DOMA and Prop 8 Decisions

“DOMA is unconstitutional as a deprivation of the equal liberty of persons that is protected by the Fifth Amendment,” so said Justice Anthony Kennedy writing for the majority.  Kennedy was joined by Justices Ginsburg, Breyer, Sotomayor and Kagen.

California’s Prop 8 case was remanded back to the lower courts based on standing.   Prop 8 was declared unconstitutional by California’s courts.



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44 responses to “DOMA and Prop 8 Decisions

  1. A day to be remembered and savored!

  2. Very glad for today’s Supremes decisions, and appalled by yesterday’s on the VRA.

    Silver lining: hoping effectively striking down the VRA debacle motivates voters to give us a better Congress in 2014. With Speaker Nancy Pelosi. We need a legislative branch that can protect voting rights. The VRA decision might be a should be a great tool for organizing, registering, and mobilizing. Democrats.

    Also: new Margaret and Helen post! Those ladies have been AWOL most of this year. Check the sidebar.

  3. tempebev

    This was written by a friend of mine who immediately popped the question to his civil union partner to make their dog legitimate. Great points and the opportunity for all sorts of anti-gay evangelical right wingers and others to come out of the woodwork and raise objections.

    “Coming soon to a courthouse near you: a double-header: (1) What legitimate purpose allows the federal government to grant recognition to a straight couple married in New York (or California) but now living in Arizona, but not a gay couple so married under the EP clause of the US Constitution? and (2) What is the legitimate purpose that allows Arizona to recognize straight couples married in New York but not gay couples under the EP Clause? The thin edge of the wedge is firmly planted.”

  4. Anonymous

    This was written by a friend of mine who is planning to upgrade their C.U. to a legal marriage in CA.

    “Coming soon to a courthouse near you: a double-header: (1) What legitimate purpose allows the federal government to grant recognition to a straight couple married in New York (or California) but now living in Arizona, but not a gay couple so married under the EP clause of the US Constitution? and (2) What is the legitimate purpose that allows Arizona to recognize straight couples married in New York but not gay couples under the EP Clause? The thin edge of the wedge is firmly planted.”

  5. search “gay” on google

  6. tempebev

    I guess I made a boo-boo — oops

  7. I thought you were just so over come with emotion that you stuttered! 🙂

  8. BTW has anyone heard from AP lately? I hope he’s well.

  9. tempebev

    AP – please let us know how you’re doing

  10. I took a good political science class about 18 years ago.

    One day, in discussion, the professor asked us to raise our hands if we thought gay marriage would be legal in 20 years.

    Many (younger!) students raised their hands. I did not, and he looked disturbed at that. I wondered if he thought I was a homophobe. Am not, but his question was not “do you think it SHOULD be legal?”

    In responding, I was thinking of the continued controversy over abortion, which had gone on at least 20 years at that point, and which continues to dominate the “culture wars” even today.

    On timing of gay marriage:

    I love being wrong!!

  11. Bev and Brian: did champagne come out? Any weddings discussed among your friends and families?

    What an exciting time.

  12. I’m moving to Atlanta, my new job,
    Lead Epic Anesthesia Trainer/Instructional Designer

  13. For Childrens Healthcare of Atlanta

  14. tempebev

    No champagne in our households. Everyone was glad it passed but since the boys live in AZ, it doesn’t seem to have made a difference. Perhaps after all the lawyers vs. lawyers etc. figure it out, and give gay marriage federal benefits in non-gay states, then a change in status will be made. Without the benefits, a piece of paper doesn’t change how they feel about each other. So, they’re still sticking to wine, sparkling water and tea. Me, I’m drinking caffeine-free pepsi. Mr. Bev prefers beer or bourbon and pepsi.

    Congrats on Atlanta, Brian. Will this be a permanent job?

  15. Bev my orig contract is for one year.

  16. tempebev

    It would be nice if I’m wrong but Gov. Jan and buddies aren’t so sure according to the paper this morning. They have to clear it with the courts as everything else they do. I’ll leave it up to the boys to figure it out.

    I hope everyone is as comfy as me. We only hit 114 or so and the present temp is 113 at 6:38pm. I just stay in the house all day looking at blogs etc., napping, watching TV, reading and doing jigsaw puzzles. But it’s a dry heat today. I just love Arizona.

    AP – how are ya doing?

  17. The AZ ban has no bearing on fed benefits Bev, if you’re son is legally married in a state that has same sex marriage he and his spouse can apply for federal benefits and file a married tax return.

    • dnd

      It’s been record heat here, but not as hot as you. We got some rain and hail last night which cooled things down. The tomatoes and peppers weren’t too happy about the hail…

  18. Well things are progressing quickly, my start date in Atlanta is the 8th, I’m going to drive up on the 4th, I figure traffic will be fairly light that day and should be an easy drive. Several people have warned me about traffic in Atlanta and trying to find a place close to work to live, luckily the extended stay hotel chain I’ve been using for the past two years has a location 2.5 miles from where I’m working, starting to feel like this all has been written in the stars!

  19. anon paranoid

    Brian, tempebev…

    Thanks for asking about me.

    To all, sorry for the delay in getting back too you all with an update. I had the ultrasound and did call to find out what the report said. The tech only mentioned that I had something but there was no reason for her to keep me to see the doctor.

    She said his assistant would call me about the report when it was completed to inform me about it. It’s now three weeks and I have not heard anything yet so I will have to call tomorrow and find out.

    As to the issue I had with Medicare I’m still not sure how its going. I believe that it has been taken care of but I still have not received notice of what was submitted and paid\denied. I have though gotten from my secondary insurance notification of the heart doctor so far being paid and well as the radiologist that read the x-rays I had for prep. So I may have to call the doctors again to find out if they have been paid for the services.

    Anyway I’m doing alright and now my vehicle looks like I might have a transmission problem which I really didn’t need right now, but what are you going to do? Life goes on.

    Take care all and…

    God Bless

  20. anon paranoid

    Oh, before I forget.


    God Bless.

  21. tempebev

    AP – Thanks for letting us know how you’re doing. Insurance can be a pain in the butt. It sounds like you’re on the way to having it worked out. Sorry about your transmission. As the saying goes,”….shit happens” and it seems to continue to happen.

  22. Dog's Eye View

    Happy 4th, y’all.

    Brian: drive safe and enjoy settling into Hotlanta. Congrats on the new contract.
    AP: hope your health continues to improve.
    dnd and bev: howdy. Just have this feeling you will watching some baseball on the 4th, with or without adult beverage accompaniment.
    doots: not a day I don’t miss you, bud.

    Cheers to all.

    PS: Margaret and Helen have yet another new post up. “If my vagina shot bullets ….” They’re on to something.

    Love this observation: ” [Rick] Perry says that A&M shaped him into the person he is today. What shape is obtuse?”

    • dnd

      When I was a kid a friend from Texas gave me a booklet of Aggie jokes. Let’s just say that the prevailing thought was that those who went to Texas A&M were not the sharpest knives in the drawer…

      Hope everybody is having a nice 4th.

  23. Hey everyone, happy 4th to you all, I’m not heading up to Atlanta till tomorrow, thanks for the good wishes Dog!

  24. Anonymous

    Perhaps the drawer is not limited to those from Tex A&M

  25. In defense of Texas A&M, one of my favorite professors and people ever is an Aggie. But he got the heck out of Tejas, and specialized in urban planning/city development at a Virginia college. John Moeser, you are a treasure and the least Rick Perry-like person I have ever met (save for having good hair and being well-groomed.)

    Although Harvard Business, Yale and Princeton are not getting off lightly, with graduates GWBush and Ted Cruz.

    The latter a true “what happened?!” re being exposed to an excellent education. Cruz has undergrad from Princeton, and a Harvard Law degree. Arrrggh!

  26. Well here we are, first day at the new job, finally! I thought this day would never come.

  27. As bad as my driver’s license pic

  28. Brian: I think you look …. so unlike anything our erstwhile colleagues on Craig’s blog would assume.

    Where be the horns?

    You’re even photogenic.

    My mom was just saying that she thinks Zimmerman is going to get off.

    I don’t. Have not been following trial, because don’t want to get jaded. Still raw over Trayvon Martin’s loss.

  29. I had my horns removed a few years ago.

  30. Dog I’m afraid your mom be right, I sure as hell hope not!

  31. Dog's Eye View

    What a fucking travesty. Zimmerman acquitted.

    Shame on that jury.

  32. tempebev

    Another example of why the country is going to hell

  33. In a sea of sad today. Last night’s immoral and unjust verdict. RIP Trayvon Martin. Murdered in life at 17, with character assassination to follow.

    Plus: on Balloon Juice blog, John Cole’s famous lardass white cat, Tunch, was killed by a relative’s dog last night.

    Aaargh! Otherwise, a warm, breezy day. Should make some coq au vin for a friend’s Bastille Day dinner, but being a lardass myself. No energy, although hopping with caffeine.

  34. Here’s a recipe for Peach Melba that looks delish.

    Not sure I can find that many ripe, tender peaches on short notice. And thinking on using frozen raspberries.

    Looks like summer in a dessert dish, though.

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