State of the Union 2014

The State of the Union is?



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31 responses to “State of the Union 2014

  1. tempebev

    The SOTU will be a lot of rhetoric, hand clapping, one side standing up while the other sits, smiling faces when it comes to shake hands, the other party presenting their view, and the media reporting their interpretation of both sides.

    I think the Super Bowl will be more interesting. Go Broncos!

  2. The Broncos are a basket ball team right?

    • dnd

      The funny thing is that Reagan didn’t really have a vision. Other than the Strategic Defense Initiative. Of course SDI was a complete failure and waste of money. Reagan’s major accomplishment was that he didn’t fire Carter’s Fed Chief, who got us out of stagflation. The revisionist history on Reagan’s term is legendary. The fact that he got the Dixicrats to become Reagan Democrats is why Republicans deify him and claim he would support any and all current conservative policies.

    • dnd

      What I’m wondering about is all the congress critters that show up really early to get an aisle seat so they can be seen shaking hands with the president. Don’t they have to pee? Are they wearing Depends?

  3. Mr. Speaker, The President of The United States

  4. Well seeing the way Ruth hugged the prez almost brought tears to my eyes!

  5. Every night and I suspect it’s something stronger than merlot. A Lucky Strike and a shot of Jack is his idea of a fun time

  6. President Obama looks and sounds energized. Let’s get some spine going.

    Getting tired of all this “oh no, run away from Obamacare” and “the Senate is lost” shit. I think it’s the GOP on the ropes (how many SOTU responses tonight??), but MSM doesn’t want to report that.

  7. Incidentally, Trader Joe’s makes a quite delish Blanc de Blancs, very gently priced ($4.99??), sparkly bubbles and not sweet. Will tell you if it’s a hangover in a glass tomorrow.

    “Working policies that belong in a Mad Men episode.” Love it!

    [And a lot of Congress belongs in The Walking Dead.]

    Bring on raising the minimum wage! Good on PBO!

  8. prez is def swinging left as he progresses in his second term, amen!

  9. tempebev

    I think boner got tears in his eyes when O told about ” a barkeeps son can become speaker of the house.

  10. Bev are you sure that wasn’t a cigarette ash?

  11. Brave move bringing up guantanamo bay

  12. Next up, winning the midterms and Brian — you’re right — got to give Dems big reasons to go to the polls. This has been a terrific SOTU.

    I watch Boehner and think he seriously wishes he was the orneriest of blue dog Democrats right now. How much fun can it be to be in his position in his party? They’re more trouble for him than Democrats.

  13. Terrific state of the union, really good!

  14. Well that GOP response was a total waste of air time, seriously, that woman said nothing!

  15. Pedestrian doesn’t begin to cover it. And is she in mourning? How very, very strange.

  16. Meh. Who cares. I don’t want to hear the naysayers.

    Did see Senator Udall interviewed on CNN. Talking about Coloradans being can do people, it’s the West.

  17. Watching CNN. Showed snow falling outside the Capitol.

    Looked outside. Winter wonderland! And learned about it on CNN.

    • dnd

      An indication of the success of the SOTU is the opposition’s lame push-back. And the three responses were just the same old right wing talking points. Completely without substance. Nobody ever gives a good response. So why did the Republicans have three?

  18. Didn’t watch any of the post-SOTU “analysis.” Psyched enough with the President’s resolute plan of action, most of which does not depend (overly) on pushing the loyal opposition psychos up a hill.

    TV off after Cathy McM Rogers’ bizarro address, weak tea for the tea party party.

    Happy to report, Trader Joe’s Blanc de Blancs is NOT a hangover in a glass. Feel chipper after half a bottle. Recorked it and we’ll see if it retained any sparkle for a cocktail hour mimosa or two.

    Bev: where you be? How is the winter desert?

    dog, yer offbrand bubbly correspondent

  19. Anonymous

    Dog – I’m here – just got back from the gym and went straight to the computer to see what everyone has to say. It’s really nice here – wouldn’t be surprised to see a population increase after all the crappy weather.
    Regarding the speech last nite, we recorded it and sped thru all the hand claps. My opinion is still what I wrote at the beginning:
    “The SOTU will be a lot of rhetoric, hand clapping, one side standing up while the other sits, smiling faces when it comes to shake hands, the other party presenting their view, and the media reporting their interpretation of both sides.”
    O sounded strong and hopeful and said he would do things himself if Congress doesn’t help.

    Sounds great but why didn’t he do it last year?

  20. tempebev

    Anonymous is me – I forgot to sign in.

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