Meygan Kelly: Santa and Jesus are White Men

The latest insight we get from Fox News is that Santa and Jesus are white men.  This comes from their “straight news” reporter Meygan Kelly.  I’m not sure why she felt it important to set the record straight on this but here a couple of fun facts for Ms Kelly.

The notion of Santa came from good ol’ Saint Nick.  More specifically Saint Nicholas a bishop from what is present day Turkey.  Chances are he wasn’t all that white.  Jesus was a Semite born in Bethlehem.  He spoke Aramaic.  Chances are that he wasn’t all that white either.

Again, I’m not sure why this was important to Ms Kelly but in the spirit of the season, Merry Christmas Ms Kelly.



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15 responses to “Meygan Kelly: Santa and Jesus are White Men

  1. And get this, to makes matters worse, Jesus was a Jew!

  2. tempebev

    I hope you saw Jon Stewart’s rant etc on Meygan – terrific! And then she made out like she was teasing about the whole thing. Another A-1 Fox moment!

  3. White House to Nominate Senator Max Baucus as Ambassador to China

  4. I work at a pretty cool place

  5. tempebev

    Hypocrisy isn’t limited to politicians. Regarding defrocked Methodist minister for performing wedding of gay son: “Although the Methodist church accepts gay and lesbian members, it rejects the practice of homosexuality as ‘incompatible with Christian teaching.'”

    Brian – beautiful for the kids. You do work at a cool place.

    • dnd

      There is no mention of homosexuality in the New Testament. Jesus’ message is that God loves us all. Looks like the Methodist church needs to reject their bigotry and read the Bible.

  6. tempebev

    I think a lot of people need to reject their bigotry.

    How ’bout that Duck Dynasty person? and the rest of his flock?

    • dnd

      That Duck Dy-nasty person was apparently referring to Leviticus in the old testament in regards to homosexuality. Leviticus also says that you can’t eat pork, shellfish or wear cloth made of two different fabrics. Looks like the Robinson family is going straight to hell.

      As I said, the New Testament says nothing about homosexuality. Some claim that Matthew:16 speaks of heterosexual marriage, but even the most casual reading shows that it’s talking about divorce.

      What I find completely confounding is that the guys on Duck Dynasty look like members of ZZ Top who haven’t bathed for quite some time. Long hair, long beards and cheap sunglasses. The kind that Louisiana rednecks would call dirty hippies. And yet they embrace them. Weird.

  7. tempebev

    Merry, Merry everyone. Our adult children and grandkids and dogs are scheduled to begin arriving on the 25th. I look forward to great posts from you this coming year since so many “hot potato” subjects will be coming.

    To each of you, my wish is for peace, hope and love for the remainder of 2013 and especially for 2014.

  8. Thanks Bev. And to the rest of you, whatever you are doing tomorrow I hope you have a wonderful day and a terrific New Year!

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