CPAC 2014

CPAC 2014 is well under way.  The symbolism of Mitch McConnell on stage with a rifle was nothing short of comical.   And predictably speakers demonstrated to their base that they are the party of fear and hate, commandeered by the radical right Tea Party.  They are essentially a resurgence of the John Birch Society of the ’60’s.  Only in the ’60’s there was a true conservative thinker, William F. Buckley Jr. that told Republicans there was no place in the party for those nut-jobs.  Back then, they listened to Buckley.  There is no one like Buckley in the party now and it’s not clear if there was they would listen to him.



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18 responses to “CPAC 2014

  1. tempebev

    I sure hope Alison Lundergan Grimes beats McConnell in the Kentucky race.

  2. I put a comment about CPAC up on this Brookings blog story re panel on outreach to minorities being lightly attended.

    Here’s the link:

  3. And here’s my comment if you don’t want to scroll through the thread.

    Bonus: If you follow the thread, my Facebook icon is my late, great little Tippy dog. Alive in my heart and online to this day.

    Mr. Hudak: You’re an enthusiastic reporter and good photographer, but come on!

    You write: “Woodson explained that one problem is that “we don’t have a ground game” particularly in minority neighborhoods. Sailor eloquently noted a key to Republican success: “We don’t have to abandon our existing friends to make new ones.””

    WHAT can the GOP campaign on in minority neighborhoods? That they’ve voted down the Affordable Care Act and every non-Defense related jobs bill that ever crosses their desks? That they cannot give enough tax breaks to “job creators” but sniff at leveling the field with an earned income tax credit for those who cannot support their family on the low wage they are earning through the dignity of work?

    That many in their ranks think President Obama is an illegitimately elected leader and a coward to boot, and say so constantly?

    What’s happening to college affordability, with all the state taxes the GOP rails against? You cannot cut your way to prosperity.

    RE: keeping old friends: Wayne LaPierre and ALEC and the gun rights lobby are behind the “Stand your ground” laws that some shooters are using as an excuse to shoot young, unarmed black men and — in one theatre, a retired military vet.

    How do you keep your Stand Your Ground friends happy AND let young minorities know you don’t see them primarily as a threat?

    WHAT do the Republicans genuinely have to offer middle class, working class, and minority voters, other than rhetoric?

    They vote against programs that would help sustain those groups, on “principle”, every chance they get.

    Doesn’t Paul Ryan’s recent rhetoric about Democrats offering [paraphrase] “full bellies and empty souls” acknowledge the GOP is NOT doing much about the first condition?

  4. There is nothing comical about Mitch. How is everyone?

  5. tempebev

    Arizona does one thing right. It doesn’t change to daylight savings time. Here’s an article regarding your health if you are in a state that changes:

    Had an email from M3 who dropped out of BC a long time ago. Think her email got hacked with an ad for 7 pound wt. loss. Or maybe it was a big hint for me.

  6. tempebev

    Woo Woo for Women everywhere!

  7. Rand & Palin, if CPAC had it’s way that would be the next GOP ticket. Need I say more?

  8. Request: new thread, with a picture of spring, or Obama signing the executive order re overtime?

    Or even the basset hound and fan?

    I am sick of CPAC. Freak show that gets too much attention. And sick of Mitch McC’s mug too.

  9. Oh, and what do you think happened to the Malaysian jet?

    I realize it’s likely underwater and not yet found, but a part of me hopes it was flown to a landing site and the passengers survive. Although: the 777 is one of the heaviest jets out there, and its wheels would tear up most landing strips.

    And it’s hard to believe a large jet could kite around undetected, for the lack of a transponder.

    But I wish this could have a happy ending.

  10. tempebev

    I was thinking about asking the same question. It’s a mystery. It’s hard to believe that it just disappeared due to mechanical failure and leave no trace. It’s also hard to believe that it was hijacked or terrorized, again because there’s no trace. Hopefully the search area will be expanded now that they think the jet turned or got off course. Something will show sooner or later.

    Aren’t you glad you weren’t a future resident of the big condo that went up in flames yesterday in SF? Or had you already made a down payment on your unit?

  11. Condo fire in San Francisco? Hadn’t heard of that yet. East Coast centric news, although LA Times is not spotlighting either.

    Here’s a cool graphic on MF370 from the Orange County Register.

    I like the map info.

    Bev: breaking out the champagne over Brewer not running again?

    Or does this mean that she was unelectable for her “moderateness” and an even stranger fish will prevail next election?

  12. Gov. Jan Brewer of Arizona Will Not Seek Re-election
    Gov. Jan Brewer of Arizona said Wednesday that she would not run for re-election, ending speculation about her plans.

    • dnd

      Sra Dog,
      I too am sick of CPAC. New thread soon.

      Now that Brewer announced she will not seek re-election perhaps she announce her candidacy for president!

  13. Happy Birthday to the World Wide Web!

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