The House Republicans are having a difficult time these days.  Thinking they had a plan to de-fund Obamacare by threatening not to pass a continuing resolution.  Pretty clever  Tea party Ted.  Well it hasn’t worked.  People are suffering because of the shutdown and rightfully blaming the Republicans.

So they’ve changed the message.  Now it’s cutting debt and “entitlement” reform (entitlement is in quotes because we pay into it, so we’re owed it, it’s not free money from the government).  They’re trotting out Ayn Ryan disciple Paul Ryan to be the “reasonable” Tea party darling.  He’s proposing to raise the debt ceiling until a week before Christmas while they negotiate over Medicare reform.  Really clever. They’ll do nothing until the deadline and then make ridiculous demands once again.

And where is Speaker Boehner?  Screaming that the President refuses to negotiate over the C.R. or debt ceiling.  Speaker Boehner should know that U.S. policy is not to negotiate with hostage takers.



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  1. Good morning all ,good to see we’re back up and running, nice job on staggering those pics D!

  2. tempebev

    When the social security checks for seniors are held back, then we’ll see big protests. I know they’re not supposed to be subject to the shutdown, but my senior friends are getting a little bit concerned.

  3. tempebev

    In addition to the above, if the deficit ceiling doesn’t get raised, SS check and others will be affected:

  4. The repugs have just blinked!

    Obama Rejects Republican Proposal for Short-Term Debt Limit Plan

  5. tempebev

    Terrific idea! It would make Harv smile

  6. I hope the Republicans cannot sit down for a few weeks, after all of this is over. Shame on them.

    Also: today is the first time I realized Fox News might actually be helping us. It’s deluding the base and may help in taking down the Republican party. Make them Whigs (but stupider).

    You do not get good government from people living in a bubble.

  7. tempebev

    I suppose that it’s not kosher for the gops to tell TB Cruise to take a hike and shut up because they’re sick and tired of being blamed for the shutdown and possibly the financial crisis according to the newest poll results. Might they be getting the message that this time the Prez isn’t going to cave as in the past? TB Cruise isn’t happy unless his name/picture is in the headlines everyday. Perhaps if the media denied the coverage that TBC so desperately needs/wants, he also might realize his message is only going to other TB’s. (Not holding my breath that the media would do anything to help.)

    If things continue to go south, like the tens of thousands of cattle that died in South Dakota and the gov. isn’t available to help the farmers because there is no farm bill, they might begin to get the message that people need the government. I certainly don’t want another wild land fire, but that would point out what the gov does to help if there are no air tankers and fighters to help save people’s homes. I’m not sure if hurricane season is over, but those who would need help from the Corp of Engr’s and FEMA would be out of luck. The Small Business Assoc. would be closed also to help with loans.

    There are so many things that could and will affect people as time goes by without a solution. If these things happen, then even the TB’s may have to admit that the gov can get things done.

  8. tempebev

    PS. AP I was glad to read your post toward the end of the Syria thread. I haven’t heard if you got your Medicare and secondary insurance mess straightened out. I certainly hope so. Also hope you’re feeling better and look forward to reading your posts soon.

  9. anon paranoid


    It appears too be correct now and I know that at least my surgeon is all paid up. I would guess that they all are. Though I still have some pain now and then I appear to be in working order.

    Have a great day.

  10. anon paranoid

    Even though there appears to be an end to the shutdown and debt ceiling limit coming from the Senate the damage is already done.

    I believe that Monday is a holiday and not sure if our markets are open or not I think by then if this is not resolved the credit ratings agency’s will lower our credit rating.

    I guess it all depends on what the Asian and European Markets do when they open Sunday night and Monday morning. I sincerely hope that the estimate given for going into full default is accurate, because if its not then we could go over the cliff Monday or Tuesday.

    So let us all hope that the Senate passes clean bills and the House responds by passing them as well. If not we are all screwed.

    Have a nice day.

  11. Well it looks like it’s up to the Senate. Let’s see if Susan Collins can pull it off. I think she wants to be the next Majority Leader, it’s definitely time for Mitch to go! The repugs need someone who can stand up to the likes of Cruz and the other tea bagger nut jobs!

  12. I would love Mitch to go because he loses re-election. It could happen. Either from the right (well-funded and photogenic Tea Partier Matt Bevin) or the left (Allison Lundergan Grimes, current KY Sec of State, who can use the success of Kentucky’s Obamacare sign-ups — Kentucky under Democratic Governor Steve Beshear took the healthcare rollout seriously.)

    And it’s Minority Leader!! But I know what you mean.

    • dnd

      I’m thinking the Republicans are banking on the fact that the election is a year away and everyone will forget about all the difficulties resulting from the shutdown and debt ceiling. Tell them to ask Newt about that. There are a lot of very red gerrymandered districts that depend on the government largess for direct employment or indirect employment for those who run businesses that depend on government workers as customers. They may be very pissed at the Republicans, and the dems will be sure to remind them who screwed them.

      If the House goes Democratic in 2014, Ted Cruz isn’t going to be invited to many fundraisers.

  13. Anonymous

    AP – I’m very glad that your insurance mess is cleared up. I know how upsetting that can be. I’m also glad that your body is now in working order. Thanks for letting us know. Looking forward to your wonderful posts.

  14. The biggest challenge for Democrats isn’t getting their way. It’s that there are so many offers, it’s hard to know which one to take. Politico labeled the spectacle a “buyer’s market” for Barack Obama, massively understating the point. It is a buyer’s market in the sense that the day after the Super Bowl is a buyer’s market for pork rinds.

  15. D did you change the template for the blog or was it updated?

  16. tempebev

    The last day … what a surprise. Did anyone really think that Congress would agree before the deadline? I certainly hope that when this comes up again next year (Jan?) that people remember the idiots from this month at election time.

  17. tempebev

    Sorry Brian, I disagree about this being the last challenge to Ocare. The repugs are still planning to bring it up again. We’ll see what happens in 2014. The best thing zI’ve heard is that the Houston Chronical is sorry they backed TBCruise.

  18. The Senate is voting, and only the dregs of the dregs voted no. 18 against. Your favorite critters: Cruz, Vitter, Crapo, Lee. I suspect Inhofe but not sure.

    SO: House o fools up next.

    Do the govt employees go back tomorrow, or Friday? My neighbor across the street is tiring of being assigned work around the house by his spouse.

    Incidentally, we have lovely weather in DC area. Not sunny, but comfortable. A few rain splashes here and there. Leaves are colored, but a tiny bit dull.

    • dnd

      Back when Montana Senator, Joe Biden mentor and one of greatest statesmen of the 20th century, Mike Mansfield, was appointed Ambassador to Japan, it was a very important post. It’s even more important today. さちあれ (all the best) Kennedy-san.

  19. Sebelius has to go, she seriously dropped the ball on the roll out

  20. Haven’t read enough yet, but not in the “off with her head” camp on Sibelius.

    I’ve not tried the website yet; was waiting for it to come up to speed since we have months to apply. Will let you know what happens.

    Does sound like initial security questions were misplaced; I can see people wanting to explore and “kick the tires” with initial visits. That would seem to have been poorly conceived.

    Medicaid expansion is a big deal in Virginia, and part of Terry McAuliffe’s platform. It motivates me to get out there canvassing. Huge issue. (Going out this afternoon.)

    GOP attorney general candidate is well financed and neck to neck with Democrat. Got to pull Mark Herring over the line. Obenshain is right there in Cuccinelli “vigorous conservative” territory, even though he’s making noises about being able to work with a Democratic Gov and Lt. Gov.

    Who wants a GOP AG in there to bollix up the works?

    • dnd

      The big mistake was letting the US arm of CGI, who Bush 43 started using extensively (hint, hint) develop the web site. They should have shopped it out to someone with experience like Google or Yahoo or Microsoft. They had to know that if the roll out for states that wouldn’t take the responsibility for their own exchanges would use any SNAFU politically. States that did their own exchanges are doing really well.

  21. I don’t really care what the mistake was, she totally dropped the ball on the biggest event of her tenure, she left both the prez and the ACA very vulnerable to attach, she has to go.

    • dnd

      Years ago an IBM salesman botched a huge contract. He submitted his resignation letter to then CEO T.J. Watson. Watson looked at the letter, then looked up at the salesman and said: “Young man, I’ve just spent six hundred thousand dollars educating you. I have no intention of letting you go after such an investment.”

      Sebelius should be given a chance to fix things. If she can’t get it right, and if they find somebody who they think can, then she should go.

      What she should do is take the California system, which reportedly works just fine, and use that as the national system. She should also tell CGI to repay their ridiculous fee or they’ll never see another government contract again.

  22. I like your comment, dnd.

    President Obama just spoke on the rollout; caught a bit of the very end of it. It will air on C-Span 1 again at 8:00 p tonight.

    He reminded his audience that healthcare is more than a website, and that people are liking what they find. Also that people can enroll by phone and in person at community health centers and hospitals.

    The rollout has been a chastening experience, but at least we have an administration that will admit and can learn from its mistakes.

    That is huge.

  23. tempebev

    Info in an article in today’s paper indicated that the GOP’s next move will be to challenge the ACA because of the computer glitches.

    Other: Congratulations to Cory Brooker for his win in NJ.

  24. Well I was bored last night so I downloaded Windows 8 and upgraded my machine, not sure but it always takes some time to get used to a new OS, it does seem a bit faster though.

  25. tempebev

    Somehow I was lucky – my daughter was never into Miss Kitty. Can’t believe that cat is 40 years old.

    I notice since nothing is going on except trying to fix the healthcare computer sign up, it’s been boring and not much to bitch about. Happy Birthday Miss Kitty.

  26. Brian: tell me that isn’t actually your tongue.

    That’s Miley Cyrus territory.

    Long Beach, CA has a zombie walk and a pet costume parade. I miss it!

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