Not Guilty?

A unanimous jury has found George Zimmerman not guilty in the murder of Treyvon Martin.  Are you kidding me?  The defense’s claim of self defense is incredulous.  Zimmerman’s story has more holes in it than Swiss cheese.

There are two interesting aspects to this story.  The first is, obviously, race.  The second is how the right sided with Zimmerman and the left with Martin.  What does this tell us?



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58 responses to “Not Guilty?

  1. What it tells us is that the left understands it’s still not safe for a black kid to go out for a bag on candy in some parts of this country, and the in areas of racism the right chooses to have their head buried in the sand or up their asses, take your pick.

  2. dog on the whine: DND: could you change the blogpost photo to one of Trayvon Martin or his family or a gavel or anything else? Where’s the bassett with the fan?

    I cannot look at a photo of that lying, cowardly puss who killed a teenage kid and got away with it. Zimmerman is not innocent, and Florida’s laws are a menace. I hope people stay out of the Sunshine State in droves.

    I’m serious about not participating in any further comments if Zimmerman’s mug is up there. He belongs in jail, not on our blog.

    Also: Sanford, Florida had a role in the recent “42” movie. It’s the little town Jackie Robinson had to escape at night, to evade a threatened attack by KKKers.

    Way to go, Florida.

    • dnd

      Sra Dog,
      Done. I thought the photo of Zimmerman showed a nervous, guilty man. But I understand you point and agree.

      To your other point, I’m waiting for a call to boycott Florida produce, OJ, Disney World, etc.

  3. dnd: my hero! Thank you.

    I never tire of Trayvon Martin’s face, and wish he was still with us.

    RE boycott on Florida: I am all for it, even though the innocent will be hurt as well. However, other than through economic means, how do you get Florida (or North Carolina, with its wacko state legislature) to make changes?

    Florida’s self-defense law is too broad, and stand your ground appeals only to the fearful and gun owners (but I repeat myself).

  4. Now I am hearing that Baba Walters is going to interview Geo. Zimmerman’s parents.

    Couldn’t she find a Palin?

  5. Anonymous

    Rather see her interview George, but I doubt he has the stones to one one with Walters.

  6. That last comment was mine.

    • dnd

      I saw a clip of the Anderson Cooper interview with juror B-37 this morning. Two things come to mind: 1) she’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer, and 2) she was sympathetic to Zimmerman from the get-go. She called him “George” throughout the interview.

      This sheds further light that this was a miscarriage of justice and should be declared a mistrial.

  7. The real problem here is not the jury, it’s the stand your ground law.

  8. tempebev

    I’m a little surprised there haven’t been riots as with Rodney King. I would think the injustice being done to African-Americans is near a teetering point, and not just in Florida.

    Not sure a boycott of Florida would accomplish anything. As in the boycott of Arizona several years ago, the real victims are just people trying to make a living. Disney would turn over in his grave if his kingdom was vacant. Not to worry, that will never happen. The laws in Florida need to be changed, but that’s not going to happen just like Disney World will never be empty and the cruise ships depart from another state.

  9. tempebev

    Dog – I miss the beagle too! It’s hot enough to bring him back. Hope your arm is progressing to full use.

  10. anon paranoid

    Hi gang…

    What a horrible month its been so far. I still have not had all my medical bills paid as of yet and I am still waiting to see how much I will end up owing in the end after all is done.

    I had problems with both my 20 + year vehicles. My Jeep needs to have the transmission looked at. It needs at least a trans pan and filter change since the fluid is looking brown and the trans is starting to not want to shift into drive from 1st,2nd to drive.

    I found the adjustments information for the bands depending on which transmission it has and hopefully that will resolve the problem. If not than I’m looking at having to have the transmission rebuilt.

    My Dodge Van has had brake issues and I had too end up replacing both brake line hoses for the front brakes. A short while after that I had to replace both calipers since it appeared that one of them was bad. So rather than replacing just the one I replaced both.

    I thought that the problem was resolved and then this past Monday the wheels locked up again. So another tow and I ended up having to replace the master cylinder. Even though there were no leaks it was not letting the fluid return from the brake pads and shoes to the master cylinder. All together I ended up spending over a grand and I still need to fix the jeep.

    Then there was the fact that my AC went out at the beginning of the month and I had no air for a week. My neighbor ended up replacing the fan and a capacitor over the full week before it was up and running again.

    Of course there is still all the crap going on over the verdict of GZ in the murder of TM. What a tragedy that was and now we here from juror B37 who basically ignored all the evidence and only based her vote of not guilty on the moment that GZ pulled the trigger and killed TM.

    In other words she believed all the lies and ignored everything that led up to the shooting. Now four more other jurors came out and distanced themselves from her statement. The only juror that has not been heard form yet is juror B29 who would not look at the prosecutor according to a couple of those who were in the court room throughout the trial.

    If you did not see the interview with Anderson Cooper I’m sure you can find in online somewhere. B37 also commented that she did not think that if GZ had taken the stand it would have made any difference if the State cross examined him since it showed throughout her interview that she thought that GZ was being honest and truthful.

    If I recall correctly I believe that both B29 and B37 were two of the jurors that the State tried to exclude from the jury during jury selection and O’Mara challenged the State about them and three others because they were all White and Woman.

    Than to really show the height of ignorance and arrogance on both his and Don West part they demeaned, denigrated, disparaged TM by accusing him of being a thug, criminal and gang banger who was responsible for his own death.

    As we all know they also denied that there was any racism or racial profiling by GZ and stating that if GZ were black and TM was White that the verdict would still be the same. This coming from a defense lawyer whose daughter posted a racially toned comment about Rachel Jental and whose clients father posted a racist eBook online. But he wants the village idiots to believe that no racism was involved at all.

    Don West and Mark O’Mara did what they were hired to do and that was to get their client off. That was their job, what their job was not was to walk all over the dead body of a boy who was murdered by their client and trash his life. Both Mr. West and Mr. O’Mara in my opinion will have the blood of GZ’s next victum that he murders on their heads.

    I firmly believe that GZ’s attorneys are evil. They have the same dead look in their eyes that GZ has. No remorse for the victim as well as no heart or soul. My they rot in H*ll for their portrayal of TM as a gang banging criminal thug.

    I also hope and pray that GZ will spend the rest of his life looking over his shoulder wondering when someone will fear for there life and be a concealed carrier of a weapon and shoot him because they feared he would murder him\her. Now that would be justice the hard way.

    Well let me end since I’m taking up your bandwidth with this long comment and wish all of you a good day. AP

  11. Brian…

    I meant to ask the other day what is a good browser to use. I currently use Firefox, however after they did an update from v19 on my other box they changed the way their private browsing works.

    I have turned off auto update for Firefox since it changes all my most visited and does not retain windows or tabs from normal browsing when exiting the private browsing feature.

    What would you recommend since you did IT work?

    Thanks for any information or help on this.

    God Bless

  12. AP: good luck with the vehicle woes; great comment re Trayvon case.

    I think dnd’s blogpost title fits well.

    The rightwingers and gun fetishists put Trayvon on trial. We hear that he was the aggressor, armed with a sidewalk.

    I do not see how anyone can visit Florida, given its too broad “self-defense” statutes.

  13. anon paranoid

    So now it comes out that even though the jurist were suppose to be sequestered they were allowed unsupervised visits with family and yes even some friends for two hour periods.

    Can anyone convince me that the jury was not tainted in any way by those visits?

    Is that where B37 came up with wanting to write a book about the trial and having a literary agent already waiting to sign with.

    Can the State appeal to the Florida Supreme Court to declare the trial a mistrial due to possible jury tampering because of unsupervised contact between the jurors and outside influences that was allowed by the Judge too occur?

    If a juror was tainted by outside influences and used that too sway the other members of the jury to change their votes to not guilty than the juries verdict is very questionable in my opinion.

    And if that’s the case then the verdict is tainted and should be thrown out by the Supreme Court and GZ should be retried.

    That’s my story and I’m sticking too it. Have a good day.

  14. anon paranoid

    Hi dog.

    Hope your doing well. This has just been a bad month overall. Yesterday I had to call a doctors office about the bill they sent me. I informed them that at the time they submitted it I had already informed them of the issue with Medicare I was having.

    I told the woman I spoke with that Medicare told me to just have all my providers resubmit the charges for their services and they would re-evaluate them and then pay them.

    The woman refused to resubmit the bill claiming it would be fraud and would not listen to me. I then called Medicare and the gentlemen restated the same thing about them resubmitting the bill for their services. He also said they would send me a summary for this bill and I could file an appeal or even if necessary could hire an attorney.

    I called the doctors office back and got someone I had already spoke with and this lady actually checked with Medicare through their provider line and noted that indeed Medicare was my primary and she would resubmit it for payment.

    I told her and the gentlemen at Medicare that I lost my temper because that women upset me so much that I felt my blood pressure rising and I started cursing, not at the woman so much as in just being frustrated with her attitude.

    Anyway I got to run now. It’s time to feed my brood of cats so later and …

    Have a great day.

  15. Hoping for a healthy baby daughter for Kate and Wills.

    A son would be OK, too. Grumble, grumble.

    • dnd

      I’m absolutely fascinated by the U.S. press’ obsession with the royal baby (and British royalty in general). I think it’s wonderful for William and Kate, but really,why obsess about it?

  16. tempebev

    A great article explaining the obsession with Prince Whatshisname:

    Yes, I was glued to the tv on Monday and Tuesday.

  17. Sometimes it’s fun to revel in the silly. It’s as simple as that!

  18. Plead guilty to being charmed by Prince William, Duchess Kate, and the new Prince of Cambridge. Would be more charmed if he was the Princess of Cambridge, but maybe that’s a soap opera for 2028.

    They’re more appealing than the Kardashians and banksters we get in this country, and probably more cost effective too.

    NOW: if you were a New Yawker, would you vote for Anthony Weiner?

    Me, I wish Huma was running.

  19. tempebev

    No, but I don’t live in NY so it doesn’t count.

    My goodness, a plethora of pictures today, more of the Weiner (icky), Geraldo (ugly) , but the best of all, thanks to William and Kate, your new prince, a real cutie.

    • dnd

      I wouldn’t vote for Weiner because:
      1. His judgement is really, really questionable.
      2. He was a crappy congressman. Sure he’d go on every cable show that’d have him and rant passionately, which make for good political drama. But he was a backbencher with an abysmal legislative record.

      I’m with Bev. Better to look at pictures of Prince George than Weiner’s weiner.

  20. Why do you feel he was a crappy congressman?

  21. It was a year ago today that Doots passed away.

  22. anon paranoid

    HEY BRIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Did you see my comment above too you about browsers?????????????

    I was hoping you would get back to me about that. Anyway I hope things are going well for you at your new job and that you have settled in without too much trouble.

    Later and have a great week.

  23. Brian…

    Thanks. I really liked Firefox, however since they changed the way their Private Browsing works I,ve been disappointed with it. I’ll go ahead and install Chrome, but I wonder how much Google is into allowing the Government to spy on those who use its products\software.

    Have a great day and …

    God Bless

  24. anon paranoid


    Well I downloaded and installed Google Chrome and already I’m not sure that I like it or not.

    There is no “Most Visited” or drop down “History” arrow to visit sites that I only visit occasionally. I also do not see any option to start or end Private Browsing which I use occasionally as well.

    I also have never had to sign in to Firefox whereas Chrome wants a sign in using a email and password. It took me ten minutes or so to find the place for entering the home page I use.

    And I’m still not sure were to find the following buttons that do not show up in the browser. Such as “File, Edit, History, Bookmarks, Tools or Help buttons.

    I just may have to get use too the new updates on Firefox even though I’m not happy with some of them.

    Thanks anyway for the help and if anyone knows where these items are in Chrome or if they are even in Chrome please advise me where I can find them.

    Take care and …

    God Bless

  25. anon paranoid

    Let me restate what I said above…..

    “There is no “Most Visited” or drop down “History” arrow to visit sites that I only visit occasionally. I also do not see any option to start or end Private Browsing which I use daily as well.”

    The “Most Visited” button I use all the time. That is the button of sites I visit everyday and use all the time. The “History” URL box drop down I use to visit some sites I do not frequent regularly, however do visit occasionally and also for a site or two that I visit when using the “Private Browsing” feature of Firefox.

    The new version after “v19” which is what I have currently, changes the “Most Visited” website URL’s every time I visit somewhere and if I use Private Browsing when I exit from it and open the regular browsing window all my previous tabs and drop down URL’s bar are also changed or not there.

    Not very happy with the new Firefox versions after v19, however it appears that it will be harder for me to feel comfortable using Chrome since it looks like a lot of features that I do use in Firefox is not to be found in Chrome.

    I’ll look around to see if I can find out more about what features are in Chrome and where I can find them.

    I also use the clear cache option in the Tools drop down button under Options on the Network Tab.

    Thanks for any help that anyone can give me with regards to Chrome.

    God Bless

    • dnd

      A question and a couple of comments.
      Q: What is it about Firefox’s new private browsing you don’t like?

      Like Brian, I too use chrome, mostly. Almost all of those features you miss can be found, they’re just not obvious until you know how to get to them. Look at the help pulldown or google it.

      I’m really curious as to why your anti-virus program doesn’t dance with chrome. Doesn’t make much sense.

  26. anon paranoid

    Well it looks like I can not use Chrome since my anti virus program is incompatible with it. I have been using Avast for the last five years and I really do not want to change to something else.

    So at this point it looks like I’m stuck running v19 of Firefox until I can no longer use it than I’m not sure what I will do about a browser.

    I have had no problems with Avast Free and this is now another new issue for me with what to do about a browser that I can use my AV with. I’m getting more and more frustrated every day. It seems like age 67 to 68 is going to be one shitty year for me. Since my b’day nothing seems to be going right for me. Insurance issues, car issues, computer issues, home issues and so on and so on.

    I guess that I have definitely fallen into the Peter Principle which states that if something can go wrong it generally does.

    Well enough crying in my soup and playing of the teeny tiny violin.

    Later and …

    God Bless.

  27. anon paranoid


    The newer versions of Firefox after v19 no longer reopen the regular browsing window with the tabs or windows that were open before starting the private browsing feature.

    What is does now is start a whole new browsing session whereas before it would reopen the browsing window the way it was before starting a private browsing session.

    So instead of getting all your windows and tabs back you have a totally new session and would have to find and reopen all the windows and tabs you had before using private browsing.

    Also the drop down URL bar that lets one access less frequently visited sites now changes URL’s to newer sites visited whereas the version 19 leaves the sites that are already in that list the same.

    As too the most visited sites drop down menu which has all the sites I go too all the time and that’s ten of them with the newer versions actually removes some of those and puts in new url’s for any site I may visit such as using a search url or a url I just might happen to go too for any reason to read or see the content of.

    Now I did do a Google search on Chrome to see if I could find the choices I commented on and did find that there are some, but for me they are rather hidden and though I could eventually get use to using them I feel totally lost when I tried to use Chrome.

    The one thing that showed up in the usage of Chrome was a note that stated Avast was incompatible with Chrome. See the link below and look under Known Issues Crashes.

    Why this is I do not know. But I don’t want to change my anti virus software on three different machines.

    Thanks for asking though and if you know anyway to use Chrome and keep my current anti virus it would be appreciated.

    Have a great evening and …

    God Bless

  28. anon paranoid


    Oops………………I guess, no——— I did screw up. I went back and found that the Avast issue listed had a drop down and found that it applied to versions lower than v8 so I will see how I like it when I get on that pc.

    I still have too move it into the tv room which I still have to shift some furniture around in.

    I just am upset that Firefox’s changes were so sudden that it drove me nuts trying to restore my bookmarks and settings to before the updated version only to find they would not stay after fixing them.

    I also read a lot of disappointed users over the remake of their Private Browsing feature. Basically the same issues I mentioned earlier.

    Thanks dnd for asking those questions it made me give a second thought about the anti virus conflict I read to go back and re look into it.

    Have a great week and …

    God Bless

  29. tempebev

    Don’t boycott the Russian Olympics but pour Russian vodka down the drain.

  30. Planning to see “Fruitvale Station” tomorrow. Have any of you seen it? Timely.

    Heading out to see “Oz” at a $3 late movie tonight. Got to love a big screen.

  31. Saw “Fruitvale Station” and it’s haunting. Very well done.

    The Trayvon Martin story is not over yet, and the issue is not going away. We have yet to see the last acts.

  32. Happy Colorado Day, Colorado. Hope I get to see you sometime in the next 365.

    Waiting on another thunderstorm tonight, in a metal framed butterfly chair on the deck, Manhattan on ice.

    My arm is doing great. Out of brace for a week now, and have started physical therapy, once a week, with exercises to do at home. Strength should be back in 4-5 months. Working on anything to do with rotation — scooping ice cream is still hard. Arm looks fine.

    Labradoodle sporting a summer cut. I miss Dax, but nobody wants me to walk him these days!

    Pet sitting for a more cooperative cat, fish, parakeets and a hermit crab this week. No injuries to report.

  33. I too am glad to hear about your improved arm Ms. Dog, lately I’ve become very fond of mojitos, so refreshing in this humidity of Atlanta.

  34. Mojitos. The official drink of Havana, no?

    dnd: the Manhattan was so therapeutic, having another while awaiting the cod to cook (and the fresh corn on the cob). And fresh tomatoes. And then maybe ice cream. Maybe. Love summer dining.

    Got a pedicure today and ate pho in Annandale, VA which has become Little Korea/Asia. Love heading over there.

    I enjoy the culture creep, if you will, in metro areas. Annandale was quite Anglo when I was in high school; now it’s home to many Asian-oriented businesses — I love to see the Korean lettering, the fancy bakeries, and the creative reuse of the buildings. It’s more vibrant now.

    There was a Korean restaurant next to my pho haven which looked way more adventurous. With strange rice dishes, and pumpkin soup. Will have to try it next. (And next to that was a sake bar/noodle shop called Honeypig Izakaya, which opens later in the day.)

    I love thinking of little old Annandale as an exotic destination now, rather than just more suburban homes and strip malls.

    • dnd

      Sra Dog,
      Love me some pho. But I’d try the Korean place. I’m addicted to kimchi. And I’d smear gochujang sauce on anything.

  35. And keeping with our theme:

    Fuck all that Trayvon Martin did not get to grow up and find out that he liked sake or pho too. Heck, he could have had a pedicure. That was taken away from him, and the complacent and senile think he had it coming.

    Saw previews for “Lee Daniels’ The Butler”. Looks excellent.

  36. Well it is Cuban, whether it or the Cuba Libre is the national cocktail I don’t know.

  37. tempebev

    Time for a new picture – bring back the dog before it snows 🙂

  38. Finally making it out to see some of what Atlanta has to offer

    nice museum, good collection

  39. You’re busted Brian.

    I love that you were at the “High Museum.”

  40. Well well.

    Jeff Bezos buying the Washington Post, personally, for $250 million.

    My first reaction was “the paper can’t get any worse.”

    I hope that’s true.

  41. Bated breath here that the Koch Brothers are foiled in buying the LATimes. Hope that’s just a scary rumor. Splurged on a digital subscription, and I find it much better than the WaPost at this point.

    Ezra Klein in for Chris Hayes tonight; doing a long segment on the Post’s sale and on billionaires buying up media.

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