Give Peace A Chance

The State Department and a multilateral coalition has negotiated an agreement with Iran in an effort to stem Iran’s effort to develop a nuclear weapon.  The hardliners are against the agreement.  The opposition party is against the agreement for no other reason than it represents a success for the Administration.  This can mean only one thing:  it’s a good agreement and a good first step in normalizing relations with Iran.



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42 responses to “Give Peace A Chance

  1. tempebev

    What a wonderful achievement. Of course, there is opposition to anything that Obama’s administration accomplishes. I certainly hope that when election time comes around that all of these many hinderances and oppositions are brought front and center to the voters.

    Hitting the road to Teasdale, Utah bright and early Tues AM for an extended Thanksgiving week with family.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and your families. Enjoy the food, football, and family. See you next week.

  2. Agree with everything Bev says! Good choice for a thread D!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving.
    Have a great long holiday weekend. AP

  4. Hey Gang,
    I hope you all have a terrific holiday and don’t over eat!

  5. Hey everyone, hope you had a great holiday!

  6. tempebev

    Hi to everyone. Back from the snow and cold temps of middle Utah. I now understand why people from cold countries move to Arizona. Snow and cold suck big time.

    Heard on the radio that Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren may be considering the 2016 run for prez. I think it’s a slow time for the news commentators. They’re just taking it easy until the next gov. shutdown and budget fight.

    Has anyone tried the new ACA website?

    • dnd

      Remind me when it’s above 110 for weeks on end in Tempe how swell it is to live in the south. Of course I may be agreeing with you when the high here is suppose to be in the single digits at the end of the week 😉

      I think the perfect climate in the U.S. is in La Jolla CA, but then I’d hate to be Mitt Romney’s neighbor…

      p.s. I’ve tried Colorado’s ACA website. Works fine.

  7. Hi Bev,
    You’re not going to get an argument from me regarding the cold and snow, I’ve quickly grown use to being a Southerner. I checked out the ACE site the other day just to find out what it would cost me if I didn’t have employer provider healthcare, it worked fine. Hope you and everyone else had a great holiday.

  8. I thought I’d gotten used to the idea that Nelson Mandela was leaving us, but very sad. What a wonderful man, who used his life superbly.

    Would you believe it is 64 degrees in Northern Virginia? Would have washed the car, but lost the light too early.

    Nelson Mandela did so much good, and showed such grace and courage.

    Don’t know that I believe in heaven or an afterlife, but if there is one, he was there in seconds.

  9. 70 degrees here and raining

  10. I just turned on the a/c it’s so muggy

  11. tempebev

    It’s not 110 in Tempe, but it’s definitely not 3 below. That’s cold! However, we did have to cover up our plants because it might get to 32. I’ll take the heat over the bitchin’ cold. Stay warm. Big ASU/Stanford game on Saturday for an appearance at the Rose Bowl.

    I’m glad that Nelson Mandela is no longer suffering. He was a symbol of goodness. Many people could benefit from the example he set. As with any death of an important, well-respected person, accolades will pour in with sympathy and words for print. The real accolade will be if anything changes. The past is not a good example of goodness bringing change.

    • dnd

      When it gets cold here one can always put on clothes to stay warm. When it gets hot in Tempe you can only take so many clothes off.
      The notion of people running around nekkid in the greater Phoenix area is thought provoking…

  12. Nelson Mandela has left us.

    As small compensation, we have Pope Francis, who is rattling a few of the right cages.

    Not equivalent, but there are revolutionaries for good all over the place, if you look. I think the same folks who see Mandela as a [former] terrorist don’t get what’s different about President Obama. (Aside from skin color.) Some will never see.

    It’s good to have a few days to celebrate a great man’s life, someone who listened to his better angels, and they were warrior angels.

  13. tempebev

    Dog – a beautiful post. Francis is turning out to be an interesting and progressive Pope. Still not going back to the Church.

    I also use the term “warrior angles.” Great minds, etc. etc. etc.

    D – I haven’t seen too many nekkid people running around trying to find shade. I’m not sure if Speedos qualify as nekkid. Me, I’m in my AC house, going to my AC car going to the AC store. Yes, I’m very fortunate to have access to AC. I know there are many who don’t. I’ll still take AZ.

    • dnd

      We’re having a heat wave here. It’s up to 10 degrees. I fully anticipate seeing people running around nekkid 😉

      • dnd

        I was channel surfing this morning and landed on “Morning Joe.” They had Reagan biographer Craig Shirley and Reagan Chief of Staff James Baker chiming in with Scarborough trying to spin Reagan’s opposition to the anti-apartheid movement. Hilarious. They didn’t even go to Reagan’s gal-pal Margaret Thatcher who was the first to call Mandela a terrorist.

  14. D isn’t it time you just admit to watching Morning Joe and stop blaming it on channel surfing!

    • dnd

      I use to watch CNN when they had Soledad O’Brian. Not too thrilled with the new program. Watching Morning Joe is like listening to Rush. You just can’t believe the bullshit they get away with. Morning Joe belongs on Fox: a far right host, far right guests and a weak token liberal. Mostly I watch the local news these days, but I’ll admit to watching Morning Joe for a few minutes just for the outrage factor.

      I wouldn’t be surprised to see college courses on argumentation, particularly fallacy, using that show as a textbook.

  15. re Morning Joe: cannot watch it. Somebody on Balloon Juice suggested MJoe is there to manufacture consent. It’s certainly ersatz news and opinion, with catchy music.

    Have not watched a Sunday morning show for years now, and haven’t seen more than eight minutes of Joe in the past six months. Mostly from falling asleep w MSNBC on.

    Blissful serenity.

  16. Bitterly cold out. Some tiny pellets of snow that look more like something hard and plastic. Defrosting some beef stew, going to serve it with baked cheese potatoes later. Planning on only indoor stuff today.

    Which should include cleaning, but probably won’t.

    Just started gift-shopping, in a tiny way. Putting the tree up midweek.

    Pearl Harbor Day yesterday a bit poignant. 70 years out, so fewer and fewer survivors. (Although our parents remember that day plenty well.)

    Happy Sunday out there.

  17. Pretty frigid here in Atlanta too, 44. 🙂

  18. tempebev

    Yeah, it’s cold here too! 56. Had to put on a sweatshirt to go to the grocery store because it’s cold in the frozen food aisle. However having experienced TG in COLD weather, I have sincere sympathy for you in the cold country. Take care.

    Loved watching the snow ball game today in Philadelphia.

    • dnd

      We’re having a heat wave here. A balmy 18 degrees!

      Bev that snow ball game in Philly was fun, but I hope you got to watch the Broncos v. Titans when the Bronco’s kicker Prater booted a NFL record 64 yard field goal. Note it was about 10 degrees when he kicked the rock hard football.

  19. Wasn’t that something to watch all the bad weather football? The Redskins were beyond scalped. (Not to say I was (1) watching closely or (2) care).

    It’s cold and icy out, but warm and happy inside. Settling in with a book. Think neighborhood kids will get a late start or day off tomorrow.

    Bev: you are in one of the best climates from here to — what? Late spring?

    I miss living in Long Beach! But enjoying the 4 seasons and even leaf raking.

    Respect icy roads, though. No fun sliding. Driving is more fun when you are in control.

  20. tempebev

    Dog – We are good until late spring, but who knows anymore with climate change. Then it’s terrible until early October. It’s always cool by Halloween. July we get the monsoon, and we can’t stand the humidity. You would think we’re crazy complaining since you have genuine humidity.

    D – we didn’t get the Bronco’s game but saw a replay of the 64 yd field goal. Pretty awesome. I don’t root for Seattle, but wanted them over SF. Didn’t get my wish.

    Sure can tell nothing is going on since we’re talking about sports and weather. It’s nice for a change.

  21. tempebev

    Ok, now something is happening. Boner is in conflict with his own party (tea baggers) about the budget. Too bad he couldn’t have stood up to them to avoid the shutdown. Here we go again!

  22. Bev what’s going on? You have a link?

  23. tempebev

    Hi everyone – It seems the Repugs are upset because the Dems are forcing them to finally approve the nominations they should have voted on months ago. Lots of whining going on.

    Brian – not sure what you mean by a “link.” I guess I don’t have one or else I would have understood what you meant. 🙂

  24. tempebev

    I wish I had something inspirational to say about the latest shooting. I don’t except that they all suck and no one who could do anything about the shooting doesn’t do anything.

  25. tempebev

    I’m on a small soapbox about something I just saw on TV. The news correspondents and photographers are bitching at the White House because they aren’t being given as much access to the Prez as with Bush ad Clinton. Their time to take photos is being limited. Pictures are often being released only thru the official WH photographer. A letter from many news organizations has been sent to the WH complaining about limited access.

    My reaction is “boo-boo!” Where is it written in the Constitution or some type of rules that the press has unlimited access to take pictures? Everyone has the right to control photographs – even the President.

    • dnd

      I’m with you Bev. Where does the press corps get off on this? First they’re lying about their access with Bush and Clinton. Hell, the press has been severely restricted since Reagan. I don’t know what this says about today’s cultural climate, but it ain’t good.

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