most likely to hobble the agency’s scrutiny of political organizations claiming legal advantages as “social welfare” groups under section 501(c)4 of the tax code, which allows them to keep their donors secret.”

  34. tempebev

    Going on vacation until 6/10. All of you take care and behave yourselves 🙂

  35. Have a great time Bev, I’m off to Mt. Vernon, Il this Sunday for a few weeks, then off to NC.

  36. Dog's Eye View

    Enjoy the vacay, Bev! Brian: have you moved from Louisville? Is this your exit from McConnell-land?

  37. Dog leaving Louisville on Sunday for Mt. Vernon, Il

  38. Jean Stapleton passed away.

  39. Greetings from Mt. Vernon, IL

  40. tempebev

    Hi from the road. D — we’re in a Hampton Inn in Thornton Co. OMG the traffic on 25 from the AF Academy is terrible and it’s Sunday! We’re heading to Vernal UT to see the Dino museum, then down to SLC. Just wanted to complain abt the traffic in Denver :). Hope everyone is OK.

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