Rice is new National Security Adviser

President Obama has appointed U.S. Ambassador to the U.N.  Susan Rice as National Security Adviser, replacing the retiring Tom Donilon.  Mr. Obama will nominate Samantha Power to replace Rice at the U.N.

There are two fascinating aspects to these picks.  The first is the obvious reaction of the right, feeling that the president is poking them in the eye after their uproar about Rice and Benghazi, as the National Security Adviser doesn’t require congressional approval.  The second is that during the 2007 campaign notoriously referred to then Sen. Clinton as a “monster.”

And there is another interesting wrinkle.  Donilon favored diplomacy in foreign conflicts while Secretary of State Clinton was more of an interventionist.  Rice is more of an interventionist while the current Secretary of State John Kerry favors diplomacy.



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8 responses to “Rice is new National Security Adviser

  1. I love this appointment, it’s a real FU to the Faux News crowd, that’s good enough for me!

  2. Dog's Eye View

    So glad Susan Rice was appointed. She was treated shabbily when in the running for Sec of State. Good to see smarts, loyalty and class rewarded.

    McCain and Graham grumbling privately? Merely icing on the cake.

  3. Morning peeps,
    Went out and partied with the natives last night, had a good time, even met the local area’s gay couple, woo-hoo! 🙂

  4. Dog's Eye View

    Yippee. So glad for some company.

    Brian: maybe it’s MV’s only announced gay couple? Might be a lotto adult roommates in that ville.

    And what’s with Mt Vernon? Is it a temporary assignment? You still Tucson bound?

    Did anyone ever hear if Mad Mustard made it through the two recent Oklahoma tornadoes unscathed? Believe he is a Sooner.

    Quiet weekend. Just had a long walk and met a lady who is taking her two sweet boxer dogs with her to a friend’s for dinner. Wanted to ask if the pups get bones or snacks. They seemed very excited to be at the friend’s door.

    Boxers seem to be more and more popular.

  5. Dog IL is very temp, will have some more news I think during the week, just want to say anything yet.

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