50 Years Later



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20 responses to “50 Years Later

  1. tempebev

    Amazing how much progress has been made and how much hasn’t or seems to be going backwards.

  2. tempebev

    Also, watched an old movie on TCM staring Jeanne Craine. “Pinky.” Very appropriate for this week.

  3. Bev: I dozed off watching Pinky, but it looked so worth seeing. Waiting for TCM to run it again soon — I think it airs 2-3 times/year.

    Had no idea Elia Kazan directed, and that Ethel Waters co-starred. (Fell asleep just after Pinky enlisted the judge or attorney’s aid; don’t tell me what happened with those greedy inlaws.)

    The inheritance issue looked a lot more interesting than the “she’s passing for white” subplot.

  4. tempebev

    Dog – Ok, won’t tell you anything about the plot. Our tivo missed the ending. We looked on YouTube and it’s there but not through YT on Apple TV. We hooked up the laptop to the TV and saw the end. Perhaps you can see it that way. It was great.

  5. TCM is running Pinky again next week! Thursday, September 5, at 4:00 p Eastern. Set those tivos and VCRs.


    Bev: we will have to blogchat after the movie.

  6. tempebev

    Dog – I’ll be out of town that weekend, but the following week we’ll chat.

  7. tempebev

    I just found out how I have been ignorant of the vicious hate some people on the other side have for Prez. Obama. On my FB page, a “friend” commented on a picture showing O’s foot resting on a desk while talking on the phone. “So disrespective …….etc” Very hateful comments.

    I have also become aware of how some very financially and politically conservative friends are genuinely afraid for when the white race becomes a minority. They are really scared the Blacks will retaliate. Wow, I am truly naive.

  8. Good morning all,
    Bev I know the feeling, it’s truly disappointing when you find out people who you have considered friends really have some very ugly points of view.

  9. dnd

    It’s interesting to see people using petty arguments to demean the President. If they had a policy argument, that would be one thing, but his foot on the desk? Really?

    And tell your friends who are worried about Blacks retaliating when whites become a minority:
    1. Whites will probably always outnumber Blacks.
    2. It’s Hispanics that will become a majority. And they have justification for retaliating: they were here long before whites came on the scene. Tell you friends they will be forced to speak Spanish 😉

  10. tempebev

    Thanks Brian and Dog. I appreciate your words.

  11. Anybody checking in here tonight during President Obama’s speech?

    Fingers crossed, too, that the Democratic pro-gun control state senators in Colorado prevail.

    dnd: you tired of ads on the topic?

  12. dnd

    Sra Dog,
    No ads on the recall here, all targeted at the districts of the senators. All the cash came from the NRA and Mayor Bloomberg. The low turnout election was a travesty. Dems still control the state senate, so it was just a revenge recall.

    There was recently an effort from the red Weld county to break off from Colorado and become the 51st state. Sure they could give one more R representatives and two more R senators. But the predominately agricultural county relies on Colorado’s water and Colorado water would be under no obligation to give them any as there would be no water compacts.
    They would dry up and blow away or go broke buying water. They’ve changed their mind…

    “Whiskey is for drinkin’ and water is for fightin'”
    — common saying in Colorado

  13. tempebev

    Didn’t see the speech, but think Obama really lucked out of his “red line in the sand” declaration.

  14. Hey D,
    How you holding up with all the rain you people are getting? You had any flooding problems?

    • dnd

      A little minor basement flooding; probably take me a couple of days to clean it up, but nothing like in other areas of city. They’re calling in FEMA and the National Guard to help some of the nearby mountain communities that really got hammered.
      The damage has happened from as far north as Loveland and Estes Part to as far south as Colorado Springs.

      This has been a weird September. Really hot the first week and now all this rain. September is usually the nicest month of the year here.

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