What’s Wrong with Healthcare.gov

The shoddy roll-out of the national Obama-care web site has critics howling that this is a harbinger of troubles with the Act to come.  There are plenty of problems with the web site.  The user interface is not too user friendly.  The ability to scale to demand has failed.  What goes on when the user information is input has had problems.

But the underlying problem has little to do with the technical glitches of the web site or the law.  The real problem is with the GAO procurement process.  It limits procurement to a relatively small group of government contractors who may not be experienced in such endeavors.  Plus there were over 50 sub-contractors working on the web site.  Lots of contractors in lots of Congressional districts made lots and lots of money, but the American people got a failed product at an outrageous price.  Had the bid gone out to Amazon.com or Google or Microsoft, etc., companies that have a little experience with large scale web experiences, the web site would have worked splendidly at roll-out.

The classic text on software engineering and project management is The Mythical Man-Month.


By the observations in this essay, the government contractors did everything wrong.




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11 responses to “What’s Wrong with Healthcare.gov

  1. anon paranoid

    Also lets not forget that they also had to build the web sites in all the States that are being run by Republican Governors and Republican Legislators who refused to set up their own Exchanges.

    As well as all the Providers in those said States and all the different systems they had to communicate over the internet with.

    That is a typical way the Republicans govern and nothing will change that. The fact is they do not know how to govern and all they know are how to obstruct.

    But when you hate the black man in the White House what else would one expect from them.

    Have a good evening.

  2. I find this a disgrace, the Sect. should resign!

  3. dnd: The Mythical Man Month, you say?

    Why I got this feeling you been hanging out at Balloon Juice?

    Where are your pet pictures?

    PS: in the home stretch of the Virginia governor’s race. Alleged 12-point lead for McAuliffe, and it’s 24-points if you’re looking at (sentient) women.

    I’ve been chatting up voters about how important it is to get the Democratic Attorney General candidate over the line. Still margin of error, but I think straight ticket voting might pull him through.

    Mom and I “early voted” today. The Republicans did not even set up a table outside the polling place.

    Would love it if that became the “new normal.”

  4. Even a broken clock is wrong twice a day. She let the team down, badly!


  6. tempebev

    I think A P said it best. He covered all the bases. Yes, the software was flawed, and things should have been checked. Basically everything politically has gone to hell since the beginning of the shutdown stunt. Ooh, we spied on governments – they spy on us but did’t get caught.

    Until the two parties, libertarians and independents can get along and learn how to compromise, everything will continue to go down the tubes. And who cares about the people – no one.

    AZ weather is just beautiful – at last we can brag about our climate.

    Happy Halloween to all of you. Hope you get what you want in your candy bag. I prefer chocolate! Anyone started Christmas shopping yet?

  7. Happy Halloween.

    Impressed with the costumes so far tonight. Imaginative.

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