The crisis in Syria came to a head when 1,400 people were killed with chemical weapons.  The “Red Line” was crossed.  Aside from this horrific tragedy,  American pols and talking heads used this as yet an another opportunity to criticize the President.   First it was the announcement to strike.  Some complained that the effort was not enough, others said it would start WWIII.  Then when President Obama returned from the G20 and went on that infamous 45 minute walk with his Chief of Staff and decided to go to Congress, which many in Congress had demanded, they said he was weak and could not make a decision.  That he threw Secretary Kerry under the bus after Kerry’s impassioned speech on the Syria strike.  Finally when Putin announced an agreement with Assad to get rid of the chemical weapons,  the President couldn’t achieve squat and that Putin was the great peacemaker.  Even after the President said he preferred a diplomatic solution they said that his bumbling actions caused the world to question his credibility.

Well maybe Obama was playing chess while everyone else was playing checkers.  Maybe, just maybe when Obama went to the G20, he told Putin he was serious about a strike and the only way to avoid it was for Putin to tell Assad the the chemical weapons had to go or there would be hell to pay.  Maybe Putin got the message.  Maybe Obama gave Kerry a call and told him to keep the pressure on for a strike in a speech.  And maybe when he went on his walk with his Chief of Staff he told him they needed a stalling tactic until Putin can convince Assad to get rid of the chemical weapons.

And now Assad has agreed.  It appears that President Obama feels the same way as President Truman when he said: “It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.”

The President’s critics say he is a bumbling incompetent who lacks credibility.  What the critics don’t realize is that using any petty excuse to criticize the President, especially when he is successful, makes them look like petty, bumbling incompetents who lack any shred of credibility.



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52 responses to “Syria

  1. tempebev

    D- hope you’re staying high and dry.

    • dnd

      Thanks Bev. I’m neither high nor dry. I just got through bailing out a window well that’s seeping into the basement. But there are many, many more that have it way, way worse than I. More than 70 streets have been closed in the county due the flooding. There are highways that have been closed because they are submerged or rock slides or they got washed out. Three deaths have been attributed to the flooding.

  2. tempebev

    Take care and please keep us informed how things are going. The weather certainly is weird. You probably got the worst of what we had on Sun/Mon.

    • dnd

      The sun’s out! The sun’s out! Yeah!

      Suppose to get more rain this afternoon, but hopefully not near as much as the 12″ we got in 24 hours.
      It was a pain mopping up the water in the basement, but nothing compared to those who suffered severe flood damage.

  3. tempebev

    Maybe you’ve seen this – if not it’s really sweet. My daughter sent the link since it happened in Salt Lake City.,,20734881,00.html

    D- glad things are better for you. The pictures on TV look horrible.

  4. tempebev

    Ok that doesn’t work either. then look for “Utah Man Proposes to Boyfriend with Help From a Flash Mob in Home Depot” on the left side.

  5. Hey D, glad you’re holding up the soaking, having to mop out the basement sucks but as you say far better off than so many. BTW love your Truman quote, spot on!

  6. dnd: glad you have not floated away. In Virginia, we had to swab out the basement many a rainstorm; finally got a sump pump and BDry treatment. Hoping the weather in CO stays stable enough you don’t have to contemplate that.

    I’m Syria’ed out, but approve of working for a diplomatic solution. Just because we have a (too) huge military, doesn’t mean it has to be first instrument all the time.

    Americans are war weary. Time to spend some money and ingenuity at home.

    • dnd

      Well it’s raining again. I’m just leaving the shop-vac plugged in in the basement. Suppose to dry out (relatively) this week. I’m just counting my blessings. There’s massive devastation in north Boulder, Longmont, Greeley, Aurora, Lyons, Jamestown, Commerce City, etc. Someone on the radio said the flood area is about the size of Connecticut.

      I was in north Denver yesterday. The Emergency Warning System came on the radio for Aurora and the sun was shining over me. Weird. I saw a Chinook helicopter, presumably evacuating people, and several high profile military vehicles presumably doing the same.

    • dnd

      She’s fine. No flooding where she is. She didn’t get as much rain. The people who got really hammered were those who were close to rivers and drainage’s. The National Guard is still doing air rescues of mountain communities today. FEMA is on site. Rand Paul probably thinks this should be done by private companies, but I’m pretty damn glad about our government assistance.

      Heavy rains today then it’s suppose to dry out the rest of the week.

      They’re calling this a 1000 year flood.

  7. tempebev

    Another shooting – in Washington DC. D – Glad your mom is OK. I think the timespan of 1,000 and 100 year floods etc, is getting shorter each year. Could climate change be real? I’m sure there are some who don’t think so.

    • dnd

      That shooting in D.C. was horrible.

      • dnd

        160 people and more than 100 pets rescued in Boulder County so far today. Solders from Fort Carson helping. Four Chinooks, three Blackhawks and 1 Lakota helicopter. And that’s just Boulder County. More being rescued in Larimer, Weld and Morgan counties. This is suppose to be the biggest evacuation since Katrina.

  8. tempebev

    Nothing will change in regard to guns. Even if some deranged person shoots up either or both houses of Congress. The members have their priorities and it’s not to take care of people – it’s to fatten their wallets with NRA money.

  9. Mildly optimistic we might see some changes after this latest mass murder. More slowly than we’d like, but this was disturbing.

    (1) Gunman was not able to buy an assault weapon in Virginia, since he was from out of state. Other states may take note. I was assuming Virginia was going to be the lunatics’ supply cabinet again (it was our DMVs that gave the 9-11 hijackers their drivers’ licenses — woo hoo).

    (2) WTF kind of background check was that on shooter Alexis? Guy had a record of violence/gun-related arrests in three states — albeit not convictions — an involuntary discharge from the military, and a history of mental instability (although that may have been more subtle).

    The NRA might say — look: background checks don’t work — this guy got through — but smarter souls might say: let’s have some background checks that are more meaningful. Let’s have background checks, for god’s sake. What’s so wrong with giving them a chance?

    I would think that the public at large deserves more protection than an unsuitable person attempting to buy a military-grade weapon, but your second amendment constitutional fetishists will not see it that way.

    They’re all about individual rights — even the rights of the violent and the unstable — trumping the rights of others to live and congregate in (unarmed) peace.

    If you cannot be safe at a movie theater, in an elementary school, on a military installation with gated entry and security procedures in effect — where can you be safe? (Who thinks of “Luby’s” for the food?)

    I’m hoping we will get a better Congress in 2014 and will start to see some pushback.

    Hope, but work for it too.

  10. Starbucks is changing its policy on customers carrying guns in its stores:

    “Tired of being thrust onto the front lines of the nation’s debate over guns, Starbucks is asking customers to leave firearms behind when they are in its stores and its outdoor seating areas.

    ….Under the change, baristas and other store employees will not ask customers who come in with guns in holsters, say, to leave or confront them in any way, Mr. Schultz said. No signs explaining the policy will be posted in Starbucks stores, either.”

    Starbucks got tired of gun rights types using its stores for their demonstrations.

    Costco does not allow customers to OPENLY carry guns in its stores.

    Disney parks, Peet’s Coffee, and California Pizza Kitchen are all gun-free zones.

    Chatted today with a Starbucks barista, who has a second job at the Trader Joe’s in the same shopping center. She hadn’t known about the new policy.

    She was glad to hear of it, though, and said her Starbucks’ biggest problem is a crazy guy who carries a huge, ugly knife, pulls it out before the employees, and tells them he is going to cut someone up (not them, specifically, just someone some day).

    This is in a Starbucks in Northern Virginia.

    She says the employees are all afraid to do anything about the guy, because who knows what he will do then?

    Taking her story with a grain of salt, although she was most sincere, because why would a manager allow that to happen? Call the police, or alert them of the situation and call 911 when the guy shows.

    Like you are going to stick around a Starbucks with a crazy guy flashing a hunting knife in an enclosed space. Arrrgh!

    • dnd

      Sra Dog,
      That’s why there’s not a Peets is Virginia. Trust me, Peets is some of the best coffee around. I remember when you could only get it in the Bay area.

  11. Dang, you are right about Peets. Had not realized. My nearest Peets is 250 miles away, near Pittsburgh, PA.

    Per their website, there are retail stores in the following states:
    California, Colorado, Illinois, Massachusetts, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania and Washington.

    Hadn’t realized that. Saw them all over California and assumed that was a more recent memory.

    • dnd

      Sra Dog,
      You can order Peets online. That’s what I use to do until there was Peets in Colorado.

      Speaking of Starbucks, here’s something I learned years ago when I was recuperating from an ACL repair. Since I was on crutches, I used one of those travel mugs with a lid on top to carry my coffee, as an open cup resulted in a lot of spillage. My Peets tasted dramatically different. Thought I had a bad batch. Then I took off the lid and it tasted like it should. I then realized that a lot of the flavor of coffee comes from the aroma you smell. So when I see people line up at Starbucks to pay big bucks for coffee they can’t smell (and hence taste) because of the sippy lids they put on the paper cups, I wonder.

  12. Personally, I really like Seattle’s Best coffee, which you can get at Subway during breakfast hours (only then, alas).

    Rich and dark. Don’t care for Starbucks brewed coffee, just their fancy drinks, which are an expensive treat on special occasion. Although their stores are cozy and have wireless; good place to write a little.

    Love to get Seattle’s Best when traveling around.

  13. tempebev

    I guess I’m weird! I don’t like coffee and have never had any and I’m not a Mormon. I do drink though! (occasionally now, since I really lost it on 2 big Manhattans.)

    • dnd

      Thanks Bev, I’ve been thinking all afternoon if I had to make a choice between coffee and scotch which would I choose. I’ve decided not to make that choice 😉

  14. God I love coffee, thankfully work provides it for free!

  15. d hopefully the time of day figures into that equation!

  16. tempebev

    I hope none of you buy your coffee with food stamps! Scotch probably isn’t covered.😄

  17. Happy first day of fall. Hope it’s a good one for all of us!

  18. Winter, spring, summer, or fall, all you gotta do is call…..

  19. tempebev

    Is Ted Cruz seriously certifiable? Is there a similarity between him and others who have gone off the deep end because of some incident and caused a great deal of harm? Sarah is nuts, but in a different way.

  20. I think there was a lot of fodder for anti-Republican ads in the Cruz and critters fussathon.

    And there probably is something wrong with Cruz, beyond his politics. Narcissist, sure. Not enough EQ — poor interpersonal skills.

    He’s a natural for Fox News, down the road.

    Or he could write thrillers. Vivid imagination there.

    • dnd

      Palin, Gomert and Bachmann are dopes. Cruz is not. He’s very smart. But he’s such a narcissist that it clouds his thinking. The fact that a lot of Republicans hate him says it all.

  21. tempebev

    I think Cruz comes across via the media as stupid. I think he’s self-centered, cunning, intelligent and has a detailed plan on what he wants to accomplish. He’s definitely not stupid. His actions come across as dumb and stupid in the media and we hear what we agree with. Whether he accomplishes what he wants is another story. Rand Paul even makes sense once in a while. If Cruz is chosen to run in 2016, hopefully, Hillary will walk all over him.

  22. tempebev

    PS – I think there should be a constitutional amendment voted in by the people that if Congress allows the government to shut down, the salaries of the Reps and Sens should also go without pay. If the men and women in the military who are fighting “for our country” are unpaid during the shut down, then Congress (who is “fighting our country”) should be at the top of the list to have their salaries mothballed.

  23. Yeah, let’s keep informed on consequences of the shutdown.

    My sister flies home from Dulles today. Am wondering if we need to get there a little earlier in case of less TSA agents.

  24. tempebev

    I think the people are finally getting pissed about the shutdown!

  25. Ted Cruz’s Shameful Betrayal Of Texas

    D you still believe Cruz is all that intelligent?

    • dnd

      Brian, I almost never disagree with Rick Ungar.

      • dnd

        I was working for a contractor at the Bureau of Land Management when Newt shut down the government. I was at a conference and going to present a paper. I was told to get a flight home immediately. So I didn’t get to present my paper. It cost a bundle to change my flight. And I didn’t get paid during the shutdown.

        On the upside, I was really happy when Newt lost his speaker-ship.

  26. anon paranoid

    Will Republicans Default on US Debt?

    Up until last Friday 4, September 2013, I thought there was a 50\50 chance that they would take our Country into default by not raising the countries debt limit. Now after hearing Speaker John Boener on This Week its evident that there is a high probability we will go into default.

    Here’s how I see it. I assumed that if a clean CR to re-open the government and than pass a clean CR to fund the government is not done soon then as the time grows shorter to do so without indangering our economy we would be looking at some damage when the markets start to panic and the sell off begins that they would than pass both clean CR’s rather then risk the full faith and credit of The United States. I was wrong.

    Were eleven days away and I assumed that come Tuesday night when the Europeon and Asian Markets openned they would start to panic and there would be a sell off dropping the markets across the board. On Wednesday morning after our exchanges openned we would follow what the overseas markets did and we too would see a sell off as well. Once that occurs there will be consequences felt like the last time there was a threat to the Global Economy. Our Credit Rating and the Full Faith and Credit of America will be harmed, costing us more in borrowing costs as well as the long term employment prospects for all Americans. This has now led me to believe that there is a 99.8% chance that we will go into a full default on our debt leading to an economic collaspe and worse even yet a 1929 style depression.

    Republican Speaker Boener today said they would not pass a clean CR for openning the government back up or a clean CR to raise the debt ceiling. He may have thought that by taking our Country Hostage with the threat of a default that the President would give them what they want. This can not happen since any future President rather Republican or Democrat would no longer be able to govern with shutdowns and defaults overshadowing them every day. That is not a Democracy and is no different than what the Taliban or Al Quida are doing to Afghans who refuse to live under threat of death. Our Foreign Policy has always been and should continue to be that we will not negociate with Terrorist. Why is that? Because they will always be willing to not only take Hostages, but to Kill Them As Well.

    If the Speaker had hoped to take us to the brink and then when he see’s we will not give in to the demands of Terrorist Hostage Takers he would bring both Cr’s to the floor for votes which would than pass. However, at that point it will be to late and the damage from the drop in our credit ratings will already of harmed us.

    One other point needs to be made and that is that the date given by Jack Lew is only an estimate of when we will not be able to pay all the bills that come due each day. This estimate may or may not be correct and it could actually happen two days later or even two days earlier. What that means is we could go into default 19 October 2013 or even as early as 15 October 2013. Remember that Sunday night here on the 15th. is Monday morning overseas and by the time our markets open we could be entering into default. I’m not saying that this is what will happen, but this is what could happen.

    So pay attention to the overseas markets on the night of 8 October 2013 and if they start a panic sell off don’t be surprised that our markets don’t follow on Wednesday morning the 9th doing the same. It’s almost certain that once the markets start to panic our rating will drop and the next step will be full default which will have world wide consequences for everyone.

    So what do you think will happen?

  27. How you been AP? Been wondering how things are going with you.

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