Fishing for Votes




In an effort to boost her Wyoming bona fides,  Liz Cheney applied for a fishing license.  To get a resident license, you must have lived in the state for one year.  Cheney stated she’d lived there for 10 years.  She lied.  Truth is she’s owned her 1.6 million dollar home near Jackson Hole for less than three months.

Now if she really wanted to fish, she could have bought a non-resident license, but apparently that wasn’t the real motivation.

Most in Wyoming view Ms Cheney as a carpetbagger who’s only interest in the state is as a vehicle to get a Senate seat.  This episode seems to back those suspicions.



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32 responses to “Fishing for Votes

  1. tempebev

    Liz and Sarah – These ladies can fish. It doesn’t matter if she lied, it’s a plank in the Party platform. Just do it!! Hopefully the people of Wyoming will ignore her.

    Mitt is back giving advice for the Republican Party:

    Are we re-entering the cold war?

    • dnd

      Liz and Sarah, ladies?

      I seriously doubt Liz does much fishing. I bet she doesn’t know the difference between a grey hackle yellow and a caddis. I bet she’s never bought a jar of Pautzke’s Ball O’ Fire. Liz is just another beltway phony. (BTW, the photo was taken on the Snake River. In Idaho.)

      It is interesting to watch the rift in the Republican party. I think the teabaggers fall into the “be careful what you wish for” category. Mitt is right.

  2. tempebev

    My erroneous assumption or mistakenly giving them the benefit of doubt. You’re absolutely right to question. Thx

  3. The woman is a bigger scumbag than her dad why should anyone be surprised by anything she does. If she manages to get elected she can become the new Michele Bachman of the House.

  4. Her dad told Liz Cheney that she would be greeted with hunting and fishing licenses, flowers, and acclaim.

    When has Richard B. Cheney ever been wrong?

    I wonder if they heard some rumors about Enzi not being in the best of health, or some other issue, and thus easier to pick off. Although it’s not like there aren’t actual Wyoming RESIDENTS who would not be interested in taking a Senate seat.

    I wish the Cheneys would go into some field other than grifting from the government. Even with Halliburton, that’s what it came down to.

    • dnd

      The thing I can’t figure out is if Liz likes fishing, and she’d been a Wyoming resident for 10 years, the Wyoming Fish and Game would have had 9 years of resident fishing licenses for her. Something’s fishy around here 😉

  5. Blackburn isn’t quite vile enough to fill that role, Liz is!

  6. tempebev

    I think that Liz isn’t a big topic of interest here at BC. Onward to something more interesting like The Donald getting rid of the orangutan color and going natural. Wonder what he’s promoting now?

  7. tempebev

    Ok, today two things piss me off.

    1. The “birthed” crap has begun again by certain repugs. John McC was born in Panama on a US Base. Ted Cruz was born in Canada to a US citizen mother. Wasn’t Obama’s mother a US citizen? I’ve never heard her referred to as a foreigner. No wonder this country sucks at times. This has been going on since 2008. Can’t they figure it out or do they just delight in being pains in asses?

    2 Today in our local paper, there was a story about how the US is looking to Canada’s model for guest workers. If we’re supposed to be the biggest and baddest country, why the hell haven’t we come up with a plan ourselves? Duh, because the two parties can’t agree on anything. So, instead of doing something bilaterally, we look like fools and have to look to another country who has a guest worker program that works just fine. No wonder we don’t have enough people to harvest our crops.

    Ok, now I feel better. This is much better than writing a letter to the editor. I know it will be published here. Thanks much.

    • dnd

      1. Obama’s mother was born in Kansas. Is that in America?
      2. Why haven’t we modeled our health care system after Canada?
      3. Are your D-backs gonna win the NLW?

  8. tempebev

    So why don’t the Dems point out Mrs. O’s birth in Kansas? They certainly are doing so about Cruz in Canada. Politicians are like pigeons. Flying Rats!!

    I don’t think the D-Backs are doing very well – but I don’t follow them close. How about the Rockies?

  9. Bev you just gotta ignore the birther crap and see it for what it is, racism plain and simple

  10. Hi guys. Back from a tiny driving vacay.

    Saw a “Ditch Mitch” bumpersticker in KY. Made me happy.

    About to pick up my sister’s dogs from the luxury pet spa. Have a good one.

  11. Do any of you get Al Jazeera on cable? We do not, regrettably. Requesting it. Would really like to see them do well.

    Met an Irish jig-dancing AJ cameraman. He entertained the crowd in South Carolina when we were waiting for candidate Obama during 2008 SC primary. Great guy.

    Think there’s a market for factual, comprehensive reporting. More reporting; less talking heads, please. Most repetitive. Playing to the choir.


    Brian: good luck with the gym. So glad you quit smoking — that’s huge.

    My arm continues to improve. Think the driving vacay was actually good for it; hours of its being stretched at the wheel, and carrying (reasonable) bags up and down stairs.

    Bought some absolutely wonderful birdhouses near Mammoth Cave, KY. Got to support small business. These were charming, and most affordable.

    • Dog I haven’t had a cigarette in 17 months! Did you enjoy Mammoth Cave? I meant to get there while I was in Louisville but never made it. I will say one thing about Kentucky, it’s a pretty state, I always enjoyed driving through the state.

  12. tempebev

    Looks like Teddy Cruz is being questioned about his legal status to run for Prez since he was born in Canada and has dual citizenship. Funny how the shoe can fit two different feet.

  13. dnd

    Sra Dog,
    I doubt I’ll get Al Jazeera on cable as I couldn’t get Current. Have to check it out.

    Glad your arm is getting better.

  14. dnd

    I pray one of the right-wing fringe nutbags, like Cruz gets the Republican nomination.

  15. Liz Cheney campaign slogan: She’ll qualify legally for a fish and game license by the time we send her back to Washington. Vote Cheney.

  16. tempebev

    Another Repug whacko:

    A Republican lawmaker on Wednesday appeared to suggest that President Barack Obama is “getting perilously close” to meeting the criteria for impeachment.
    “I think those are serious things, but we’re in serious times,” said Oklahoma Sen. Tom Coburn during a town hall in his home state.
    “And I don’t have the legal background to know if that rises to ‘high crimes and misdemeanors,’ but I think you’re getting perilously close.”

  17. Houston, we have a panda.

    Welcome, new little panda at the Washington National Zoo.

    Cautiously optimistic, since the most recent baby panda succumbed at six days. Keepers hope to grab this cub for a quick look-see today.

    Go pandas.

  18. tempebev

    Women’s Equality Day is Monday, August 26th. The link below is an interesting way times have changed for women.

  19. tempebev

    She has her dad’s genes!! Even the fish are happy she got caught!

  20. As the saying goes, shit runs down hill

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